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Are you perhaps searching for a coupon code for your new Backforce gaming chair? Many bargain hunters among you might be disappointed, but there is no coupon or discount code available for Backforce gaming chair manufacturer purchases. And even if other sites supposedly have a coupon, we promise you that it won’t work. Why is that? We would like to explain that to you briefly.

Check out the Backforce One Plus!

Who is Backforce anyway?

You don’t know Backforce yet? No problem, we’ll take this as an opportunity to briefly introduce the gaming chair manufacturer to you. Backforce is a young brand of Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG, which has specialized in the gaming market. The assortment is quite manageable, but this does not detract from the brand. On the contrary, the gaming chair models are made in Germany and focus on durability and functionality. Currently, the company has two models on offer. Once the basic model, the Backforce One (RRP 499,00 €) and the Backforce One Plus (RRP 629,00 €), which comes up with a few additional features compared to the cheaper model. Regardless, both seats are absolutely solid and really well made. Qualitatively, the Backforce One is thus clearly convincing, even to the extent that the manufacturer guarantees a 10-year warranty.

You can learn more about the Backforce brand in our article The 10 best gaming chair brands in portrait.

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Is it worth waiting for a Backforce deal?

The short answer is No. There’s a reason Backforce has decided that you won’t find a discount code or discount on the internet. Waiting for a Black Friday offer or a special deal is also rather futile. The manufacturer has made a conscious decision not to offer such codes on the Internet, since reviewers or partners who draw attention to the Backforce One or One Plus would be harmed in the end.

Why is that? Well, imagine you read a review by an author or watch a painstakingly created video about a product and are therefore convinced. A thrifty person would subsequently look for a discount or a good deal. However, the creator of the review often comes away empty-handed, since the product is not purchased via the partner link provided. This is because the link is usually provided with a tag that tells the company how the buyer got to the product. Thus, the review creator is identified and receives a small share of the profit as commission.

Since Backforce does not want to support such behavior and appreciates the creative work of authors and streamers, the company has decided against discount codes or similar promotions. This way, fair competition among reviewers can be maintained.

Another reason is that Backforce, or the manufacturer behind it, Interstuhl, delivers German quality work and sells directly to end customers at a fairly calculated price – without resellers or distributors in between, who in turn would add another 30-40 percent to the manufacturing price, as is common with many other brands.

This is why buying a Backforce One (Plus) is worth it

Admittedly, it’s only more than understandable that you’d struggle with ordering yourself a Backforce One or even Backforce One Plus at full price. After all, that’s quite a bit of money for many people. However, if you do decide to buy one of the two models, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Great features and selected materials make the gaming chair something special – not only in terms of design, but also quality.

For more information on the Backforce gaming chairs, check out our Backforce One Test or Backforce One Plus Test. We have also already published some comparisons with other manufacturers, you can find them here. If you want to buy a Backforce gaming chair, feel free to support us by using this link.

Check out the Backforce One Plus!

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