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Thermaltake Versa H26 TG Midi-Tower Review

Exterior Impression

The front section of the Versa H26 TG consists of plastic and a large mesh grille. However, since the mesh grid has no special shapes, the front appears relatively restrained and timeless. Above the fan grille, you’ll also find two f-stops that cover the external 5.25″ bays. With a bold jerk, the front fairing can be pulled off and behind it the three mounting positions for 120 mm fans can be seen. To protect against dust, the manufacturer has also attached a slightly finer fabric filter behind the mesh grid. One last feature that distinguishes the front end is the I/O panel, which is well equipped for the price class. This is located in the upper area and has two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, microphone, headphones and one button each for power and reset.

The fact that Thermaltake has designed the Versa H26 for water cooling or a high airflow can also be seen in the lid. This consists of a single large fan grille covered by a magnetic mesh dust filter. The fan grille has various bores and rails to ensure the mounting of a 360 mm or 280 mm radiator.

The right side part of the Midi Tower is completely closed and has a pull-out aid or knurled screws that remain on the side part after disassembly (“Captive Thumbscrews”). The right side part consists of 4 mm thick tempered glass and is slightly darkened. Four flat knurled screws with a layer of rubber to protect the body from scratches are used to fasten it to the body. In addition, the body has a foam strip at the top and bottom on which the glass pane is stored.

Rear and bottom sections do not offer any big surprises. The case stands on four solid and rubberised plastic feet with a stylish aluminium look. The dust protection for the power supply unit is provided by a fine fabric filter, which can easily be removed to the rear for cleaning. Above the power supply there are seven slots for PCI expansion cards with a mounting mechanism outside the housing and the pre-installed fan with a frame width of 120 mm. Unfortunately, a first negative point stands out here. The PCI slot apertures can only be broken out and are not reusable.

Overall, the general workmanship and value for a case with a price of $59,99 is absolutely fine.

Internal Impression

In the interior Thermaltake follows the current trend. It has a very open design and therefore offers a lot of space for hardware. A power supply cover divides the interior into two chambers. The mainboard and the expansion cards are mounted above the cover. In addition, the mainboard tray has various cutouts for better cable routing and a large cutout for the subsequent installation of CPU coolers with backplate. In addition, a total of eight of these openings were equipped with stylish and practical rubber cuffs.

The Versa H26 TG supports a total of seven drives. In the 5.25″ cage, the buyer can install up to two DVD drives or fan controls in the 5.25″ format. Below the power supply cover there is space for two 3.5″ or two 2.5″ hard drives in the HDD cage. The assembly is carried out in stable and decoupled plastic frames. Three additional 2.5″ SSDs can be screwed directly to the mainboard carriage. Another nice feature of the H26 is that you can easily remove both drive cages if necessary.

As on the outside, the Versa H26 TG is painted completely black on the inside. There are no sharp edges and the paintwork or general workmanship quality is fine for the targeted price range.

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Thermaltake Versa H26 TG Midi Tower (Tempered Glas
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