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Tesoro Olivant Pro Review: 7.1 Surround Headset for Only 50 Euro

Workmanship and Appearance

The ear cushions of the Tesoro Olivant Pro Headset are very generously manufactured. They offer an excellent hold and sufficient sound insulation to the outside. The ear cushions can be replaced by removing them if necessary. The microphone can be plugged into the left auricle using a jack plug. The connecting element can be moved to any position.

The Tesoro Olivant Pro Headset can be connected directly via a fixed audio cable. You can also connect this headset to the USB sound card with cable remote control. The cable remote can be used to mute the microphone. In addition, the cable remote control serves as volume control.

I think the headset’s workmanship is good, even though it’s mostly made of plastic. The components are precisely assembled and all cleanly processed. But there are problems with the construction, as you will read in the sound part.

Commissioning of the Tesoro Olivant Pro

The headset can be used directly on your PC, tablet, console, or smartphone. No additional driver needs to be installed. The headset is immediately recognized as a conventional loudspeaker under Windows.

In order to use the integrated C-Media sound card, an additional driver must be installed. Any Tesoro Olivant Pro user can download this driver from the manufacturer’s product page.

The C-Media driver offers a clearly structured configuration interface. This allows many settings to be made directly, for example:

  • Setting the virtual 7.1 sound
  • Activate the “Xear” surround sound
  • Adjusting different sound effects
  • Activation of the equalizer
  • Microphone setting options.

The headphones use a 50 mm driver for each ear cup. These cover a frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. The integrated C-Media sound card allows the headset to simulate a virtual 7.1 sound. The user does not have to resort to other sound cards for this.

In games the 7.1 sound makes the direction of the noises easy to detect, but unfortunately there is no feeling in the middle. The sound details are unfortunately not completely clean, the sound is not very dynamic and there is a lack of everything to get the perfect sound. It’s enough for gaming, but less for listening to music.

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