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Backforce V test: New reference gaming chair in the 400 euro segment

Since its launch, the Backforce V has established itself as a strong contender in the highly competitive gaming chair segment. With a price of under €400, it represents an impressive combination of quality and performance. In our comprehensive comparison test of gaming chairs, we found that the Backforce V stands out despite the diverse selection of high-quality chairs in this price range. Its extensive features, including synchronized mechanism, lumbar support and complete manufacturing in Germany make it an outstanding choice, as our Backforce V test proves.

Technical data

  • Colors: red, green, blue, black-white-red, purple, red-gold, blue-red, black-white and more
  • Material: fabric
Maximum body weight 130 kg
Maximum height 1.92 m
Materials Frame and base made of plastic and aluminum, cover with recycled PET fabric
Total height with base 127 cm to 139 cm
Height of seat with base 45 cm to 57 cm
Height of backrest 82 cm
Width of backrest inside 27 cm
Outer backrest width (widest point) 59 cm
Depth of the seat 47 cm
Width of the seat 48 cm
Total depth (without base) 60 cm
Wide armrests 9 cm
Depth of armrests 25 cm
Height of the armrests from the seat 14 cm to 20 cm
Price (RRP) € 399.00 *
€ 399.00
Buy now* Backforce

Backforce V: The gaming chair that says ‘we’

The Backforce V is more than just another product in the gaming chair segment; it is a vision of the manufacturer to create a chair that suits every gamer. The name ‘V’, pronounced like the English word ‘We’, embodies this approach: it’s about providing a universally comfortable and accessible chair. The Backforce V is therefore not just a seat, but a symbol of inclusivity and versatility in gaming.

The Backforce One Plus is the brand’s flagship – a true frontrunner among premium gaming chairs. The Backforce One, its little brother so to speak, offers a little less, but is also a little cheaper. The manufacturer itself recognizes that the two models are not necessarily affordable for everyone.

And this is precisely why there is the Backforce V and the latest addition, the V Plus. The V, priced at around 399 euros, is a great choice for anyone looking for quality at a reasonable price. The V Plus, which is available for 499 euros, goes one better – more features, more everything. Both models prove that Backforce knows how to offer great gaming chairs at fair prices without you having to spend a fortune.

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Quality made in Germany – and sustainable too

Quality you can see and feel – and Made in Germany. The Backforce V, just like its predecessor models, comes directly from the experienced hands of a traditional family business from Baden-Württemberg. Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co KG, the name behind these chairs, brings more than 60 years of experience to the production of every single gaming chair.

But the Backforce V is not only a product of many years of craftsmanship, it is also a symbol of sustainability. With a production that emphasizes environmental protection and uses materials such as recycled fabric, this chair sets new standards in terms of ecological responsibility.

The trick is in the detail: When developing the V, the manufacturer took the tried-and-tested concept of the One and One Plus and focused on the essentials without compromising on quality. The result? In our opinion: A chair that not only supports your back with its ergonomic shape, but is also easy on your wallet. This is because the clever design, which allows the headrest to be delivered separately and disassembled, reduces shipping costs – a small but significant point that makes a big difference overall.

Compromising compared to the previous models

A look at the details of the Backforce V reveals a few adjustments that distinguish the chair from its predecessors. For example, the base is now made of robust plastic instead of aluminum. The armrests come as a simple 1D version as standard, instead of the fold-away 2D armrests familiar from the Backforce One. But don’t worry: for those who like it a little more sophisticated, there is the option of choosing 2D armrests straight from the factory – for a small surcharge, of course.

Backforce V

The beauty of the Backforce V is its flexibility. You can retrofit it with the high-quality 5D armrests from the One Plus or other accessories. And the best thing about it? No matter how you configure your chair, Backforce stands behind every model with an impressive 10-year warranty. This warranty is a real statement and unique in the gaming chair market to date. But enough of the facts – let’s see what the V is really capable of.

Backforce V: Assembly completed in around 15 minutes

A major advantage of the Backforce V is its uncomplicated assembly. Thanks to the well thought-out design and clear instructions included in the package, the chair is quick and easy to assemble. Even for those who do not regularly assemble furniture, the process does not present any major challenges. With just a few screws, the chair can be fully assembled in around 15 minutes.

First, the seat and backrest are connected with four screws. This is followed by the assembly of the armrests, which are also attached to the seat with four screws. The base is simply attached and finally the headrest is fixed in place with two more screws. The entire assembly process is designed to be quick and easy, making the Backforce V particularly user-friendly.

Material quality and workmanship – really, what’s the Backforce V good for?

In terms of design, the chair scores with its cool look. It fits into both the gaming setup and the home office without looking out of place. We put the Backforce V through its paces, and it really surprised us in terms of material quality.

