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Tesoro Olivant Pro Review: 7.1 Surround Headset for Only 50 Euro

Conclusion on the Tesoro Olivant Pro

Anyone who picks up the Tesoro Olivant Pro is one of the price-conscious buyers. And that’s what you get. The headset is well crafted, a USB sound card with 7.1 surround sound is integrated and the microphone’s recordings are clearly intelligible. However, the sound lacks dynamics and the microphone sounds very dull. This means that a lot of quality is lost.

The wearing comfort as well as the extensive scope of delivery are positively striking. However, the insulation can still be improved. That’s how you hear the cable as soon as it moves. The flexible headband may also make some noise if the headset moves too much.

All in all, I can only give a limited recommendation and would personally rather take a few euros more in my hand. I am used to a better quality from Tesoro.

Tesoro Olivant Pro


The Tesoro Olivant Pro Gaming Headset scores with excellent features and good workmanship. However, the sound and recording quality can still be improved.

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