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Teufel Rockster Air Review: Bluetooth Speaker with a Great Bass

With the Teufel Rockster Air Teufel has brought the little brother of the Rockster onto the market and thus offers a “portable” Bluetooth jukebox. We tested the little devil for you.

Rockster Air

Even though the Rockster Air is only the little brother of the Rockster, the loudspeaker still weighs a respectable 14.5 kilos. However, the practical wheels of the Rockster are no longer required with the Rockster Air and a detachable carrying strap remains for transport. You don’t want to cover long distances with the loudspeaker, but a short walk from the car to the party area is definitely possible.

The Rockster Air radiates an uncanny massiveness. This is not a filigree Bluetooth loudspeaker, but really a device that can also survive a tipping over or a minor “accident”. The knobs of the Teufel loudspeaker are protected under an acrylic glass plate. The Rockster Air has no water protection certification, but if a beer is dumped over the loudspeaker, the flap will effectively protect the keys.

The Bluetooth pairing process with a speaker should be quick and simple. And this is exactly the case with the Rockster Air: Once switched on, a longer press on the Bluetooth button is all it takes for the loudspeaker to appear on the smartphone among the available Bluetooth devices. We can already connect and play our playlist.

Teufel promises a clean and stable connection of at least ten meters. We can confirm this distance on the open field with the mobile phone in our trouser pocket, but the connection becomes quite unstable from about 10 meters. But with the mobile phone in your hand, you can also get a good 15 meters away from the Bluetooth speaker. However, if walls stand in the way of the Teufel’s loudspeaker and smartphone, reception becomes poor even over short distances and even breaks off.

In addition to Bluetooth, the speaker has a 3.5 mm AUX input on the back, a 6.3 mm input for instruments and an XLR input for microphones. The audio signal from all these sources can be played back simultaneously, or you can mix it using the knobs on the top.

Rockster Air with shoulder strap | © Teufel
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