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The New Soundboks: Perfect sound anywhere in the world

It is the successor to Soundboks 2 and carries with it a special origin story: The New Soundboks. There are the usual stories of how tech companies come into being, and there are those that apply to SOUNDBOKS. The Danish young company was born at the Roskilde Festival, or rather the idea was born. From there, the three founders took off from a garage, raised money and ended up in San Francisco.

To date, the guys have sold over 50,000 of their mobile speakers and the number is constantly growing. Reason enough for us to take a closer look at The New Soundboks and test whether it really packs the punch that is so appreciated at festivals, parties and homes worldwide.

Soundboks advertises that the portable speaker is the loudest that can be connected via Bluetooth. And because such a machine draws a lot of power, the Danes also supply the batteries for it and offer a whole arsenal of other accessories in the store. We are looking forward to this test like a hawk!

Technical data

Amplifier 3 x 72 W RMS class D amplifier
Maximum volume 126 dB
Driver 2 x 10″ 96 dB woofers / 1 x 1″ 104 dB compression driver tweeters
Frequency range 40 – 20,000 Hz
Wireless connection Bluetooth 5.0
Other inputs 3.5mm AUX, 6.35mm XLR
Output 3.5 mm AUX
Battery 12.8 V 7.8Ah LiFePO4
Battery runtime 40 hours at medium volume / 5 hours at full volume
Battery charging time 3.5 hours
Material (case) Poplar wood
Other material Aluminum, steel, silicone, SMP temperature flexible adhesive
Weight 15.4 kg
Dimensions 66 x 43 x 32 cm
IP code IP65 – dustproof and protected against water jets
Warranty 2 years
Colors (grid) Black, Orange, White, Martian
Price € 899.00*

What’s inside

If you want to put a special gift under the Christmas tree for a sound lover this year, you should have a hefty tip ready for the package delivery person, in addition to the price of the new Soundboks. With a size of 78 x 50 x 38 cm, the package to be delivered is not the world, but the weight of 15.4 kg plus battery and accessories is less to be underestimated – we certainly reaped evil looks when our test object was delivered.

The content is already noticeable by the Soundboks inscription and the slogan “Break through the noise”. Apart from that, the packers have also thought of cuts on the left and right of the long side, so that the package remains heavy, but is easier to carry.

The entire content is absolutely safe, shock-resistant and especially practical for unpacking. Accordingly, the packages of the charger and Batteryboks are equipped with handles so that they can be easily pulled out. Now the New Soundboks follows; we quickly remove the foil and have everything ready.

More detailed attention from us also gets the manual, as it is not just some white booklet, of which we have seen so many. It is attached to the Soundboks with a ribbon in an envelope. The other end is wrapped around an eyelet, as you know from old files that were closed this way. In addition to the manual, the envelope also contains brand stickers.

Now before we can move on to testing, we charge the Batteryboks (battery) for 3.5 hours to have a full charge.

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