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Soundgil Cube 2.1 Review: Compact Speaker Set For Audiophiles

Design, workmanship and scope of delivery

Anyone who has read the introduction, which may have taken a long time, will not be particularly surprised by the fact that the device is small. The overall design of the individual cubes and the subwoofer is determined by the size. The individual components are handy and inconspicuous in the best sense of the word. But it is precisely this inconspicuousness that makes the design so striking. The loudspeakers are made of plain silver and can be placed anywhere due to their small size. And it is precisely with these qualities that they draw attention to themselves – which is perhaps what they want.

The scope of delivery includes the subwoofer module, two satellite cubes, countless feet, an external switching power supply, a remote control, an operating manual, an optical SPDIF/3.5 mm jack cable, an ordinary 3.5 mm jack cable and two sets of speaker cables. The equipment is therefore luxurious and should be sufficient in any case.

Both the satellite cubes and the subwoofer are made of one piece of aluminium each. Despite their comparatively small size, the individual modules are therefore relatively bulky and inflexible – but not with regard to the installation options available. The weight of 1.22 kilograms per satellite and 2.79 kilograms for the subwoofer is high in relation to the size of the individual parts. At this point the measurements are then also mentioned once: The two satellites measure 116 x 116 x 116 millimetres, while the subwoofer module measures 232 x 116 x 116 millimetres.

The individual modules are only open on the floor. Here are four screws that can be opened. There is no possibility to open loudspeakers or subwoofers on the upper side or on the left and right. The already mentioned black feet can be attached to the underside in order to improve the stand of the individual devices.

The manufacturer’s logo is pressed into the material on the top of the individual modules. At first glance it is hardly noticeable, as it is not highlighted in colour. In this respect, too, the conspicuously unobtrusive design is consistently retained. On the rear side there are also connection possibilities, while on the front side the sound is output.

All parts are processed outstanding. The material used is of high quality and was processed perfectly. At this point we would like to point out once again that the individual parts were each produced in a single casting. This also ensures that the speakers and subwoofer are perfectly sealed and completely vibration-free. With regard to the workmanship, the manufacturer must actually be complimented.

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