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Backforce V test: New reference gaming chair in the 400 euro segment

With the Backforce V, unveiled just a few days ago, the German manufacturer poaches in the highly competitive segment of gaming chairs at a price of around 400 euros. As we noted in our big gaming chair comparison test, the selection of high-quality chairs in this segment turns out to be particularly diverse. However, with its extensive features such as a synchro mechanism, lumbar support, complete manufacturing in Germany and much more, the latest chair from Interstuhl marks the new reference, as our Backforce V test proves.

Technical specifications

  • Colors: red, green, blue, black-white-red, purple, red-gold, blue-red, black-white and more
  • Material: Fabric
Maximum body weight 130 kg
Maximum body height 1.92 m
Materials Frame and base in plastic and aluminum, cover with recycled PET fabric
Total height with base 127 cm to 139 cm
Height of seat with base 45 cm to 57 cm
Height backrest 82 cm
Width backrest inside 27 cm
Width backrest outside (widest point) 59 cm
Depth of the seat 47 cm
Width of the seat 48 cm
Total depth (without base) 60 cm
Wide armrests 9 cm
Deep armrests 25 cm
Height of the armrests from the seat 14 cm to 20 cm
Price (MSRP) € 399.00 *
€ 399.00
Buy now* Backforce

Features of the Backforce V: A gaming chair for everyone

With the new Backforce V, the manufacturer has made it its mission to create a gaming chair for all. The “V” is pronounced like “We” and indicates that a comfortable chair for everyone has been created.

The manufacturer’s previous models, namely the Backforce One (our review) and the One Plus (our review) undoubtedly play in the top league of premium gaming chairs. However, the manufacturer itself realizes that they are not affordable for everyone.

Exactly this point is addressed with the new Backforce V, which is positioned significantly below the One with a price of 399 Euros. That may still not be “cheap” in view of the overall market situation, but you get a quality and thus a price-performance ratio that no other manufacturer offers in our eyes.

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Quality Made in Germany – and also sustainable

Because the V, like all models from Backforce, is manufactured entirely in Germany. By a traditional family business in Baden-Württemberg, which as Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH und Co KG already looks back on a past of over 60 years.

But there are many more factors that go into the development of the Backforce V. Because the gaming chair is produced sustainably and is particularly environmentally friendly, because, for example, the fabric is also based on recycled materials.

Without going into too much detail now, the development of the V was obviously a tightrope act. In the end, the manufacturer reduced the know-how of the Backforce One and One Plus to the essentials without compromising on quality.

Positive: As a user, you won’t even notice a large part of the cost reduction. Because the head section is now delivered separately and disassembled, the Backforce V can be shipped as a normal package instead of by freight forwarding. Which already saves a lot of money on shipping costs.

Backforce V

The only other changes worth mentioning concern, for example, the base, which is now made of plastic (instead of aluminum), while the armrests are available as a 1D variant instead of fold-away 2D armrests, as in the case of the Backforce One. Depending on the model, 2D armrests are also available ex-factory for an additional charge.

However, you can easily buy these on request, just like the 5D armrests of the One Plus and all other accessories. In return, the Backforce V, like all of the manufacturer’s models, comes with a 10-year warranty, which is still unique on the gaming chair market. But now we get down to the nitty gritty.

Backforce V review: assembly is quick

As always, buying a gaming chair naturally starts with the assembly. The Backforce V is no different. When you open the box, you are first greeted by the detailed assembly instructions, thanks to which even non-professionals can assemble the gaming chair in just a few steps. Everything you need is also included in the package.

First, you need to connect the seat to the backrest using four screws, and then attach the armrests to it, also using four screws. Now you just need to attach the base, as well as insert the headrest and fasten it with two screws. The V is ready for use. Longer than 15 minutes, this should probably not take anyone.

Design and workmanship

  • Ergonomic design in V-shape
  • Cover made of recycled PET fabric

At first glance of the finished Backforce V, some differences compared to the One are initially noticeable. For example, the backrest converges more narrowly in the lower section and, fittingly, forms a V-shape.

Of course, this also had an impact on the lower price, since less material is used here. But, just to be clear, without sacrificing seating comfort.

The new design makes the Backforce V look immensely more futuristic, which is also evident in the different color schemes. In our case, the gaming chair comes with a blue fabric cover (which, by the way, is made of recycled PET fabric) along with red accentuated details – a really chic color combination, in my opinion.

In the upper area as well as on both sides of the seat, the V comes up with a chic honeycomb pattern, which further emphasizes the futuristic look. However, the new Backforce model does not look like a typical gaming chair with a racing look, which I personally like very much.

Backforce V
With the honeycomb pattern elements, the Backforce V has a futuristic look

The back or plastic back shell is dominated by a dark, glossy shade of gray, while a total of seven red contrasting arches extend almost across the entire width of the chair here. The armrests are also in dark gray or black.

With a width of 9 cm and a depth of 25 cm, they offer more than enough space for your forearms. A round knob on the outside allows you to adjust the height of the armrests so that they are held in position 14 cm to a maximum of 20 cm above the seat. With the lower button you can also fold the armrests backwards on our model.

Foot base, casters and finish

  • Plastic base, but still sturdy
  • 65-mm casters with good gliding properties
  • Personalizable patches

The total of five casters find support on the base cross, which – as already mentioned – is now made of plastic. Nevertheless, it seems significantly more robust than I had initially feared. That’s not a big deal anyway, since most gaming chairs rely on plastic here.

