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Surface Headphones Reviewed: Can They Keep up with Bose and Sony?

And now?

The Surface Headphones are good, but not great. If you’re looking for the big package that’s right for you, you won’t be happy with Microsoft‘s headphones. For the same money you can also buy the Bose QC35 II or the Sony MX1000M3 – they put a scoop on top. The low battery life and the missing codecs are absolute minus points. Also the noise suppression is better with the competition. However, if you attach great importance to design, you could take a closer look at the Surface Headphones. Their appearance is so far unique. They can also be operated with a rotary wheel, which is a real power feature. They’re also very comfortable, well crafted, have a USB-C port and solid connectivity. All in all, it can be said that Microsoft fans are definitely worth a look, while everyone else prefers to wait for the second version.

Surface Headphones

Sound Quality
Recording Quality
Value for Money

Great workmanship and a unique service. Minus points are awarded for minor details, which Microsoft will certainly be able to improve in the next version.

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Microsoft Surface Headphones price comparison

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