Online Betting Guide for Australia

Online betting is a popular activity for many Australians, and it’s understandable why. The convenience of being able to place bets from the comfort of your own home and the wide range of options available makes it appealing – but even more so for a sport-centric society like Australia. If they’re not watching sport – they’re outdoors indulging in it. Before looking at all betting sites Australia, here’s a quick guide on what to look out for.

Decide on your preferred sport and strategy

Finding the right bookmaker is very important, but you can’t do that until you know exactly what sport you like to bet on and what strategy.

Australia has many of its own popular sports, like Aussie rules football. Decide on the sport that you know plenty about (or are willing to learn about) but also consider how many betting options and markets there are. Soccer is popular because there’s always a game live somewhere in the world to bet on at any given time.

Secondly, consider what types of bets you will be making. For example, some sites have good odds on horses but offer limited betting options, whilst other companies go out of their way to specialise in horse racing.

When you have a strategy, place some rules on yourself to ensure you are strict in sticking to it. Most importantly, have a bankroll strategy to limit your stake sizes and deposits.

Finding the right sportsbook

Australia is lucky because it has a ton of options when it comes to bookmakers. The above section on choosing a sport and strategy should play a big role when choosing a sportsbook. However, also consider other things like the user interface (which company you find natural to navigate), whether it’s available on your preferred device, and its features. For example, can you make in-play bets and cash out on the mobile app?

Furthermore, it’s important to find a company that has reliable customer service to you won’t be ignored when you have an issue. And, finally, consider which companies offer generous welcome bonuses.

Welcome bonuses

Bonuses exist to attract customers to a website. The reason why they are now so generous is because of the fierce competition online in a global market, hence why your highstreet bookmaker doesn’t offer a promotion.

Before diving into picking the best bonus, read the small print to see the criteria for qualifying for the bonus. Ensure you know exactly its expiry and how much you need to bet or deposit. Furthermore, some will have wagering requirements.

Finally, consider future loyalty bonuses, not just the initial welcome offer.

Getting started

After you have signed up and deposited, it’s a good idea to start off slow with small bets. You can add complexity as you go, but don’t jump straight in with the 7-fold accumulators, because you will quickly become disheartened. Use the free bet offers to find your feet and try out new strategies.

Final Word

Online betting can be a fun pass-time and a great way to enjoy your favourite sports even more. Using the guide above, you can get started with online betting in Australia. However, be sure to stay on top of your knowledge and research, learning along the way – betting is a continual process. But equally, enjoy it and bet responsibly.

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