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U.S. Netflix: CyberGhost Makes It Possible

Netflix has also been available in Germany for some time. However, many users still want US access. With such an access not only the access to new series is possible much faster, but also the overall offer is much broader. Unfortunately, registration with US-Netflix can only take place during a stay in the USA. So no chance? Thanks to CyberGhost it is still possible! We show you how it works.

US-Netflix thanks to CyberGhost

Anyone who wants to gain access to the US Netflix despite staying in Germany must pretend to be in the USA. This requires VPN access, which CyberGhost offers, among other things. If Netflix assumes that the interested party is in the United States, registration for the streaming offer there is free.

In the following we will show you in a simple step-by-step guide how you have to proceed in order to gain access via CyberGhost.

Step 1: Download CyberGhost and create an account

First, a visit to the website of CyberGhost is required. The VPN program can be downloaded here without prior registration. Only the input of payment data is necessary. Since payment can also be made by Bitcoin, anonymity can still be preserved. A user name, a password and a recovery code are also required to create an account. These are specified as part of the anonymous login process. CyberGhost offers various payment plans. If a multi-year subscription is taken out, only 2.50 euros per month are payable. The shorter the term, the higher the price. However, CyberGhost is unbeatable for medium and long term subscriptions.

Step 2: Select simulated location

Once the CyberGhost account has been set up, you can get started. Numerous server locations are displayed in the menu, from which the user can freely choose. To benefit from the US-Netflix, a server in the USA should be selected as the simulated location. Once the simulated country has been selected, nothing stands in the way of your US-Netflix access.

Step 3: Log in to Netflix

After selecting the server, you can access the Internet via the VPN access in the CyberGhost application. Now open the Netflix page and log in. Then you have an account with US-Netflix and can access the entire offer.

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