Even though the 65 mm casters have suffered one or two scratches during transport, their gliding properties are on a good level. No wonder, since they are the same casters that are used in the Backforce One.

The Backforce V has also inherited the removable patches on the top, which are held in place by Velcro. You can even order personalized inscriptions here if you wish.

However, the Gamer Pulse LED illumination on the back, which is known from the other models, is conspicuous by its absence. The V only has a plastic cover, but you can easily upgrade the round panel. In any case, the low-priced model is compatible with all accessories from Backforce, which allows you to further optimize the features if desired.

Backforce V
You can even have the patches personalized if you wish.

In general, I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality. At least subjectively, it is almost on par with the Backforce One. Even where aluminum has been replaced by cheaper plastic, the V is impeccably manufactured and looks absolutely high-quality.

Backforce V workmanship
Despite a few material savings, the workmanship is impressive.

The Backforce V’s seating comfort and ergonomics

  • Excellent seating comfort
  • Good relief of the lumbar spine
  • First-class synchronous mechanism

So it looks good already, but how comfortable is the Backforce V anyway? The short answer: very good. But let’s get into the details first. The manufacturer’s new gaming chair can support a weight of up to 130 kg and, according to the manufacturer, is designed for a body height between 151 cm and 192 cm. Depending on the setting, the chair has a total height of 127 cm to a maximum of 139 cm.

82 cm of this is measured by the backrest alone, which thus offers a very large support surface for the back. This puts the V at about eye level with the Corsair TC200, which we were also recently allowed to test. Because of the V shape, the width of the backrest naturally varies. While you have 59 cm at the top, the widest point, it’s only 27 cm at the narrowest point (bottom).

Backforce V Seat Comfort

Interestingly, though, this isn’t as narrow as it appears, at least from the pictures. Even the already mentioned TC200 only comes to 27 cm (inside) and even only 50 cm outside. In fact, I quite like the ergonomic shape of the backrest, as it relieves the spine.

The fixed lumbar support seems to be the same one that is used in the Backforce One. I certainly didn’t miss an adjustable cushion. The lumbar spine is also satisfactorily relieved here, which additionally benefits the seating comfort. Very pleasant, although not manually adjustable in the case of the V.

Backforce V
The lumbar support to relieve the lumbar spine is firmly integrated into the gaming chair.

The installed synchronous mechanism also knows how to please. It’s more ergonomic than the usual rocking mechanism of many other gaming chairs, because the seat hardly moves with you when you move the backrest backwards. This ensures that the chair delivers the optimal counterpressure to your weight on the back, which also relieves the back. Very comfortable. This is also not adjustable on the V, but it automatically adjusts to the user’s weight. So especially if more than one person is using the chair, this may be even more convenient than the adjustable version.

Seat surface, armrests and lumbar support

  • Slightly narrower seat width at 48 cm
  • Very good adjustment options for seat height and armrests
  • Upholstery with two different degrees of hardness

The seat comes to a depth of 47 cm, which is slightly shorter than its Corsair counterpart, but the two centimeters do not make a noticeable difference. The width of 48 cm is okay. However, the Backforce V might only be suitable for wider people to a limited extent – after all, the One reaches 53 cm here and thus offers noticeably more space.

Backforce V
With a width of 48 cm, the seat is a bit tight.

For added comfort, you can also adjust the height of the V by 12 centimeters (between 45 cm and 57 cm). Not a top value, but absolutely sufficient. I also like the soft and comparatively large armrests, which can be individually adjusted in height by up to six centimeters according to the seat height.

Except for the shape, they are similar to those of the Backforce One and are made of pleasantly soft plastic. However, they could be adjusted a few centimeters higher for our taste.

Backforce V
Only 1D armrests are offered. Fold-away 2D variants (as seen here) are available for a small surcharge.

In our model, the armrests can also be folded away to the back, which is quite practical when you sit cross-legged or in other exotic shapes on the gaming chair. However, the 2D armrests cost an additional 30 Euros (429 Euros); the Backforce V is only equipped with 1D armrests as standard.

In general, the Backforce V is very comfortable to sit on, even in the long term. The upholstery, especially that of the seat, including two different degrees of firmness on the inside and towards the edge, offers just the right balance and is neither too soft nor too hard.

Backforce V review: conclusion

The fact that the new gaming chair Backforce V also hits the mark in the test is no longer a surprise for the now third model. The new entry-level model doesn’t have to hide behind its bigger siblings in terms of excellent seating comfort and strong customizability.

The compromises that you have to accept compared to the Backforce One, for example, are absolutely limited. The fact that the base is not made of aluminum, but only of plastic, makes virtually no difference in practice. In addition, you’ll always have the comforting feeling that – if something does break – you’re always on the safe side thanks to the 10-year warranty.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the V-shaped backrest. When I first heard about it, I assumed that the seat comfort would suffer due to the narrower width in the lower area, but I found that this was not the case.

On the other hand, it is a bit of a shame that the width of the seat has been reduced somewhat. Therefore, the V might only be suitable for wide-built people to a limited extent, which you should keep in mind when making a purchase.

In terms of design and seating comfort, the Backforce V is definitely on par with the One, but offers a more attractive price-performance ratio, while you only have to make minimal compromises in terms of workmanship and features. Clear buy recommendation in the price segment around 400 Euros.

Backforce V Test: Gold Award

Backforce V

Design and workmanship
Value for money


A refined, modern design, outstanding seating comfort and powerful features such as a synchronized mechanism make the new Backforce V the price-performance winner in the 400-euro segment.

Backforce V price comparison

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