The Ultimate Poker Set-Up at Home

Poker is a game with a lot of fans in all parts of the world. People like to play against strangers via online platforms as well as to take part in light-hearted poker tournaments with their friends.

If that sounds like something you enjoy doing in your free time, it may be worth thinking about a creating real home poker set-up. This does not have to cost a crazy amount of money and it can make the experience that bit more memorable and more like a genuine contest.

After all, poker is a game that is all about testing your tactical and psychological skills, and having everything properly set up to play can only enhance that. Keep reading to find out what you need.

Social or Serious

The first point to consider is just how serious your play is going to be. If it is more about hanging out with friends and you will only be gambling for small sums, it does not matter if some players are more skilled than others.

However, if bigger money will be involved, make sure one person does not have a significant edge over the others. Nothing will be more guaranteed to mar a friendship than a feeling that you have been led into a trap and cheated out of your money.

If you want to keep things light and fun, set a low buy-in for the games and limits on the maximum betting amounts.

The Set-Up

The set-up needed for home poker play is very simple and should be achievable for anyone. It boils down to a handful of things:

  • Room
  • Table and chairs
  • Cards
  • Chips
  • Refreshments


The room that is used for your games set-up needs to be somewhere that is quiet and where you will be free of distractions. Poker is a very tense and complex game and the players need to be able to give it their full concentration while still involved in the action.

If you do not have a spare room that can be turned into a home poker haven, an alternative is to pick an evening for play when no one else is at home.

Table and Chairs

Your poker table really should be round rather than square or rectangular. It is not a deal-breaker, but having a round-shaped table will make it easier for people to sit around it to play the game.

Adding green poker felt will further enhance the atmosphere and make it feel more like real casino or tournament poker play. If you own a suitable table already, the Homcom Octagon Table Topper will provide the felt.

The chairs must be comfortable enough for people to sit on them over a lengthy period. Poker is often not a fast game and that will be particularly true if you are hosting a competition.


Not just any pack of cards will do for serious home play. You will need ones that are made 100% out of plastic and have been specifically designed for poker.

What marks those cards out is the presence of large numbers on their edges. These allow players to check them during the game by lifting the corner rather than the entire card.

KEM and Copag decks are popular with professionals, and Copag is the cheaper of the two. It will also be a smart move to have a couple of decks, so that if some cards from one are damaged, the play does not have to stop.


Although you can substitute other items for chips, it will be easier with the real things because you will have different colors to mark the various denominations. A Plastic Carousal Chip Set is the cheapest option in stores, but the Da Vinci 500 Poker Set will give the games more class.


Providing food and drinks is obviously not essential to the actual play, but even the most passionate fan of poker might start to flag after a while without them. If you want to have alcoholic drinks, restrict them to lighter ones like beer, as poker needs a clear head.

Otherwise, soft drinks will be the best beverage choice and you should combine them with some snacks like nachos, peanuts or a buffet that people can choose what they want from.

Now that you have your home poker set-up, you will just need to decide what version of the game to play. Texas Hold’em is a popular choice, but some people find draw poker variants like Five Card Draw to be easier to grasp.

A home poker set-up is easy to accomplish and you can always upgrade it. You may even decide to start exploring roulette and other big casino games too if you are having fun.

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