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Text Tinder Match: Tips & Tricks

Tinder is a popular place to meet people. Whether it’s a great love affair, a friendship, or a hot flirt, you’re bound to want to score points with your counterpart. And with the flood of competition, this is not so easy. In order to be noticed, you have to stand out from the others and dig deep into your bag of tricks. But basically, it’s not as hard as you think to attract the attention of a potential date. With the following tips and tricks, you won’t have to be overwhelmed in the future when you have a match and can look forward to exciting conversations and a flirt or two. So: on the keys, ready, go! Here are tips and tricks on how to text a Tinder match.

Maybe you’re wondering after your Tinder match, how does texting on the platform really work? Here are some tips for the first message.

  • stay yourself
  • Don’t use crude pickup lines
  • show interest
  • pique interest
  • not be too pushy
  • Take a close look at the profile
  • stay relaxed
  • ask questions

Staying true to yourself

Even before we devote ourselves to concrete tips for Tinder match anschreiben, we first take care of basic things. Many people pretend when they meet a new person. They usually do not even consciously, but unconsciously. Only later do they realize that they are actually playing a role. In all conversations, whether online or offline, it is important that you remain completely yourself. This means that you should not pretend to impress someone else.

This fake would be noticed sooner or later and only ensures that your match gets a wrong impression of you. Besides, it’s quite exhausting to play a role all the time. After all, you want your Tinder match to fall in love with you. Over time, you’ll get more practice at “being yourself” and eventually it won’t be hard for you. So when you want to text a match on Tinder, think of it as texting a good friend.

Tinder match texting as a man

Often, women let the men go first and wait for a message from the gentlemen. The traditional role distribution is still anchored in the minds of some women and that’s why many women let the men go first. But what is the best way to write to women and what should be avoided on the platform? Clumsy pickup lines may bring a smile to your face at the disco, but on Tinder they usually don’t have the effect you’d want them to have. So if you’re looking to chat up a woman on Tinder, steer clear of the classic pickup lines and come up with something creative instead.

Maybe you could ask the woman of your dreams a question that’s a little deep, but still doesn’t demand too much from the other person. This way you create a basis for conversation that you can build on later. At this point you might be asking yourself: is a classic hello enough? In principle, there’s nothing wrong with a classic hello as a greeting. But if you want to pique her interest and give her a reason to write back, add a question to the hello.

Tinder match texting as a woman

It often takes a lot of effort to write to a Tinder match, especially if you want to attract attention in the process. But what option do you have as a woman to score with the match? Again, you’ll be most successful if you just stay yourself. One possibility is to introduce yourself briefly in a short text. This way, your counterpart knows exactly who she or he is dealing with and can tie in with your text. This creates inspiring conversations and often leads from the hundredth to the thousandth. The question does not necessarily have to be profound, if you do not want to reveal so much about yourself at the beginning, the question about the favorite food or the last vacation spot is completely sufficient.

You can also make a compliment if you want to write to your match on Tinder, for example, about his hairstyle or his eyes. However, you should formulate this compliment as honestly as possible, not that it comes across as a platitude. If you want to go directly on the offensive, you can also ask your chat partner specifically for a meeting. This is especially recommended if you don’t care much about writing and want to get a realistic impression right away.

Take a close look at the Tinder profile

The Tinder profile often provides a lot of information that serves as a basis for conversation. Therefore, take a close look at the photos of your future chat partner if you want to properly chat up your Tinder match. You may be able to tell where he or she likes to spend vacations, what they do in their free time, or if your counterpart has pets. Many also post their nickname on social media, giving you an additional way to find out more about that person. You can then use this information when you want to text your Tinder match. Your chat partner will notice that you’ve put some thought into it and are genuinely interested in them. So, the likelihood of you getting an answer to your question and getting the conversation going increases. Plus, you can always come back to it if you run out of things to talk about.

Making the other person curious

Curiosity keeps conversations going and is a good basis, for a common communication. For example, if you have an unusual hobby, you can hint at it on your profile and draw your conversation partner out. You can also let your match guess what it could be, for example. For example, if you’ve uploaded a picture of a vacation spot, your match can guess where it was taken. This way, you can easily start a conversation and communicate with each other in a relaxed way.

Don’t get too pushy

If you want to make your counterpart curious in the dating app, it also involves not revealing too much about yourself right away. Also, refrain from bombarding your match with messages by the minute if he or she hasn’t found time to reply yet. This makes you seem annoying and like you need to write to someone. Instead, wait until you get an answer and don’t be disappointed if it takes a while. You can use the time in the meantime to think of new topics of conversation.

Can you message someone on Tinder without a match?

When you use Tinder for free, you don’t have the option to message someone without a match. So you have to wait for the person to give you a Like as well before you can communicate. However, there is a premium or platinum subscription that allows you to message someone without a match. Thanks to this feature, you have the possibility to attach a message to your Super Like, which will then reach the person. This gives you the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and score points with the other person. In addition to this feature, the Premium feature offers many other useful functions that help you chat and connect.

However, even without an upgrade, Tinder is a place where you can meet great acquaintances and maybe even find the love of your life. You may be wondering if there is a cost to sign up for a Tinder match. If you use the basic version of Tinder, it costs you absolutely nothing to send a message to someone. However, you have to put up with a little bit of advertising that keeps appearing. But you can simply wipe them away, just like you do with the people who don’t match your ideal. However, if you want to use advanced features, you will have to pay a little bit of money.

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Tinder is a popular place to meet people. Whether it’s a great love affair, a friendship, or a hot flirt, you’re bound to want to score points with your counterpart. And with the flood of competition, this is not so easy. In order to be noticed, you have to stand out from the others and … (Weiterlesen...)

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