Tesoro Alphaeon S3: Gaming chair with premium look

Meanwhile, more and more gaming manufacturers also offer a suitable gaming chair. It is hardly surprising that pretty much every market segment from cheap to expensive is covered. Tesoro does not only want to convince with a high-quality look with its F720 Alphaeon S3 gaming chair. On top of that, the modern chair is also supposed to be comfortable and have some practical features on board.

“Seat Xtension” feature

This is by no means a first for Tesoro. Quite the contrary. Indeed, with the F720 Alphaeon S3 model, the manufacturer brings a new addition to its already extensive lineup of premium-class gaming chairs. The Alphaeon S3 is by no means lacking in innovations. After all, not only has the design of the gaming chair been comprehensively revised. It also offers the so-called “Seat Xtension” feature.

Here, the seat surface can be individually adjusted. This exclusive function offers a three-stage adjustment, with which one should be able to achieve an increase of the seat surface by up to 5 cm. Tesoro itself says that this should not only prevent fatigue, but also stiff legs. Especially during longer gaming sessions, this should prove to be extremely practical.

High-quality workmanship

Tesoro obviously does not make any compromises when it comes to the choice of materials either. Thus, the manufacturer relies on high-quality artificial leather, which is not only supposed to be breathable, but also offer a lot of comfort on top of that. The cold foam-based upholstery is probably also comfortable. Due to the special cold foam, the gaming chair is supposed to be able to tailor itself to the sitter. The comfort package is perfected by sophisticated air pockets. These are located in the cold foam upholstery and are not only supposed to ensure a comfortable seat. On top of that, they are supposed to ensure a certain longevity of the upholstery and improve stability.

Once again, Tesoro sets itself apart from the competition. After all, many companies rely on using only one cold foam part for the upholstery. The experts at Tesoro, on the other hand, install four different cold foam components at once. In addition to the frame and the backrest, the manufacturer installs two more in the seat itself and the seat extension. Why all this? The cold foam used by Tesoro has a different density depending on the area of application. This is not only to provide tailored seat support, but on top of that to optimize the durability of the entire chair.

Price and availability

People with a maximum weight of 130 kg should definitely consider the Alphaeon S3 if they are currently looking for a suitable gaming chair anyway. If you’re interested, you can strike now. The manufacturer lists an MSRP of 269 euros for the gem.

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