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The new Couchmaster CYCON² from nerdytec: damn sexy!

On the couch decently at the PC with the enormous television before the nose zocken does not only go since yesterday. Clever gamers have long since come up with solutions as to the best and most comfortable way to do so for many hours at a time. The team of nerdytec perfected such a solution and called it Couchmaster. Since then, the company has been unstoppable in terms of ergonomic gaming from the sofa.

The latest model before the Cycon² was the Couchmaster CYBOT, which brought a snappy design, features small extras and was designed for both keyboards and laptops. In addition, the boys from nerdytec already dedicated themselves to the home office fraction this year with the Couchmaster CYWORX and presented a noble edition in fabric and wood optics. But that is not all: Just in time for Christmas nerdytec rings the doorbell and presents the next generation of the Couchmaster. Its name: CYCON2, Couchmaster CYCON2. And this time the manufacturer had external help concerning design and function.

We took a closer look at the new Couchmaster and compared how it differs from the previous one. A small spoiler should be mentioned at this point: There is a really great limited edition of the CYCON2 Couchmaster.

Technical data

USB ports 6x USB 3.0, thereof 2 outside
Dimensions of the cushions 60 x 20 x 16 cm
Dimensions of the support 81.5 x 35 x 3 cm
Maximum inner distance of the cushions 75 cm
Materials suede look microfiber, memory cold foam, plastic
Colors Black, Fusion Grey + limited edition
Price € 179.00*

Design and construction are very impressive

At first glance, not much has changed in terms of construction. The Couchmaster still consists of two cushions and a board. But at second glance a lot has changed, both in terms of construction and technology. But one after the other.

For the Couchmaster CYCON2 the nerdytec nerds consulted the Faculty of Design and Art at the University of Wuppertal. Through this collaboration, a really sleek and good-looking design was created, which is focused on effectiveness and functionality – after all, only looking good is easy with products.

The cushions are covered with a microfiber fabric that looks and feels like suede. They were filled with memory cold foam. The size of the cushions has been reduced by one centimeter in height, which is hardly noticeable without having CYBOT and CYCON2 directly next to each other. Since we believe that the cushions were already perfectly ingenious in the previous model, we do not see any need for action.

What has evolved strongly, however, is the support, the core of the couch master. First it was enlarged, which not only provides more room for keyboard and mouse, but also more space between the cushions. These can be pushed apart up to 75 cm without the support becoming unstable. The total length of the support was the same for the previous model. We like more legroom. For the palms of the hands, the pad was also covered with imitation leather in the appropriate places.

Only the change from bamboo wood to plastic is a pity. But since the edition has missed some technical features, we can understand the ulterior motive that nerdytec had in mind. In addition, the company still cares for the environment and uses only high-quality recycled plastic.

We cannot understand the acrylic inserts, which are located on the upper side. These look good at first, but acrylic is a very scratch-prone material. Surely nerdytec could have solved this better.

In summary, the look of the Couchmaster CYCON2 is quite something. In the Black Edition, which we have submitted for testing, the cushions harmonize perfectly with the edition and the suede look and white seams give the Couchmaster a noble appearance. From our point of view, the nerdytec has already been a great success!

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Couchmaster® CYCON² - Wildleder Black Edition price comparison

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