Let’s start with the upholstery of the gaming chair. This is a real highlight. It is made from recycled PET fabric and features a cool honeycomb pattern. Plus, the entire chair is TÜV GS-tested and free of harmful substances. So it’s not only good for you, but also for the planet.

The workmanship itself: The seams on the Backforce V are top notch. Not a thread is out of place, everything is bombproof. We have used the chair intensively and everything is holding up really well.

Backforce V
With the honeycomb pattern elements, the Backforce V has a futuristic look

In short, the Backforce V really impressed us in terms of materials and workmanship. If you are looking for a solid chair that not only looks good, but is also durable and environmentally friendly, then the Backforce V is definitely worth a look.

A look at the base and castors

The Backforce V surprises with details that you wouldn’t expect from a gaming chair in this price range. The plastic base? More robust than you might think, and the zig-zag design enhances stability. It holds up without any problems.

The 65 mm castors, incidentally the same as on the Backforce One, glide smoothly and quietly over all floor coverings. Whether on carpet or hard floor, the performance remains consistently good – a small detail that makes a big difference.

The overall build quality? Almost on a par with the Backforce One. The plastic doesn’t look cheap anywhere, everything is clean and solidly put together. And you can even upgrade it with extras from the Backforce accessories.

Material and workmanship of the Backforce V at a glance

  • stable and robust
  • Environmentally friendly cover made from recycled material with honeycomb pattern
  • TÜV GS-tested for freedom from harmful substances and environmental compatibility
  • Durable seams
  • Foot cross made of robust plastic with zig-zag design
  • 65 mm castors with smooth and quiet gliding properties on various floor coverings
  • High build quality, comparable to the more expensive Backforce One
  • compatible with Backforce One accessories
Backforce V processing
Despite a few material savings, the workmanship is impressive

Ergonomics and comfort of the Backforce V

The Backforce V not only attracts attention with its looks, but also scores highly in terms of comfort. Let’s take a look at the backrest first: With a height of 82 cm, it is not only generously dimensioned, but also offers noticeable relief for the spine thanks to its ergonomic design with a core made of molded wood. A legitimate question is whether the characteristic V-shape of the backrest impairs comfort. Surprisingly, it does not. Despite the taper in the lower section, the shape does not restrict support. On the contrary, it even seems to promote a more natural posture and adapts well to different body sizes.

Backforce V seating comfort

This design shows that the Backforce V was developed with both aesthetics and ergonomic functionality in mind. The name “Backforce” says it all: the backrest actively supports the strength of the back and thus forms the heart of the chair, perfect for intensive gaming sessions or long working days.

Integrated lumbar support and synchronous mechanism

The lumbar support of the Backforce V, which already impressed in the Backforce One, is a central element. This permanently integrated support is a real game changer in terms of sitting comfort. It gently surrounds the lumbar spine and provides just the right amount of support to prevent fatigue and discomfort. Even without manual adjustment, it adapts amazingly well to different body shapes, ensuring a natural and healthy sitting posture.

Backforce V
The lumbar support to relieve the lumbar spine is firmly integrated into the gaming chair

One of the biggest highlights of the Backforce V is its synchronized mechanism. This clearly stands out from the classic rocking mechanisms found on many gaming chairs in this price range. Instead of the entire seat moving when you lean back, the synchronized mechanism keeps it almost fixed, while the backrest remains flexible. The result? The chair provides the optimum counter-pressure to support the back without forcing the user into an unnatural posture. This adaptability provides balanced support for the back and automatically adjusts to the user’s weight. This means that everyone who uses the chair benefits from customized seating comfort.

Seat surface, armrests and adjustment options

With a width of 48 cm, the seat of the Backforce V is comfortably designed. Although it may be slightly too small for people with a wider build, it offers sufficient space for most users. Thanks to the gaming chair’s height adjustability of up to 12 cm, it is easy to find the optimum seat height for different body sizes, which contributes to the ergonomics of the chair. A special feature of the seat is its innovative dual-zone upholstery: different degrees of firmness in the central seat area and at the edges ensure a balanced sitting experience – supportive and comfortable at the same time, without being too soft or too hard. This sophisticated upholstery contributes significantly to the overall comfort.

Backforce V
With a width of 48 cm, the seat is somewhat narrow

The Backforce V comes with 1D armrests as standard, which provide basic comfort and are also fully compatible with the manufacturer’s upgrade kits. You have the choice of upgrading the armrests with additional padding from the Backforce One Plus or with 5D armrests for even more adjustability and comfort. You can find these in the manufacturer’s store.

Backforce V
Only 1D armrests are offered. Fold-away 2D versions (as seen here) are available for a small surcharge

Overall, the Backforce V offers a solid basis for comfort and ergonomics, which can be further enhanced by the wide range of customization and upgrade options.

