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SSD under test: Samsung SSD 870 QVO

A new controller and memory

The 860 QVO already relied on a corresponding QLC memory. However, Samsung has opted for a new QLC memory in the new series. While the 860 QVO still relied on a NAND memory with 64 layers, the new version offers 96 layers. But this is not the only innovation. The Koreans also use a new controller. According to the manufacturer, this should not only provide more performance. In addition, the revisions also allow for a doubling of the maximum memory space. This is doubled from 4 TB to 8 TB.

More performance than the predecessor

Of course, Samsung is hoping for performance improvements by upgrading the memory and controller. However, a look at the manufacturer’s specifications makes it clear that the performance only increases marginally in comparison to the predecessor. Thus, the 870 QVO offers only 10 MB/s more transfer rates with 560 MB/s (read) and 530 MB/s (write). The same should apply to the IOPS. Here, almost 13 percent more IOPS should be possible in 4K random read. But it also remains somewhat the same: The guarantee. Thus, the 870 QVO, like its predecessor, also offers a three-year manufacturer’s warranty. However, this can also expire prematurely. This is the case if the number of Total Bytes Write (TBW) is exceeded. The number is 360 terabytes, just like the predecessor.

At first glance, the 870 QVO cannot be distinguished from the premium models PRO and EVO.

Many things from our own production

Samsung has not only manufactured the memory and the controller in its own production. The Koreans also developed the DRAM cache themselves. Here the tech group relies on LPDDR4 memory. This should primarily be characterized by economical operation. Samsung remains true to its self-imposed rule. The manufacturer uses 1 GB DRAM per 1 TB NAND flash. This ensures that the top model with a proud 8 terabytes of memory also has an impressive 8 GB LPDDR4. Otherwise the SSD would probably suffer from noticeable performance drops.

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