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WiFi 6: Is the new WLAN standard worthwhile?

WLAN Repeater with WiFi 6

Although the WLAN router is the heart of a wireless network, in a large household it too can reach its limits. A WLAN repeater is then practical. It captures the WLAN signal and plays it back again to increase the range. If you want to have WiFi 6 in the entire household, the repeater also needs to be compatible. Netgear has launched the Nighthawk EAX80 WLAN repeater, which not only supports WiFi 6, but is also very powerful in other respects. Thanks to the repeater’s support, the network’s range is expected to be extended by up to 175 m².

Mesh systems with WiFi 6

With the help of mesh systems you can expand your network with some practical features. They offer different access points within a network. When accessing the network, the end device is assigned the mesh that provides the best signal. Mesh systems can also have a practical use in the smart home area. In the WiFi 6 area, TP-Link is considered a pioneer when it comes to mesh systems. With the models Deco X20 and Deco X60 the manufacturer has two different systems in its range.

The suitable PC with WiFi 6

While many routers with WiFi 6 support can now be found, the search for PCs has been long. Microsoft (Surface Laptop 3), Dell (XPS 13 2-in-1) and Asus (ZenBook Pro Duo) are among the few manufacturers with suitable end devices. However, there are also ways and means to make your current PC fit for WiFi 6. With some experience as a PC hobbyist, you can upgrade your device with modules like the Killer Wi-Fi 6 AX1650 module or with the Intel AX200NGW.

Surface Laptop 3

Smartphones with WiFi 6

In the field of smartphones, there are already many devices that support the new standard. Especially among the flagship devices, the manufacturers rely on the support of WiFi 6. Apple offers complete support of the connection standard in its iPhone 11 family. Samsung has offered support for WiFi 6 since its Galaxy S10 series.

There is still a long way to go for WiFi 6

So far, the new standard is only worthwhile for those who operate a large number of devices in their households. So if you already notice that the network is regularly overloaded, you should perhaps consider an upgrade. But with increasing smart home and other WLAN devices, everyone will feel the same at some point. So sooner or later everyone will need to upgrade to WiFi 6. However, some of the first WiFi 6 devices are still having problems. This is perfectly normal when a new standard comes out. So far, WiFi 6 is only a small gadget for big technology fans. However, this will change over time. In order to save money and to enjoy a stable and reliable functioning of the standard, it is worth waiting a little longer.

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The reliability of Wireless Lan (WLAN) is becoming increasingly important. This is mainly due to the fact that more and more devices are WLAN-capable. With the new WLAN standard WiFi 6, many users now expect more stability and speed of the wireless connection. It is said to have eliminated some of its predecessor’s annoying teething troubles. So is it worth switching to WiFi 6? And which devices actually support the new standard? We would like to take a closer look at this in our tutorial.
WiFi 6: The new high-speed WLAN
In 2019 WiFi 6 was presented to the world public for the first time. The outcry and the joy were great. After all, everyone is happy about fast and reliable Internet. In the course of CES 2019, the first devices that work with the new standard were also shown directly. Especially the current corona crisis shows the importance of a well functioning WLAN. Besides working in the home office, resource-hungry streams and video chats also require stable Internet...

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