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Trust GXT 890 Cada Gaming Keyboard Review

Mechanical keyboards are becoming more and more important, especially for people who play on the computer. But not everyone has the big money to afford keyboards for 150 to 250 euros. The Trust GXT 890 Cada not only offers beautiful RGB effects and macros, but is also a fully mechanical keyboard despite the low price of less than 100 euros. Whether she can not only convince on paper, I clarify in this test.

Design and Workmanship

A fully mechanical keyboard for less than 100 Euro? I’m sure you must have saved money on the workmanship. That’s what I thought when I first saw the GXT 890 Cada in front of me. But I was positively surprised. The GXT 890 Cada has a complete metal plate above it, which makes for a pleasant feeling on the desk when gambling or writing. The whole thing not only looks nice, but also feels high-quality and offers a decent weight of 1027 grams.

Under the metal plate hides the actual technique, which is encased in stable plastic. This is not really noticeable, as the metal plate of the keyboard protrudes both at the bottom and at the top of the sides. This protects it from splashing water and makes it easy to lift.

Under the whole technology there are two sturdy legs with non-slip rubber coatings, which make sure that the keyboard doesn’t slip under a high load. The legs are well processed and withstand a great strain. Who would like to do without the legs completely, can fold these also simply. Even when the legs are folded, the GXT 890 Cada offers non-slip rubber linings. When moving the keyboard, you should lift it briefly, otherwise it can be very difficult.

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Trust Cada GXT 890 Mechanische RGB Gaming Tastatur (QWERTZ, deutsches Layout, Multi Color RGB Beleuchtung) price comparison

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