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Soundgil Cube 2.1 Review: Compact Speaker Set For Audiophiles

Summary of the Soundgil Cube 2.1 Review

We could not – and did not want to – answer the questions raised at the beginning. It remains open what Soundgil wants to achieve. However, after our test it is clear that the Cube 2.1 is really special. Even in the smallest of spaces, it offers a sovereign, balanced sound with mid-range and treble particularly to be emphasized. The design is strikingly unobtrusive and the individual components of the device can be easily accommodated due to their small size.

Those who fear that the small volume resulting from the small size would be accompanied by a weak, thin sound can be reassured – this is not the case.

We are convinced of the tested device and can recommend it. Only the cumbersome installation of the app has a negative impact. However, it should be mentioned here that the device is not yet officially available. It is therefore to be expected that the manufacturer will make the app more accessible at market launch, which is why this point of criticism does not affect our overall assessment.

The Soundgil Cube 2.1 speaker set will probably be priced above 1,000 euros when it is finally released onto the market. This is of course already a price point at which one expects outstanding quality. The Soundgil definitely delivers, because both the workmanship and the sound quality are excellent. However, we left the price-performance ratio out of the evaluation due to the not yet available selling price.

Soundgil Cube 2.1

Design and Workmanship

Ein kleines, aber dennoch sehr überzeugendes Lautsprecherset.

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