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Tronsmart Element Mega 40W Bluetooth Speaker Review

Optics and Haptics

The speaker is rectangular with rounded edges. It comes in a “friendly” black, where the name is emblazoned in neutral contrast in the middle. The control panels for the music are kept in the same grey tone as the lettering and are clearly recognizable. The inscriptions on the inputs/outputs, on the other hand, are black and fuse with the housing. Since they are rarely used, this is fine. However, when the box is turned on, the appearance changes. The grey contours light up white, the play pause button flashes blue as long as it is not connected to any device. Optically, this is quite something and helps to hit the right button in dark hours.

In addition to the design, the box also shines in terms of feel. No sharp edges, fine-meshed grid, solid rubber rest. With the exception of the on/off switch, all keys are touch panels and the fingers slide over them. Its shape and size are in good proportion so that it can be easily picked up by hand. However, in terms of weight one notices his over 600g. Not necessarily something for the women’s handbag.

Charge, Connect, Listen to Music

The Tronsmart Element Mega is easy to set up and use: simply attach the supplied USB cable to the box and a power source to charge the battery. After loading, set the slider to On. The loudspeaker takes a few seconds and is ready to go. It automatically transmits a Bluetooth signal and the play pause button flashes blue. Then go to the Bluetooth settings of your smartphone or computer. The speaker is quickly displayed and just as quickly connected with a click. Alternatively, a connection can be established via NFC. Simply hold the smartphone over the N symbol, which is very reminiscent of “Nescafé”. A small tone confirms the connection. And already the music fun can start!


No matter how loud or quiet the smartphone was previously set, when connecting to the Tronsmart Element Mega, the user literally falls off the chair. The volume is “brutal” and the finger lands immediately on the minus key. Sliding the volume on the device is only possible to a limited extent, it is better to regulate it on the smartphone or for the Apple fraction with the AppleWatch, although perhaps not step-free.

Apart from the oversized volume capability, it depends on the sound of the music. The small speaker can play bass very well. Too good though. Medium tones and higher sounds are superimposed. Individual settings as with a surround system are not possible. In addition, the speaker only tolerates “impeccable” music. Those who use music from video platforms will quickly hear a clear difference with the Tronsmart Mega Element. Crackling and rattling, dull tones. Of course, the small device can’t do much for it, but it’s striking how different it is from Bose headphones or the normal playback speakers of an Apple iPhone (in the iPhone 6 test), for example, where the music still sounds acceptable. This could give an indication of possible existing or non-existing codecs, which unfortunately are not mentioned on the manufacturer’s site.

Unique Selling Point TWS

The special feature of the Tronsmart Element Mega is its ability to connect to another identical loudspeaker. Switch on both and press the mode button on both. It is important to know that none of the speakers must already be connected to the smartphone. The boxes connect independently in seconds. When this is done, no more keys flash. Now just pair the right box with the smartphone. Since both are displayed and both are named exactly the same, there is a 50:50 chance of catching the right one. This is noticeable because only one box can be connected.

Otherwise it goes on as already tested. Play music, select the next song from any of the two speakers, or adjust the volume. Everything is executed at the same time. No time delays are noticeable during playback.

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