The gaming bed: The dream of every gamer?

Of course, hours of undisturbed gaming is one of the ideals of every gambler. Ergonomic gaming chairs have contributed to the fact that long sessions pass by without much damage to back and posture. But can it perhaps be a little more? The Japanese gaming furniture manufacturer Bauhütte probably thought so, too, and is now presenting an entire gaming bed so that passionate gamblers can play in comfort.

The Gaming Bed: What can gamers expect?

At the centre of the Japanese gaming bed are several Bauhütte pieces of furniture that were put together for the concept. The main piece is a sofa bed with a desk at the end and a monitor holder for two monitors. The PC boxes can be placed to the side of it, while drink holders are positioned at the foot end. At the head end, a bendable arm for smartphones and tablets can be attached for convenient consumption of mobile content. Other snack shelves with storage for chips and drinks can be added to the sides, as well as a shelf for the keyboard, which is ergonomically not very beneficial for pure PC games.

A special feature of the complete package of the gaming bed is the fact that the Japanese manufacturer also offers a matching gaming pyjama. This is intended to be fully fitted, but has a recess with a zipper on the buttocks to make it easier to go to the toilet. The previous version of the gaming bed – fortunately – does not yet have an integrated toilet.

The complete package of the gaming bed is said to cost about 1,050 US dollars, which is quite a bite. However, it remains questionable whether gaming beds will really become established. An upright position is not to be scoffed at least for PC games.

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