5 Ways to Know Someone Is an Indianapolis Colts Supporter

Indianapolis Colts supporters are the best in the NFL. Whether they’re in Indiana or anywhere else on the globe, you can tell when you meet a die-hard fan. The Indianapolis Colts have had continuous success in the NFL, and supporters are keeping a close eye on the latest NFL odds. So that they can place their favorite NFL lines bets months in advance. With that said, how can you tell if someone is an Indianapolis supporter? Let’s find out!

They Still Wear Their Peyton Manning Jersey

Most die-hard Colts supporters have a Peyton Manning jersey somewhere stashed away in their closet or framed in glass on the wall. Indianapolis Colts supporters are very attached to Peyton Manning and still love him dearly. The end of the Manning era was a sad occasion for Colts fans and broke their hearts, but he still remains a legend among fans.

They Hate the New England Patriots

All Colts fans have an all-consuming hatred for the New England Patriots. Past years in the Super Bowl battles between these two teams were unofficially called the Manny versus Brady Bowl. These teams have deep-rooted and personal loathing originating from years on and off-field fighting on all levels.

They Come Up With the Best Outfits to Wear to the Games

Indianapolis Colts fans can create the best supporter outfits to wear to games. Everyone remembers seeing Colts fans in the most awesome outfits on television. Almost everyone can recall the Colt’s Stormtrooper and Colts fans with painted heads. The list is impressive.

They’d Rather Forget the 2011 Season

The 2011 Super Bowl season is one that all Indianapolis supporters would rather forget. The Colts lost significantly and got the worst record in NFL history that year. With the pick of number one Andrew Luck, they were able to turn the season around. However, it didn’t remove the thorn in the sides of die-hard Colts fans.

They Still Mention About Spygate

The Spygate scandal happened in the 2007 season when the Patriots were reprimanded for videotaping the NY Jets’ defensive coaches’ playing signals from an unsanctioned location. It’s not illegal to tape opposing coaches’ playing signals. However, it’s illegal to videotape them from unsanctioned areas since there are approved areas set out for such activities.

The Patriot’s head coach, Bill Belichick, was fined $500,000. The NFL stated that it was an action that deliberately disobeyed the rules and discouraged fair play. Although the incident has long been forgotten by most, some Colts supporters like to remind Patriots fans.

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