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It’s good that you found us. On behalf of the whole Basic Tutorials team we welcome you. On this About Us page you will learn what Basic Tutorials is and what you will find here. And this is the first thing we will start with:

What is Basic Tutorials?

On November 17, 2012 Simon Lüthje and Lukas Heinrichs founded Basic Tutorials together. As the name suggests, we publish tutorials in the fields of technology, internet, gaming, etc. But you won’t find only tutorials, because besides this topic you will find much more. Actually everything imaginable about these core topics. So we also offer news and test reports. The range of topics is almost inexhaustible, so if you’re looking for an independent blog for gaming, technology and the internet, you’ve come to the right place.


Most of our test equipment is provided by the respective manufacturer. The test reports are written by our independent editors, who try to include objective evaluation criteria in addition to their subjective opinion. Our tests reflect the honest opinion of the editor who tested the product.

If we are paid for an article, it is already titled in the title as advertising. So you know immediately whether the article was created independently.

Even if we are invited to events, we do not necessarily report positively about the company in question. Since every editor has a subjective opinion, it can of course differ from yours. We would then be happy about a lively discussion with you.

Partner & Advertise

Basic Tutorials not only continues to work with other blogs and forums, but we are also partly supported by named companies. For example with test devices or we are provided with products for raffle.

You work for an advertising agency, a manufacturer or you want to advertise for your own homepage? No problem, because we offer various perfectly tailored advertising possibilities. Just contact us under simon.luethje@basic-tutorials.de.

Our team

Our team takes care of writing or streaming new articles for you every day. Because just like a newspaper without journalists, a blog without bloggers nothing works. Our team introduces itself in the following lines:

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