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Powerstation buying tips: What you should look out for!

Powerstations have become very important in the field of modern energy solutions. This is partly due to the numerous possible applications that mobile energy storage units have to offer. Almost everything is now available on the market, from handy mini power stations that even fit in a backpack to large, expandable home storage units for domestic PV systems. However, the large selection can also quickly cause confusion. We want to change that! In our comprehensive guide, we want to give you a few tips on buying a Powerstation and make it clear what to look out for.

Powerstation buying tips: Diesel generator 2.0

If you like, Powerstations are the rebirth of classic diesel generators. The only difference is that you can forget the numerous disadvantages of using the smelly power generators. The mobile energy storage units with their numerous different connections are not only much more flexible to use.

Traditional diesel generators are now a thing of the past

What’s more, they do not use fossil fuels, which makes them much more environmentally friendly. With a suitable solar panel, you can even fill the storage tank of many power stations with 100% CO²-neutral energy. This is not only good for nature, but also for you. After all, operation without a combustion engine is much quieter, cheaper and without smelly exhaust fumes.

Powerstation buying tips: Powerbank in large format

There is a much closer relationship with power banks. You could say that they are the little siblings of power stations. After all, these also rely on integrated rechargeable batteries that are charged using external power. However, while you might be able to charge your smartphone a few times with a conventional power bank, power stations can sometimes be used to power entire households.

In view of the sometimes gigantic difference in battery capacity, the battery size is not specified in milliampere hours (mAh) as with power banks or smartphones. Instead, manufacturers specify it in watt hours (Wh). But there are also differences in performance. Of course, this is also significantly higher for power stations.

Kauftipps Powerstation

You cannot operate any real electrical devices with a power bank. The small storage units are simply too weak for that. The compact storage device cannot provide the right connections anyway. After all, power banks only rely on USB ports. Powerstations, on the other hand, offer USB ports as well as Schuko plugs and other connections.

Powerstation buying tips: Many possible uses

A major advantage of power stations is their flexibility. After all, the mobile energy storage devices can be used in a variety of scenarios. We’ll show you what’s possible.

Outdoor excursion

Whether you’re camping, on a hiking trip or at a music festival – a power station can be used as an ideal mobile power supplier when you’re out and about. First and foremost, this provides a lot of convenience. After all, thanks to the energy storage unit, you don’t have to do without conveniences such as a kettle, hairdryer or even a mini-fridge. If you ever run out of power, you can use a suitable solar panel to provide new, clean energy when the sun is shining. Alternatively, the storage unit can also be charged via a household socket or your car.


It is not without reason that many manufacturers of power stations rely on a robust, durable design. After all, the mobile energy storage units should be able to withstand a lot of punishment. Whether it’s heavy rain, extreme temperatures or falls. Most models can easily withstand such stresses and strains. This is why many home and professional craftsmen use these practical power suppliers.

foxtheon igo 3600 test
Shown here: The Foxtheon iGo 3600 (test)

The whole thing is not only helpful in gardening and landscaping. Here, a power station can easily replace an extension cord if the lawn needs to be mowed or an angle grinder needs to be swung. The energy suppliers are also ideal for unfinished buildings – especially if there is not yet a reliable power supply in or around the house.

Garden party

Whether it’s a barbecue in the garden or a party at the lake. A power station can support you with all kinds of outdoor party ideas. After all, you can use the power supplier to do more than just run a fridge and provide cold drinks. It can also be used to operate an electric barbecue, sound system and appropriate party lighting.

Reliable home storage unit

Many mobile energy storage units also allow their users to use them as a home emergency power supply. In the event of a power outage, you can continue to supply your most important electrical appliances with power. This is a great advantage, especially for refrigerators. After all, this is an effective way of preventing food from spoiling due to insufficient cooling.

Powerstation buying tips: Important parameters

Not all power stations are the same. In fact, there are sometimes huge differences between the various models. We will show you which features are relevant below.

Battery size

The endurance of a power station is directly related to the battery capacity. The more watt hours (Wh) the energy storage unit has to offer, the longer it can supply electronic devices with the necessary power. But more storage does not only have advantages. The higher the capacity, the higher the weight, as a rule. Powerstations with more storage space are not only heavier. On top of that, they are usually significantly larger than their counterparts with comparatively little storage space.

The Bluetti EB3A (test) may not have a large battery, but it is pleasantly compact

Here you simply have to weigh up what is more important to you. Do you want a battery that lasts as long as possible and has plenty of power or would you prefer a handy model that you can easily carry over longer distances? Of course, there are also all-rounders in this area. As a rule, they offer 1,000 to 2,000 Wh and still weigh a tolerable amount. This represents the perfect compromise between endurance and flexibility.

