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Soundgil Cube 2.1 Review: Compact Speaker Set For Audiophiles


First of all, it should be noted that the loudspeakers can be installed in almost any location. The small size that makes it so special also has practical advantages.

The loudspeakers are controlled via the included remote control, which also allows you to switch between two playback devices. Output devices can be connected via USB, Bluetooth and jack cable. It is very easy to switch between devices connected to the first two variants at the touch of a button on the remote control.

Of course it is also possible to change songs and adjust the volume. In the test, the remote control works correctly. Also the different connection modes and the change between them is possible without problems. The LED in the subwoofer indicates the current status.

If the Soundgil Cube 2.1 is connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, the sound can also be influenced via a separately available free app. The app is useful – besides the already mentioned possibilities to influence the sound, it also offers a player. However, the installation of the Android app is difficult in the test because it is not available in the store. The application must be downloaded and installed from a Google Drive folder, which will be difficult for a layperson. But that will certainly change when the loudspeakers are finally available on the market. I’m afraid they haven’t yet.

The app is not absolutely necessary. However, it is useful. If you are not able to install the app, you have to do without customization options.

Sound or listening experience

The bass is, as was to be expected, not very engaging. It is present and quite voluminous, but at no time does it push itself to the fore. Friends of especially bass-heavy music shouldn’t have any fun with the Soundgil Cube 2.1, while the average user will be happy about the rather restrained bass at times.

The middles convinced us absolutely in the test. They are really balanced and full of what not every loudspeaker can offer for a long time. Here it becomes clear that the manufacturer wants to focus above all on a balanced sound image, which in our opinion is good for the Cube.

Even at high altitudes, the loudspeakers remain sovereign. Voices and instruments are well reproduced and become very recognizable. The Soundgil device does not afford weaknesses.

All in all, the sound experience is positive all round. Only friends of a very dominant bass will not be happy with the Cube 2.1 from Soundgil. But that’s not the target group of Soundgil either, who deliver an absolutely neutral sound with the Cube 2.1 – just like it was created by the musicians.

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