Top 7 popular types of betting in 2023

The active development of technology is the reason the residents of Canada have started betting on sports so actively. The main reason for the popularity of betting was the bookmaker’s offices, which began to operate online. To make a bet, it is no longer necessary to be physically present at the bookmaker’s office, talk to the administrator in person or over the phone. Today, it is enough to go to the site, choose a sporting event and type of bet, and then spend money.

Moreover, modern bookmaker offices offer much more opportunities for the gambler. Live-streaming allows you to give the gambler a lot of useful information. The player can not only watch the match live and hope that his predictions were correct, but also make additional bets as the game progresses. Importantly, more types of sports betting are now available to the gambler, everyone will be able to make the game effective.

Experts from onlinecasinospot.ca conducted a study that showed how Canadian players bet. This highlighted a few of the main types of bets that generate the highest turnover. In this article, you will also learn what sports Canadian punters most often bet on, why such entertainment is becoming more and more popular, and whether sports betting is profitable.

The most popular types of betting in Canada

It should be noted that bookmakers are constantly evolving and trying to offer the gambler as many types of bets as possible. This is mainly due to competition, the gambler today has a choice of resources where he can easily bet on a particular sporting event.

“For several years now I have been watching the online betting industry actively develop and the number of bookmaker offices continues to grow. In turn, this makes sports betting even more attractive to Canadian gamblers. — Charles Moore.”

In order to attract new players and retain regular players, betting shops are forced to evolve. This is good for the gambler, because everyone will be able to make their own unique bet and win more money. Before we get into betting, let’s take a look at their most popular forms in Canada.

Type of rate Definition
Single bet A player makes a bet on one particular outcome of an event. It can be the victory of a certain team in a match, the victory of a chosen candidate during an election, etc. The odds of winning here are not the greatest, but as a rule, the size of these winnings is larger than usual.
Double bet It is necessary to place a single bet in two different events. In order to benefit, both bets must be successful.
Triple bet A single bet on the outcome of three different events. All three bets must also turn out to be successful in order to win.
Multiple Bets A player decides to bet on several events at the same time to increase his winnings and the chances of getting them. It is possible to place multiple bets on different leagues and events at the same time, thereby increasing your chances of some of them being successful.
Patent This combines 3 single bets, 3 doubles and 1 treble. The total of 7 bets can be large, but the odds of winning are high here. A minimum of 3 bets on the outcome need to be winning.
Canadian bet Also known as the Super Yankee. The bet will suit wealthy players, because here in a total of 26 bets at the same time. The player makes 10 double and 10 triple bets, 5 quadruple and 1 quintuple accumulator.
Predictive Betting The main task of the player to accurately predict the outcome of a particular sporting event. Typically applied at the races, here the player must accurately predict which horse will come first and which will take second place.
Betting on odds Each bet during a sporting event has a certain odds. The higher the odds, the fewer people choose that bet, but the bigger the winnings. The lower the odds, the more participants and the smaller the winnings, but the chances of winning are greater. This type of bet allows you to determine the outcome of the event depending on how other players bet.
Risky bets. The player chooses a bet where the chances of winning are minimal. As a rule, the odds here are large, so the winnings can be huge. Often players bet small amounts of money and do not worry about financial losses, but if the prediction turns out to be correct, they will win a lot.

Betting on which sports will be popular among Canadian players in 2023

Bookmakers offer players a large selection of sports events on which you can bet money and win. To increase their odds, gamblers tend to bet on sports that they are good at. Our experts from onlinecasinospot.ca have analysed the situation in the Canadian gambling market and identified several major sports on which players most typically bet.

7. Hockey on Ice

Ice hockey traditionally attracts the attention of Canadian fans. Bookmakers note that it is the sport that generates the maximum betting turnover. The new hockey season 2023 will not only gather millions of fans in front of the TV, but also will be a real hit in the betting shops. The main reason for the popularity of hockey betting is the traditional love of Canadians for the sport. Many gamblers are well versed in hockey, so they can accurately predict the outcome of sporting events.

6. Basketball

This is another popular sport that has gathered millions of fans in Canada. The basketball season in 2023 is sure to be a major proposition for bookmakers. Almost every season is accompanied by a lot of betting. It should be noted that many Canadians are well versed in basketball, have their favourites, and know how to make accurate predictions on the outcome of sporting events. The final competitions form the main betting turnover.

5. Horse Racing

This sport attracts the attention of many wealthy Canadians. At special arenas, you can not only have a good time with your friends, but also bet money on your favourite. Bookmaker offices did not miss such popularity of this sport, so they offer everyone to bet. Predictable bets prevail in this sport, players have to pick a winner accurately to earn huge money. Today, you do not have to go to the arena to place your bets, you can use the services of an online bookmaker’s office.

