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The Ultra Lightweight Gaming Mouse – Xtrfy M4 RGB

Design, Workmanship and Technique

With an ultra-light mouse, of course, you have to save on material. Xtrfy has decided to combine this with the design and has simply provided the majority of the case with many small circular holes. Only the front area of the main keys remains as a complete surface, so that you have no other feeling when pressing them. The holes have also saved the thumb rest, as the grip is more than sufficient due to the plastic itself and the holes.

Xtrfy M4 RGB

Like most other mice, the Xtrfy M4 also has an RGB-lit logo, which is located in the case and only through you holes can come to the fore at all. But that’s not all about RGB lighting, because there’s an RGB stripe around the front of the mouse. This illuminates the entire housing, giving the technology enthusiast a colourful view of the PCB assembly which is installed at the bottom of the mouse. Yes, the printed circuit board with its components can also be seen. Even if you can’t see everything, it’s still a good design element to look at.

Xtrfy M4 RGB

Of course the processing of the Xtrfy M4 RGB has to be right, too. Too little material could make everything unstable. But Xtrfy solved that well and the mouse is stable and the workmanship is high quality.

As far as the built-in technology is concerned, Xtrfy has also opted for a high-quality product with the Pixart PMW 3389 optical sensor, which can present its strengths in any situation. The Omron switches for the main keys are also a solid choice that have already proven their longevity.

Xtrfy M4 RGB

Ergonomics and Practice

A mouse shaped for right-handers with so many holes can’t go well at all, one might think. But actually it is! Although the mouse has to get by with little material to hold the weight, the shape was well adapted to the hand. The missing material doesn’t really stand out and therefore only has the advantage of weight loss. The keys are all very easy to reach, except for the DPI key. The DPI key is located on the underside together with the key for setting the polling rate. If you want to change it, you have to lift the mouse.

Xtrfy M4 RGB

Now let’s get to the actually most interesting part of the test: Is weight loss worth it?

The only 69 g of the mouse are immediately noticeable, especially if you used mice that weigh about 100 g or more before. Even if it doesn’t sound much, the effect is clearly noticeable. Once you get used to the weight, you can move noticeably faster. Especially in eSport such mice should really make themselves felt. Clearly an advantage for us.

Xtrfy M4 RGB


A real software is not provided by Xtrfy, however, various pre-programmed functions are provided. Via the DPI key the DPI rate between 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 3200, 4000, 7200 and 16000 DPI can be switched. So there should be something for everyone. As already mentioned above, the polling rate can also be set with a switch, namely between 125, 500 and 1000 Hz. The button behind the mouse wheel can be used to select the RGB lighting with different effects. If that’s not enough, you can also change the color scheme by pressing the right mouse button at the same time. The simultaneous pressing of the left mouse button changes the speed with which a color change is carried out. If you want to adjust the brightness, you can also press the thumb keys at the same time and switch the front one to a lighter colour and the back one to a darker colour.

Xtrfy M4 RGB
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