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Nitro Concepts C100 Gaming Chair Review

With the C100, Nitro Concepts has introduced a new version of its gaming chair. For a price of € 235.34 * the C100 is one of the cheapest gaming chairs. How much you can expect from such a price and what additional features you get, we have tested for you.

Nitro Concepts C100

The simplest possible assembly is not always the case for a gaming chair. Often a third or fourth hand is missing. The C100 from Nitro Concepts can easily be assembled on its own. For people without experience there is also a simple guide included. Screw the bracket to the seat surface, place the gas spring on it, attach the castors with feet, turn around. The armrests must then be screwed on and the backrest pushed between them and also fastened with screws. Everything necessary is included, as well as a small Allen key.  The only problem is that the holes and the corresponding thread are not 100 percent on top of each other, so it is a bit difficult to get the screws into the thread.

The first impression of the Nitro Concept C100 is very satisfying. The racing look, further used by the predecessor model, remains a good choice and also choice of color elements is very well chosen. In addition to the red version available to us, there is also the option of ordering blue, white or simply black models. All other technical details summarized once:

  • Total height (with base): 120,5 – 130,5 cm
  • Height of seat (with base): 42.5 – 52 cm
  • Height of backrest: 79 cm
  • Width of backrest (shoulder height): 48.5 cm
  • Width of backrest (pelvis height): 53 cm
  • Width of seat: 52 cm
  • Depth of seat: 57 cm
  • Width armrests: 9 cm
  • Depth armrests: 37 cm
Weight approx. 16 kg
  • Plywood
  • nylon
  • Cold foam
  • PU imitation leather
  • polyurethane
  • Black-Red
  • Black-Blue
  • Black-White
  • black
Maximum load 120 kg
  • 100% Vegan PU imitation leather
  • Deformation-resistant cold foam cushion
  • armrests with soft upholstery
  • Gas pressure spring class 4
  • High quality rocker mechanism up to a maximum of 14 degrees
  • 50mm rolls in matching color
  • Robust base
Price € 235.34 *


Already at the beginning mentioned the workmanship is a small deficiency. The incorrectly fitting holes above the thread also ensure that the caps supplied to cover the screws are also no longer to be attached to all screws. Otherwise, however, you cannot complain about the processing. The seams are well finished and not frayed. The transitions into the plastic parts are processed without recognizable defects.

Seating Comfort

Seating comfort is naturally the main focus for many people. Here the cold foam fulfils its task with flying colours. Even gamers who need somewhat wider chairs have enough space here and the maximum load of 120 kg is sufficient. The backrest itself is made of plywood and is not adjustable. Since there are also no additional cushions, the form must fit here directly. Nitro Concepts has done a good job for us here. The armrests are also fixed and cannot be adjusted. Nevertheless, they have a good height and offer enough contact surface due to their shape. An additional nice feature is the rocker function, which can tilt the seat by up to 14 degrees.

The only disadvantage of longer gaming sessions is the choice of PU artificial leather. Already after relatively short time one begins to sweat on it, which is in the long run somewhat unpleasant.


In summary, we can say that the gaming chair offers everything you need for less money. It offers no unique features and also the materials are chosen according to the price. A bit of a pity is the not properly fitting perforation, which makes the construction a bit more difficult.

But if you decide for the Nitro Concept C100, you get a good looking and reasonable gaming chair for an attractive price of € 235.34 *. More features and better materials simply cost more, here we can refer to the Nitro Concepts S300.

Nitro Concepts C100


Nothing unique, but high-quality and inexpensive.

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