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Which headset mount is right for me?

Headset mounts are a dime a dozen. We asked ourselves, which mounts are available and which can be bought without hesitation? We tested a total of 5 holders. Three of them are stands that can be placed on the table and two holders that are mounted or glued directly to the tabletop. The tested headset holders range in price between 7 and 30 euros.

Headset Stand

The curved one made of wood

Let’s start with the most expensive among the tested stands. A wooden veneer bent to shape from birch wood, which roughly reflects a head shape. Two round timbers, also made of birch wood, form the stand feet. The brand name “SAMDI” is engraved on one of the feet. We find this engraving to be a nice contrast to the rest of the wooden look. The headset stand comes in a slightly larger package and is wrapped in plastic.

The overall workmanship is very good, so we couldn’t find any complaints. If you are looking for a noble headset stand with a wooden look, you can buy it here without hesitation. The wooden stand is also available in the colors or decors walnut, as well as black and white glazed wood. You can find the curved wooden stand HERE*.

The down-to-earth aluminum

This model surprised us a lot on the part of the workmanship. For around 13 euros, you get a very sturdy stand made of aluminum, with a relatively large base plate. It comes in three individual parts, which must be screwed together. Matching screws and assembly instructions are also included.

All parts are made of aluminum and the workmanship left no reason for complaint. The bottom plate is equipped with four rubber tracks underneath, so that the stand is gentle to the tabletop and does not slip. On the upper side, a synthetic leather band was incorporated, which serves to protect the inside of the stand. All in all, you can also access here without hesitation and gets a great workmanship headset stand in noble optics. This headset stand is available HERE*.

The Elastic Plastic

The top of this headset stand is made of a plastic that bends easily. So if you pack your headset in this holder, the plastic part adapts to the temple shape of the headset. This prevents pressure points on the padding material. A good solution in our opinion. However, the rest of the stand did not convince us very much. The workmanship is okay, but not outstanding. The column is made of rather thin aluminum and already makes a less valuable impression when touching it. Problematic for us, however, was that the base is made of plastic and unfortunately it had warped a bit. The stand was not level with the tabletop and wobbled a bit. To fix this problem, we glued four “rubber studs” underneath and the problem was solved.

We can’t talk about the base warping on all copies of this model, because of course we tested only one. We can only give a conditional recommendation for this model due to the aforementioned problem. On the positive side, the inexpensive price of around 8 Euros and the quick problem solving of the aforementioned conspicuousness is a plus. The plastic stand is available HERE*.

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