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Sound quality for little money? – The SM950 from SPC Gear

SPC Gear has expanded its portfolio in many areas to offer gamers more products that offer value for money. Among other things, three additional microphones were offered: The SM900T, SM950T and the SM950, which we will take a closer look at today. We want to clarify for whom the SM950 is best suited and what it offers technically.

Design and workmanship

Let’s take a closer look at it first. The microphone is quite plain in matt black and on the front side there is the logo and the writing “SPC Gear”. Above the lettering there is a shiny red ring that separates the case from the actual microphone. This is protected by a grid and framed by a plastic housing. On top of the microphone there is a new feature, namely a mute button.

At the bottom of the microphone there is a thread to fix the microphone. However, SPC Gear includes a special anti-shock mount that is designed to dampen vibrations so that they are not picked up. This mount can then be attached to the supplied arm via a thread. The arm is completely black so that it is not too conspicuous in design. Besides the mounting thread for the microphone there is also some space to mount the included popscreen. Afterwards, two struts are held in tension twice by springs, with which the arm can be adjusted in height and distance as desired.

SPC Gear SM950

The end of the arm is screwed to the edge of the table like a screw clamp, so you are flexible where the arm is located. In addition, the arm can also be turned on it, so that really every position can be reached.

If you use the whole equipment, you will notice that the weight of the popscreen is too high for the arm and that it only holds in certain positions and does not sag.

In principle everything is really well workmanship, especially when it comes to the microphone, there is nothing to complain about. Also the anti-shock mount with its struts is perfectly manufactured, but you need some force to fix the microphone in it.

SPC Gear SM950

The only problem we had in the beginning was that the arm could not carry the full weight. After a few days, however, this was no problem at all, so the microphone could be used in any position with pop protection. It was also possible to move it without using force. SPC Gear offers really good design work with good workmanship.

Technical details

Product code SPG053
Weight 1290 g
Color black
Characteristic kidney
Connection USB cable (2.9 m)
Scanning rate 16 bit, 48 kHz
Limit sound pressure 135 dB
Frequency range 18-21000 Hz
Features Adjustable arm, shock mount, pop protection, mute button
Price € 100.00*
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SPC Gear SM950 Streaming USB Mikrofon price comparison

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