4. Cricket

A popular game in Canada, which gathers thousands of spectators in stadiums. Cricket is notable for the fact that the season here almost never ends, most of the year the local leagues are competing. Each team tries to win to break through and reach the finals. Since there is so much competition, the game becomes even more interesting. Not surprisingly, cricket betting is popular at the betting shops. Players are willing to risk their money by betting on the favourites.

3. Cybersports

If a few years ago, bookmakers did not pay attention to such competitions, today they have become one of the most popular sports in Canada. Large prize pools, professional teams from all over the world, lots of fascinating computer games—all this makes cybersport popular among spectators. Bookmakers note that there are virtually no interruptions to the competition, there are no seasons, and there are major events throughout the year. This allows Canadian players to make bets and get big winnings.

2. Baseball (MLB)

A popular sport in Canada that you can always bet on at a bookmaker’s office. The seasonality of this sport makes it not so popular in betting shops, but in 2023, a lot of interesting games await the gamblers. The main feature of baseball betting is the unpredictability of the results. Until the final, as a rule, several strongest teams reach the final, which have almost equal chances of winning.

1. MMA (UFC)

Mixed martial arts has attracted the attention of viewers around the world. The championships expected in 2023 will gather millions of fans in front of TVs and in special arenas. Bookmakers do not want to miss such an event, so they accept bets from players. A wide variety of fights, high odds and chances to win are what attracts gamblers in MMA betting.

Why online betting is so popular in Canada?

Traditionally, in order to place a bet on a particular sporting event, the gambler had to go to a bookmaker’s office. In a special room there was an administrator, who accepted bets of all participants, as well as giving out winnings. In the same room, you can enjoy your time and watch a live broadcast of a particular sporting event. Nevertheless, online bookmaker offices are very popular today.

The ever-growing popularity of online bookmaker’s offices can be easily explained. It is a service that can be used from the comfort of your home. Only a device with an Internet connection is required. By visiting the site of the bookmaker’s office, the gambler receives a list of all the events that are available for betting. In order to make this bet, you must initially register on the site of the bookmaker’s office and replenish your account. Online financial transactions do not surprise anyone, which also contributes to the popularity of such gambling entertainment.

It is also believed that the popularity of betting and the fact that many online casinos offer such an opportunity. Such institutions are very popular, and daily they are visited by a huge number of people. A player can make his bet and play his favourite poker or baccarat during the breaks. It is quite convenient and saves a lot of time. There is a certain measure, the top 10 online casinos that offer the widest selection of different games and the opportunity to bet on your favourite team.

“You can place minimum bets on various sporting events without risking large sums of money. For example, in many online casinos you can deposit as little as 5 Canadian dollars, and the minimum bet can be only a few cents,” says one of the casino expert of such web portal, Robert Lewis.

Between 2021 and 2022, the coronavirus pandemic contributed to the increasing popularity of online bookmakers. Players lost the opportunity to visit land-based bookmakers, so they were forced to try something new. This is how Canadian gamblers discovered the many undeniable advantages of betting sites. The main advantages include the availability of bets 24/7, the convenience of choosing and making these bets, a large selection of sporting events.

In 2023, it is predicted increased interest of gamblers to betting sites. This is primarily due to the fact that there are more and more new players on the market who initially use only the services of online bookmaker’s offices.

Is online sports betting profitable?

Newcomers have a logical question whether betting on sports online is profitable at all. Not all players treat betting as entertainment, many consider this sphere as a source of passive income. That’s why it is so important for them to make sure that their actions are profitable and that they get the best chances to win.

onlinecasinospot.ca experts predict that online sports betting will become the most profitable on the Internet in 2023. There are several main reasons why this will happen:

  • Online betting is available at any time. Sports events can be staged anywhere on the planet, so when it’s nighttime in Canada, an interesting match starts somewhere. The ability to bet at any time makes it more profitable.
  • In sports betting, you can rely on more than just luck. Analytics plays a very significant role here. If you have a good understanding of the sport you are betting on, your chances of winning will be higher. If you don’t know anything about the sport, then the predictions of sports experts will help you win more often and more often.
  • Bonuses from bookmaker companies. Deposit bonuses are given to players for their activity. Using extra money or even free bets, you can increase your chances of winning and reduce your risks.


In Canada, sports betting is very popular, and many gamblers have already moved online. Betting sites are having their best time, as the pandemic has greatly increased interest in them. Today, many types of bets can be placed on sites for any sporting event. Most often Canadian gamblers bet on hockey, basketball, cricket, horse racing, cybersports, MMA and baseball. Thanks to the variety of sporting events, whenever you go to a betting site, you will be able to place your bet.

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