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Backforce One review: Can Interstuhl also convince with a gaming chair?

Backforce, a young brand from Germany, has taken a bold step into the hotly contested terrain of the gaming chair segment with the Backforce One gaming chair. With the parent company Interstuhl’s considerable experience of over 50 years in the manufacture of high-quality seating and the fact that production takes place in Germany, our expectations are correspondingly high. We took on this exciting product and carried out a detailed test to check whether the Backforce One is not only convincing on paper, but also in practice. What makes this gaming chair so special and sets it apart from its competitors? We answer these and other questions in our Backforce One test.

Design & finish: first impressions count

At first glance, the Backforce One looks like a typical gaming chair – familiar shape, clearly recognizable lines. But its visual strengths lie hidden in its supposed ordinariness. This chair retains the basic features of a gaming chair, but adds its own touches with subtle details.

Now it’s time to get down to business: We take a closer look at the individual aspects of the Backforce One. Seating comfort, ergonomics, functionality – all of these are examined in detail in our test to find out whether the chair really delivers what it promises.

Material mix and processing of the cover

Alcantara and faux leather come together in the Backforce One – and it looks like this combination of materials makes a really good team. Alcantara is high-quality and breathable, a plus point for anyone who spends long sessions in front of the screen – especially in warmer temperatures. The artificial leather makes a solid and robust impression, ideal for everyday use.

The chair’s seams deserve special attention. They are finished with a precision that is rarely seen. No skipped stitches, no loose threads – everything is clean and tight. This not only speaks for the visual quality, but also for the longevity of the gaming chair and underlines the Made in Germany label.

Many personalization options: Colors, shoulder patches and Gamer Pulse LED

The Backforce One gaming chair goes its own way when it comes to colour design and personalization. Basically, the gaming chair is predominantly black and designed with an eye-catching accent color. However, there is also a black and white version with gold details. A handful of special fan editions are also available for fans of certain teams or brands.

We are particularly enthusiastic about the shoulder patches, which can be attached with Velcro and customized with individual lettering (up to 12 characters) for €9 each.

Another interesting feature is the puck-shaped Gamer Pulse LED integrated into the backrest at headrest height. This can be charged via micro USB and provides up to 20 hours of light. Simply activated by pressing the puck, the LED can either light up continuously or pulsate in white. The Gamer Pulse comes with a Backforce logo as standard, which can be easily replaced with a little skill. The only downer here, however, is that the finish looks rather wooden compared to the actual gaming chair. But be that as it may: a nice gimmick with potential for improvement.

Summary: Design elements and special features of the Backforce One

  • The combination of Alcantara and artificial leather in the Backforce One not only offers comfort, but also an appealing look.
  • The seams are an example of excellent workmanship – clean, firm and without any skip stitches.
  • The Backforce One offers everything from eye-catching colour options to customizable patches and the Gamer Pulse LED numerous personalization options that allow each user to customize their chair and create a unique design.

Ergonomics and seating comfort – the Backforce One in the test

Much more important than the design, however, are the ergonomic properties of a gaming chair. And this is where Interstuhl gets it right with the Backforce brand. During our test, it quickly became clear that the Backforce One is the result of genuine ergonomic know-how paired with technical sophistication. Not only does the chair look great, but it also feels like it was made for long gaming nights – but let’s take a closer look at the details.

Backrest: ergonomic backbone of the Backforce One

The name says it all. Backforce have put all their expertise into developing a backrest that does more than just provide support. The multi-layered design is conceived to provide targeted support where it is needed most. At the heart of the design is the solid wood reinforcement, concealed under high-quality upholstery materials and an attractive plastic shell, giving the backrest a rigid yet flexible basic structure. It forms the stable backbone of the chair. The test clearly showed that the design of the backrest helps to reduce fatigue during longer gaming sessions.

What sets the backrest of the Backforce One apart from other gaming chairs is the way the different materials and structures work together to create an exceptionally comfortable seating experience – an aspect that is often overlooked in the gaming chair industry, but is the focus here.

Synchronous mechanism vs. rocker mechanism

One of the key elements that stood out during our test of the Backforce One is the synchronous mechanism. Compared to the traditional rocker mechanism that is installed in many gaming chairs, the synchronous mechanism offers advanced ergonomics. It enables the seat and backrest to be in a harmonious relationship with each other and to move in sync with the user’s movements. This interaction helps to keep the body in motion even during long periods of sitting, which activates the muscles and promotes blood circulation.

In direct comparison with the rocking mechanism, the extra movement is good for the body. At the same time, the back is relieved. The strength of the synchronous mechanism can be adjusted on the underside using the rotary wheel, so that you have sufficient counter-pressure depending on your body weight and don’t immediately tip backwards. Of course, the backrest can also be fixed in any position.

Interstuhl’s decision to integrate the synchronous mechanism into all Backforce models sets the entire gaming chair range apart from many other models on the market – we are delighted.

Dual-core seat and multi-zone upholstery

Backforce uses a dual-core seat for the upholstery, which the manufacturer claims offers maximum comfort. This is a multi-zone upholstery that uses different degrees of firmness – manufactured in Germany, by the way. The inner seat surface is soft and the outer part, which is covered in artificial leather, is hard.

