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Thermaltake Level 20 RGB Gaming Keyboard with Impressive RGB Lighting Reviewed

Thermaltake’s Level-20 series now includes much more than just enclosures. The gaming keyboard that we tested, to which we will devote ourselves in this test report, is one of them. Whether the mechanical keyboard, which is optionally equipped with Cherry or Razer switches, met our expectations, you will find out in the following lines.

Design and Workmanship

The keyboard is housed in a comparatively large cardboard box, which contains some red key caps and a key puller next to it. In addition, there is a warranty card and operating instructions. More is not included with the keyboard.

The keyboard wants to stand out from the competition – also the in-house one – above all optically. If you look at the keyboard from above, you will notice a distinctive slot, which is located to the left of the arrow block. This slot is available for purely aesthetic reasons – it does not have a technical function. The RGB stripe above the slot is also conspicuous for purely design reasons. It is located in line with the slot, thus maintaining the image of the separation of the keyboard into two areas. If you like, you can use the strip to color the currently activated keyboard profile. Otherwise he can just shine nice.

Above the ESC-key you will find the Thermaltake-Logo. With its white design it stands in contrast to the black keyboard and attracts some attention. It can also be illuminated.

The main plate of the keyboard, made of aluminium, is angled at the front, which is probably intended for comfort during use. At the same time, the angulation interrupts the RGB strip that runs around the keyboard. There is also a light emitting diode under each cap. There are two rubberized stands on the underside of the keyboard.

Altogether it can be said that Thermaltake attaches great importance to the design of the keyboard. It has a very elaborate optical design in order to stand out from the competition, especially in this respect. As it turns out, this is also necessary because there are hardly any technical differences to other Thermaltake keyboards – especially not to the “TT Premium X1 RGB”. We have nothing wrong with the processing, we use absolutely high-quality materials that are cleanly processed.

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