TeamGroup: Delta Max White RGB SSD introduced

TeamGroup’s new Delta Max White RGB SSD comes in Aurora White and features a panel-like RGB lighting area through which eye-catching and colorful effects are rendered.

Comprehensive and reliable protection

The Delta Max White RGB SSD uses 3D NAND flash memory chips to provide long-lasting as well as comprehensive protection for users. The storage capacity is 1 TB, with a transfer speed of 560 MB/s read and 510 MB/s write. The SSD features an intelligent algorithm management mechanism and a garbage collection function, which ensures operating efficiency. The ECC (Error Correction Code) function and high-performance wear-leveling technology ensure improved reliability during data transfer. In addition, the Windows TRIM optimization command, which can free up free blocks, is supported, so the operating system can use them directly when writing data. The read and write performance of the Delta Max White RGB SSD is accelerated with the optimized access technology, which also extends the service life. The reliability prediction is 1 million hours (MTBF).

Colorful effects with dual control interface

To control the lighting effects, the Delta Max White RGB SSD has two options. For this purpose, different cables are used for the respective lighting control source, the 5V ARGB 3-pin to micro USB-B cable is used to synchronize the lighting effects and the 10-pin USB to micro USB-B cable is used for the integrated lighting mode. T-FORCE’s SSD supports ASROCK Polychrome Sync, ASUS Aura Sync, BIOSTAR Advanced VIVID LED DJ, MSI Mystic Light Sync and GIGABYE RGB Fusion 2.0, and the lighting control software can be used to control and synchronize the effects to create a colorful and unique RGB experience.

Availability and Pricing

TeamGroup’s new Delta Max White RGB SSD is available now with a three-year warranty for about 150 euros.

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