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The LG27GL850-B – Really “UltraGear”?

Design and Workmanship

The LG 27GL850-B’s design is virtually rimless at the front, making it more comfortable to use multiple monitors. On the back, the connectors are not hidden as with many other manufacturers, but are centrally located next to the mounting bracket. Above is the LG glossy logo. In addition, a red decorative circle has been added to the elevation, which we like very much. The stand has a sleek look and has also been provided with the color red. The surface, which was colored here, is quite large, but since this is the opposite side, it is really only decoration here.


The monitor is designed so that you can customize it according to your needs. The stand makes it possible to adjust the height by 110 millimetres. The inclination can also be adjusted from 5 degrees forwards to 15 degrees backwards. If the monitor is not directly in front of you, you can also turn it 20 degrees in any direction. The 27GL850-B has everything you need in its luggage. Furthermore, the monitor can also be used in the pivot function, so that really no wish remains unfulfilled.

Technology and Image Quality

Probably the most exciting and important topic is image quality and the technology behind it. As already mentioned above, an IPS panel is used, which usually provides the best image quality, but mostly at the expense of response time and refresh rate.

The LG UltraGear 27GL850-B is supposed to offer a frequency of up to 144 Hertz and at the same time a reaction speed of only one millisecond. It should be noted, however, that the manufacturers very often only mention the “nice” numbers. Here you have to take a closer look when the reaction speed is reached and which one is meant at all. Here LG gives the Grey-to-Grey reaction time. In addition, this can only be achieved in the fastest overdrive mode, which we will come to later. Unfortunately we don’t have the necessary equipment to record the exact times, but we have tested the device for “Hertz” and kidney and can say that the reaction speed is more than impressive. Even if it’s not necessarily the one millisecond. There are also more features on offer, but we’ll get to that in a moment.


Especially for gaming it is of course important to use the highest possible refresh rates and to have low reaction speeds, so there are various adjustment possibilities. As already mentioned, the reaction time of one millisecond is probably only reached in the fastest overdrive mode, but then there are problems with ghosting. Therefore it is not recommended to use this mode. It only has the function to improve the datasheet. Nevertheless, the pre-programmed modes can reduce the response times so well that the monitor delivers a really good result.

LG 27GL850-B

The on-screen software is operated by a small joystick at the bottom of the monitor. The operation itself is very intuitive and simple, so there are no difficulties. Moreover, the button is very precise and you can’t really click it.

Equipment & Features

The LG monitor comes with a lot of features around the corner. Let’s start with G-Sync. The logo is emblazoned on the packaging and so the monitor is advertised. Unfortunately we have to step on the brakes here, because actually no G-Sync is certified, but has only FreeSync, but is marked by Nvidia as compatible. Also here LG cheats a bit, but the result is really the same here, because it works perfectly.

In addition, the software also offers a crosshair, for example, which is placed over the image, which can be especially useful for first-person shooters. Another feature is the Black Stabilizer, which makes very dark situations a bit brighter, so that you can better see what’s happening. Furthermore features like Flicker Safe Backlight, HDR10, a Kensington Lock preparation and the already mentioned USB hub are offered. In the price range by far not a standard yet.

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