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Wolves in Winter – Life is Strange 2: Episode 2 Rules Reviewed


Rules continues the adventure very successfully. The plot is a bit decelerated, calmer and focuses more on dialogues and characters. Nevertheless, emotional moments are not missing. The two wolf brothers still have a long way to go, which unfortunately leads them further and further away from any chance of a normal life. The story remains exciting and the events of this episode will surely shape the further journey.

A Thoughtful Moment

Rules offers about three to four hours playing time, depending on how much you explore. When the adventure will continue with the third episode is not yet known. Contrary to the first episode you can’t buy Rules single at the moment, but only in bundle with episodes 2 to 5 for about 32 Euro. Available is Life is Strange 2* for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

+ emotional story, slightly calmer than in the first episode
+ new locations, much to discover
+ Optional find and collector mode
+ Decisions have consequences
– hardly any innovations compared to previous titles, but refined
– many dialogs, therefore less “active” gameplay, compared to first episode
+ relaxed, quiet play – hardly demanding
Control System
+ Controller support for PC – Camera control occasionally annoying
Graphics & Sound
+ Fantastic soundtrack
+ Atmospheric graphic

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