We would describe the upholstery of the Backforce One gaming chair as medium-hard, making it harder and more durable than all the cheap gaming chairs for under 200 euros, but softer than noblechairs, for example. The shape of the chair upholstery is already optimized for the back, so Backforce does not need any additional cushions.

One detail that caught our eye and might upset some of you: The Backforce One is delivered without a neck cushion as standard. However, a matching neck cushion can be purchased separately in the Backforce shop.

Armrests: practical functions and expandable comfort

The Backforce One is equipped with foldable armrests, a feature that is still rather rare compared to other gaming chairs. This function proves to be particularly practical if you like to sit cross-legged on the chair.

While the height of the armrests can be adjusted, they do not offer any further adjustment options, unlike the Backforce One Plus, which is equipped with 5D armrests. One small disadvantage we noticed is the limited height adjustability. An extension of another 5 cm would be desirable, especially for users with a longer upper body.

The soft plastic of the armrests impressed us in our Backforce One test with its pleasant feel and minimal wobbling. Backforce also offers retrofittable upholstered armrests. These attachments can simply be placed on the existing armrests. This retrofit option shows that Backforce listens to the needs of its users and offers practical solutions to improve the existing model.

Summary: Ergonomic design of the Backforce One

  • The multi-layered structure of the backrest with wooden reinforcement provides optimal support, which proved to be effective against fatigue in our test. The balance between stability and flexibility is remarkable
  • The synchronous mechanism outperforms the conventional rocking mechanism by far. It encourages movement and prevents the feeling of “sticking” to the chair, which is a blessing during long gaming sessions.
  • The dual-core seat and multi-zone padding combines different firmness levels and ensures a seating experience that balances comfort and durability – a rarity in this price range.
  • The folding armrests are a clever feature for anyone who likes to vary their sitting position. The retrofittable upholstered armrests are another example of the chair’s adaptability.</li

Technical details: dimensions, weight limit, base and castors

Let’s move on to the technical details of the Backforce One, which are quite impressive. Starting with the high-quality brushed aluminum base, which is not only stable but also visually appealing. Five standard castors sit on it and glide smoothly over soft floors – a small but fine detail. And then there’s the laser-engraved Backforce logo on the base – simple yet a real eye-catcher.

The chair itself is designed for a maximum load of 130 kg, which underlines its robustness. In terms of adaptability, it offers considerable flexibility: the overall height can be adjusted between 128 and 140 cm, while the seat varies in height from 45 to 57 cm. This makes it suitable for both taller and shorter users. The seat is a comfortable 53 cm wide and 49 cm deep, while the backrest is 57 cm wide and 84 cm high, offering plenty of space.

Another highlight is the chair’s gas pressure spring. It enables a surprisingly low sitting position, which is particularly advantageous for smaller gamers, without the need to replace it with a shorter spring. Overall, the Backforce One shows in these specifications that it not only has a lot to offer visually, but also functionally.

Price-performance check: Is the Backforce One worth it?

Well, with a retail price of €599, the Backforce One is certainly no bargain – that’s for sure. But what do you actually get for your money? As our Backforce One test shows: quite a lot! Firstly, the features are top-notch. High-quality materials, a backrest that feels like a dream and the ingenious synchronized mechanism that keeps you moving, even when you’re gaming for hours on end.

Now for the price: yes, it’s steep. But think about the fact that it’s handmade in Germany. This is quality that lasts, not something cheaply cobbled together somewhere. What’s more, Backforce uses environmentally friendly materials and does not use CFCs in the production of the foam – a big plus for your green conscience.

Gaming chair with gold standard – Backforce One in test

Overall, we can say that the standard model and also the first gaming chair from Backforce surprised us – and definitely in a positive way. The features of the gaming chair are quite innovative and bring functions to the gaming chair market that were previously only available in office chairs.

What particularly impressed us:

  • You immediately notice that no expense has been spared here. Alcantara meets faux leather, and the seams are so precise that you’d think they were drawn with a ruler. Of course, the price of €599 is not a bargain, but it is certainly justified for this quality.
  • The ergonomic backrest and the ingenious synchronized mechanism ensure that you sit comfortably even after hours. No tingling, no crawling – just relaxed gaming.

Little things that could be even better

  • We would have liked even higher armrests and a standard neck cushion. Nothing earth-shattering, but it’s the little things that count.

The combination of handcrafted production in Germany, environmentally friendly materials and innovative features such as the synchronized mechanism make the Backforce One the gold medal in our test. That’s why we give it the Gold Award without hesitation. For anyone looking for a chair that scores highly in terms of both style and comfort, the Backforce One is the first choice.

In short, the Backforce One is not just any gaming chair. It is a statement of quality, comfort and sustainability. A chair that not only looks good, but also delivers in the long term.

The Backforce One can be ordered directly from the manufacturer – even fully pre-assembled if desired. With a purchase via this link you support our editorial work.

Buy Backforce One!

Backforce One Test: Gold Award

Backforce One

Design and workmanship
Seating comfort
Value for money


An outstanding model that only had to accept minor criticisms.

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