Ergonomics and comfort of the Backforce V at a glance

  • generously dimensioned backrest with a height of 82 cm and ergonomic shape
  • Molded wood core in the backrest
  • characteristic V-shape of the backrest, which does not compromise comfort and promotes a natural posture
  • Integrated lumbar support
  • high-quality synchronous mechanism that provides a stable seat surface and optimum back support
  • comfortable seat surface with a width of 48 cm
  • Height-adjustable by up to 12 cm
  • Two-zone upholstery for balanced seating comfort
  • Included as standard are 1D armrests (height-adjustable), but can be extended with Backforce One Plus upholstery or 5D armrests – available in the Backforce shop

Who is the Backforce V suitable for?

The Backforce V aims to be an all-rounder among gaming chairs. It is aimed at a wide range of users – with a height of 151 to 192 cm and a weight of between 45 and 130 kg. But does it really meet this requirement? On the whole, yes, but the seat width of 48 cm could be a little tight for particularly tall or sturdier people. The name “Backforce V”, whose V is intended to symbolize the “we”, nevertheless hits the nail on the head. The manufacturer’s approach of creating a chair for everyone is close to the promise. For the broad mass of gamers, the Backforce V definitely offers a solid mix of comfort and adaptability.

Customization options of the Backforce V

The Backforce V goes beyond ergonomic adjustments and offers several design options to customize the chair.

Additional customization options that affect the design:

  • Color selection: The Backforce V is available in 5 colors and 5 partner editions.
  • Gamer Pulse LED and cover: Unlike the brand’s higher-priced models, the gaming chair is not equipped with the Gamer Pulse LED as standard. Instead, there is a cover with the Backforce emblem on the backrest at headrest height. There is space underneath to retrofit the LED lighting. However, this is already included in most partner editions. Nevertheless, if this is important to you, you can order the LED light, which shines in 2 different light modes, separately in the Backforce store.
  • Individual shoulder patches: A Backforce gaming chair without the iconic, customizable shoulder patches? Unthinkable! Design your own patches with your nickname, clantag or whatever you like. Color and border? Your choice. And the best thing is: you can reorder them at any time.

These customization options make the Backforce V more than just an ergonomic gaming chair, they turn it into a personal statement that reflects each user’s individual style and preferences.

Backforce V
You can even have the patches personalized if you wish

Price-performance ratio of the Backforce V

Compared to the Backforce One, there are of course some compromises to be made. However, it is a clever move by Backforce to apply the quality criteria of their more expensive models to the V as well. For less than €400, you get a chair that offers an impressive number of features and the solid workmanship of the premium models. With features such as the synchronous mechanism and the integrated lumbar support, which are normally found in higher price ranges, the V sets a clear example in the segment. The manufacturer’s promise to develop a gaming chair for everyone hits the nail on the head. Of course, the Backforce V is not for everyone in terms of price, but it is more affordable than the Backforce One or Backforce One Plus.

Despite its lower price, the Backforce V offers a range of customization options. From the unique shoulder patches to the optional Gamer Pulse LED lighting, users can personalize and enhance their chair. This flexibility in customization, combined with the high-quality “Made in Germany” finish, makes the Backforce V an attractive choice for price-conscious gamers and users who value quality and individuality.

Overall, the Backforce V delivers excellent value for money. It may not have all the features of its more expensive siblings, but it brings the essential qualities of a high-quality gaming chair – and at a price that’s hard to beat.

Backforce V: A truly successful gaming chair

Since its launch, the Backforce V has established itself as a strong competitor in the gaming chair segment. Given the quality of the previous models, it is hardly surprising that the gaming chair impressed in the test. Particularly impressive are the outstanding seating comfort and the extensive customization options, which can even compete with its higher-priced siblings.

The differences to the Backforce One are manageable. The fact that the base is made of plastic instead of aluminum hardly makes a difference in practice. And the 10-year guarantee gives a reassuring feeling of security in case something should go wrong.

We were pleasantly surprised by the V-shaped backrest. Contrary to our initial fears, the narrower width in the lower section has no negative impact on seating comfort.

One small drawback, however, is the reduced width of the seat. The Backforce V may therefore only be suitable to a limited extent for people with a wider build – an aspect to consider when purchasing.

In terms of design and seating comfort, the Backforce V is definitely in the same league as the One. It also offers a more attractive price-performance ratio, while you only have to make minimal compromises in terms of workmanship and features. For around 400 euros, this is a clear recommendation to buy.

Backforce V Test: Gold Award

Backforce V

Design and workmanship
Value for money


A refined, modern design, outstanding seating comfort and powerful features such as a synchronized mechanism make the new Backforce V the price-performance winner in the 400-euro segment.

€ 399.00
Buy now* Backforce

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