Sony presents new Dualsense controller of the Playstation 5

Sony has unveiled the new gamepad for the upcoming Playstation 5. The Dualsense named controller will replace the previous Dualshock 4. Just like the name, the Dualsense also breaks new ground in design.

The Playstation 5 controller presents itself futuristic. In black and white, it has a very simple design, but is adorned by two light strips that surround the central touchpad. A colored highlighting of the buttons is also omitted. On Sony’s previous controllers these were colored, now they are simply gray so as not to disturb the visual appearance.

Overall, the Dualsense controller is significantly more curvy than the previous Sony controllers. Thus, it reminds a bit of the Xbox One controller. However, the sticks are still arranged symmetrically, the biggest difference between Playstation and Xbox controllers.

Sony has also changed the angle of the shoulder buttons. However, this isn’t the only change here, as they can dynamically adjust their resistance to the game action.

Both Option and Share buttons are still located next to the touchpad, but the Share button is now called the Create button. Sony will surely present a few new functions here.

A button for switching the microphone on and off is also newly added. The battery, which is still permanently installed, is now charged via USB-C.

There’s also something new on the inside: the vibration motors have been reworked and should now offer a better haptic feedback.

Even if there are still no photos of the Playstation 5, we can assume that it has a similarly modern design and thus becomes a design element.

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