Online Gaming vs Online Casino Games: from the Perspective of Numbers

If you know a real fan of online gaming you can probably have an experience of listening to the impressive stories connected with online games for hours. Of course, it was very interesting. But what about numbers of gaming? They are unbelievable. Due to the fact that the field of online games is in the process of increasing, more and more players – both with preferences for mobile or desktop gaming – enjoy this area. As a result, gaming statistics is really interesting to look at.

Why Online Gaming is so Popular?

Industry of online games is always in the move. Developers and providers of this industry pay attention to the tiniest points. They work at games with a fine-tooth comb – breathtaking gameplay, challenging game plot, different abilities and modern technologies – everything is on a top level! Moreover, you can get unforgettable emotions like playing at trustworthy Australian online casinos. All these factors make the online gaming one of the most popular spheres around the world. And statistic numbers of this field tell own tale.

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FAQ about Online Gaming Statistics

How Many Players Does Online Gaming and Gambling Include?

Gaming industry is really widespread. Billions of people enjoy video games and get some fun with it. The number of these players is approximately 3 billion! It is nearly 40 % of world population. For comparison, roughly 1.6 billion of people tried to play at reliable and qualitative online casinos and platforms throughout the year.

How Plays Online Games?

Online games are widely used. Both men and women like spending their free time with a favourite game. So, let`s have a close look at quantity of these players. The gender interim is really small. 55 % of gaming fans are male and in line with 45 % of players are women. Ounce for ounce in the industry of iGaming 69 % is for male players and as applicable 31 % is for women.

What Types of Online Games Do Players Prefer?

Currently there is a huge diversity of online and video games types. Nearly 63% of players like playing casual type of games. Famous example of casual games is Solitaire which is known all over the world. Action (for example, Mario) and shooter (case in point, Call of Duty) games share the second position with 39 % for each. Players say that the level of adrenalin is similar to level of playing gambling games of dependable online casinos, for example, gambling games by software provider NetEnt. So, you can try to get unforgettable experience by playing at reliable online casinos the list of which you can find on qualitycasinos.com. Then you can see racing (37%), family (33%) and adventure (31%) types of online games.

What is the Most Popular Video Game and Online Casino Game?

Just imagine! 3,257,248 players! As much as that the most playable game charges extra of players around the world. And this game is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (also is known as PUBG). Speaking about online casino games we can say that online poker is the most popular among gamblers. There are nearly 100 million people round the world play online poker.

Is Mobile Gaming Widespread?

Modern people like to have flexibility and mobility. Taking into consideration this fact we can say that mobile gaming is really common. More and more players prefer playing via their smartphones. So, nearly 71 % prefer playing on tablets, another 57 % like using their phones. It is subject to both online gaming and top online casinos spheres.

Final Words about Online Gaming

As you can see video and online gaming industry is well-known and widespread. Gamers of top level and newbies adore spending spare time in playing video or online games. The statistics that was mentioned speaks for itself. Let us say that gaming field develops in non-stop, now we have a lot of bright games to choose from ever! So, do you have your favourite one?

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