Synology: Frequently Asked Questions about the new DSM 7

Probably the longest test of patience for Synology NAS users will soon come to an end. DSM 7 will leave the beta stage in a few months and will be available for download for the masses. The update process itself is supposed to be carried out via a wizard, making it child’s play even for non-professionals. However, there are changes to the operating system, but the compatibility to older systems is largely maintained. Therefore, you do not have to worry about possible incompatibilities. However, a few apps will run exclusively on DSM 7. We’ve listed the most important questions from the community about the switch directly from the Synology DE channel.

When is the final version of Synology DSM 7 coming?

The release is planned for the summer of 2021, but Synology has not yet given an exact date. After all, the manufacturer wants to deliver a product that is as complete as possible right from the start, so you don’t have to laboriously complete it through many smaller updates.

For which devices will DSM 7 be released?

Already the beta version was running on almost all Synology NAS manufactured in 2013 or above, so the final version will most likely work on all your devices as well. If you have any doubts, you can find the full list of supported models here in the Applied Models section.

What is the update process?

Just like minor updates (within a version), you can trigger the major update as soon as it is available via the NAS control panel instead of (Update & Restore / DSM Update). A separate update wizard is planned here, which will guide you through the complete process and also spit out warnings regarding incompatible software packages if necessary.

Does migration between two different Synology NASes change?

With DSM 7, the migration features remain largely unchanged. However, Synology intends to expand the Migration Wizard even further. This will give you the advantage of being able to transfer data, software packages, and system configuration from NAS to NAS more easily.

Are different DSM versions compatible with each other?

As long as the versions are not too far apart, DiskStations should be able to communicate with each other without any problems. However, certain packages, such as “Synology Drive” have been restructured from the ground up, so only time will tell if different versions will get along here. If you’re using Drive, it’s best to wait for feedback from the community.

Why were networking and surveillance products not addressed at the DSM 7 announcement?

The focus at the presentation was mainly to showcase the new Disk Station Manager, so no Synology routers or video surveillance products were presented. But even here you can expect innovations soon, as they are already in the starting blocks.

Will virtualization be possible on smaller NAS?

In terms of virtualization capabilities, there are no planned course changes on Synology’s part, so you’ll still only be able to use virtual machines on compatible hardware. Synology justifies this by saying that certain quality standards must be met for smooth virtualization. Also, virtualization on non-x86 or x64 processors is generally difficult.

Will Hyper Backup to DSM6 still be possible?

According to Synology, backup targets with the older operating system will also be available in DSM 7. For example, you can use your older NAS as a backup in another fire section of the building or completely offsite.

Can the Synology Photos app (and its database) be backed up via Hyper Backup?

To back up your image collection and the database behind it, which stores metadata such as tags, geodata and the like about your photos, you’ll need a new version of Hyper Backup. However, this is not scheduled to be released until after DSM 7 is released.

Is bare metal backup supported by Linux environments?

The complete backup of a complete machine including data and configuration is possible for the first time with DSM 7. The 5 most popular Linux distributions are supported, so Linux is no longer just interesting for you as a file server, but you can back up all configurations via Active Backup for Business.

Can the Active Backup for Business folder be encrypted?

Synology fulfills a long-awaited wish of the community and enables you in DSM 7 a 256-bit AES encryption of the backup folder, in which all your backups end up.

When is bare metal backup of macOS environments coming?

What is certain is that full backup of a Mac will be implemented via Active Backup for Business. However, Synology does not give a concrete date for this yet. Due to licensing difficulties, development here is running at a lower priority. However, you can also perform a complete backup via Time Machine as an alternative.

Do pictures or videos need to be reloaded into Photo Station?

There is no need to re-upload your pictures and videos to your NAS, as they will be preserved during the update. Also, many settings will be transferred automatically. Nevertheless, it may happen that you have to adjust some settings. You can find a comparison of the different versions here.

Will the metadata of the images and videos be transferred?

All metadata and photo albums will be preserved, but extras such as call counters, watermarks or face recognition will not be included. You have to regenerate these after the update.

What features does Synology Photos offer?

In the new app, you can view the content in both a folder and timeline view. Furthermore, you can search for specific photos and videos by keyword. Virtual albums can be created automatically or manually, as well as shared and shared with others. In addition, Photos finally supports the detailed display of metadata.

Does the Moments app on your smartphone get replaced right away with the update?

Once your NAS has the new Synology Photos package installed, you can also download the updated app for your smartphone and connect it back to your DiskStation.

Are new features being added to Synology Photos?

The number of suggestions from the community is large. However, according to Synology, not all requests can always be implemented in a timely manner. Nevertheless, the new app comes up with direct image editing and may get more features after the release.

Where exactly does AI image recognition take place – on the DiskStation or in the cloud?

AI image analysis takes place exclusively on your NAS, so no one else has access to your photos and videos.

Does Synology Drive support syncing files and folders on Android?

Unfortunately, what was previously possible via the DS Cloud app, Drive no longer supports. According to Synology, however, this is no longer absolutely necessary. After all, the Drive app gives you permanent access to the NAS from anywhere, with the advantage that no storage space is taken up on your smartphone.

What will happen to the Cloud Station in the future?

Cloud Station is no longer compatible with DSM 7, so support for it will go away and you won’t be able to install the app. However, except for smartphone syncing, all features (and many more) will be supported by the new Drive app.

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