Output power

The larger the battery capacity of a power station, the higher its performance. This is a basic principle that you can remember when buying the right model. How high the wattage of your power station should be depends on the area of application for which you have chosen it. If you only want a compact model that fits in your backpack, you will only want to charge a smartphone and a laptop at most anyway.

Low performance values are sufficient here. If, on the other hand, you are planning to use it to operate power-hungry devices such as a refrigerator or even a Flex, you should have at least 2,000 watts on board. However, a lot of power is also necessary if you want to operate several appliances at the same time. After all, the maximum output power of a power station always represents the sum of all connected consumers.

Input power

In addition to the output power, the input power is of course also of interest. This is about how quickly the battery of the power station can be charged. Older devices with a large battery can take a few hours. However, modern models now often offer a quick-charging function. This means that the battery is already fully charged after one to two hours.

The maximum charging power is usually available at the household socket. This is usually followed by the solar panel (assuming the weather is good) and the least power is available when connected to your car. However, some power stations also allow combined charging, where both the energy from the socket and the solar panel are used together.

Inputs and outputs

When choosing the right power station, the number of inputs and outputs should also play a major role. After all, all that power is useless if you can’t also connect the corresponding consumers. Do you want to take the mobile energy storage unit with you on your travels and use your kettle, toaster, light, fridge and other little helpers? Then make sure there are enough sockets available.

Kauftipps Powerstation
The EcoFlow River 2 Pro offers a reasonable number of connections. (Image: EcoFlow)

USB-A and USB-C ports should also not be in short supply on the power station. After all, these are simply the most practical if you just want to supply your smartphone or notebook with new energy. A Qi charging surface, which some models now have, is also extremely practical. Here you can simply place your smartphone on the power station and it is immediately supplied with energy.

The inputs are also important. After all, they are the prerequisite for the power station to have a full battery in the first place. Three different charging options have now become established. Almost every power station has an AC input for charging via the socket, a solar connection for charging via a PV panel and a car connection that can be used to charge the power station with your car.

More longevity with modern battery cells

Just a few years ago, most power stations came with a classic lithium-ion battery. But now only the inexpensive models rely on this now outdated battery technology. Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) are now much more popular. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, they offer significantly more safety during use.

Kauftipps Powerstation
LFP batteries are currently on everyone’s lips

The risk of fire and explosion is significantly lower with this type of battery than with comparable lithium-ion batteries. But that’s not all. On top of that, the new battery cells can withstand charging processes much better. For you as a user, this means a longer service life. A good power station should now be able to withstand over 3,000 charging cycles.

Further features

There are other features that some power stations have to offer. Ease of use plays a particularly important role here. Firstly, there is a suitable rolling or carrying aid. With the help of a handle, you can easily carry the mobile energy storage unit from A to B. If it can also be folded away, the power station won’t take up too much space in the trunk. Larger power stations, on the other hand, would not be easy to move even with a carrying handle.

Kauftipps Powerstation
With its practical pull handle, the FOSSiBOT F3600 (test) can be transported like a wheeled suitcase

Some manufacturers have taken the principle of wheeled suitcases as a model and simply placed wheels on the underside. Now the Powerstation can be easily rolled to the desired location. What a power station should not be without these days is an easily recognizable display. This shows the most important parameters for the energy storage unit. In particular, you can see the remaining capacity of the battery or the input and output power at a glance.

If you prefer remote control and want to view the most important data remotely from the power station, app support is also important. More and more manufacturers are now offering corresponding software for their power stations. While some “only” rely on a connection via Bluetooth, some even offer integration into the home network. This ensures that you can keep an eye on the most important data anytime and anywhere.

Conclusion: Powerstation buying tips are important

Before you rush out and buy just any power station, you should clarify in advance what is important to you. Where should the energy storage unit be used? How much battery storage should it offer? And how portable should it be? In our best list, we have selected what we think are the best 2024 power stations in different size categories.

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Powerstations have become very important in the field of modern energy solutions. This is partly due to the numerous possible applications that mobile energy storage units have to offer. Almost everything is now available on the market, from handy mini power stations that even fit in a backpack to large, expandable home storage units for domestic PV systems. However, the large selection can also quickly cause confusion. We want to change that! In our comprehensive guide, we want to give you a few tips on buying a Powerstation and make it clear what to look out for. Do you know … (Weiterlesen...)

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