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Extended gaming sessions and home offices have one thing in common: sitting for long periods of time. But if you spend a lot of time sitting, you’re asking a lot of your body. It’s not uncommon for this to be accompanied by back pain or headaches. However, these are only the temporary side effects of seating, which, as the name suggests, is designed for occasional sitting. To give your muscles, and especially your spine, the best possible support even when sitting for long periods of time, you should pay attention to what you sit on. However, the market is growing by the week as almost every peripheral device manufacturer wants to get in on the action. Through our experience with gaming chairs of all kinds, we’ve created an overview of the best gaming chair brands for you.

Backforce: Unique Quality – Made in Germany

Our top favorite is the manufacturer Backforce. As a separate young brand of Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG, Backforce specializes purely in the gaming market and advertises that the Backforce One or Backforce One Plus were made entirely in Germany. However, the manufacturer does not offer a series so far, but only a basic as well as a Plus variant of the gaming chair. However, this does not detract from the brand, as quality and durability are the main focus. Moreover, you can choose the color accents yourself from a palette of colors. But the best is yet to come, because you can add your own personal touch to the gaming chair by designing the patches yourself. Perfect for your gamertag, or to make a statement to your team. If you want to make a name or team change, that’s no problem either. In the store you can order new patches for your Backforce at any time. You can also find other accessories and merchandise from the manufacturer. However, you’ll have to dig a bit deeper into your pocket for the Backforce One, because the basic model is only available directly from the manufacturer starting at 499 €. The Backforce One Plus even starts at 629 €. Nevertheless, we can say with a clear conscience that the purchase is always worth it.

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Nitro Concepts: Colorful variety

Gaming chairs of the Nitro Concepts brand come from Pro Gamersware GmbH and are developed by, as the manufacturer itself says, passionate gamers and experienced veterans of the textile industry. The conceptual design focuses primarily on ergonomics, design and functionality. Currently, the brand carries four different gaming chair models, the C100 (MSRP €159.90), the E250 (MSRP €179.90), the S300 (MSRP €249.90) and the X1000 (MSRP €289.90). Each model differs with various refinements that will make your gaming experience special. In addition to gaming chairs, the manufacturer also sells other gear, such as gaming tables, which meet the requirements of gamers. The store also offers suitable accessories. The gaming chairs from Nitro Concepts are not only popular among casual gamers, but also in the eSports scene.

noblechairs: Defined elegance

The company Pro Gamersware GmbH is also behind the noblechairs brand. The brand covers, as the name suggests, the premium segment of the manufacturer. Thereby, the designs lean on seats of high-dollar car brands and are made of luxurious materials. In addition to the Epic Series (from €379.90), Hero Series (from €419.90) and Icon Series (from €389.90) models, the brand also relies on a series of limited editions that make gamer and fan hearts beat faster. Well-known franchise universes such as The Elder Scrolls Online, Doom or Fallout lend the gaming chairs that certain something. But also fans of Real Madrid, the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 Team or diverse eSport teams get their money’s worth. The manufacturer’s store also offers spare parts and high-quality accessories, such as replacement rollers, care sets, footrests or cushions.

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Razer: Developed by gamers

In addition to gaming laptops, mice, keyboards and other peripherals of all kinds, Razer also has a gaming chair in its range with the Iskur. Loosely based on the company’s motto: For Gamers. By Gamers the chair was designed by gamers. The model comes in two different variants and, according to the manufacturer, should offer hardcore gamers the necessary support. Probably the biggest difference between the basic version, the Iskur X (from €399) and the Iskur (from €499) is the integrated lumbar support. Both models follow the ergonomic design of the spine and the workmanship also looks highly solid. Of course, Razer wouldn’t be Razer if the good stuff wasn’t in black and green. However, those who can identify with the brand should have no problems with the color scheme of the Iskur X model. The Iskur itself, is also available in pure black if desired.

Corsair: For every demand

US-based computer peripherals and hardware company Corsair currently carries four gaming chair models in its lineup – namely the T3 RUSH (MSRP €279.90), the TC60 FABRIC (MSRP 279.90), the T1 RACE 2018 (MSRP 249.90), and the T2 ROAD WARRIOR (MSRP 339.90). The four gaming chairs cover a variety of requirements – from sporty design, inspired by driver’s seats from motorsports, to classic timeless, there is the right model for every need. In addition to the necessary comfort, the gaming chairs offer above all an ergonomic design and functionality. However, one of the most important criteria is that every gaming chair from Corsair is neatly crafted, which is why the manufacturer takes a place in our list.

RECARO: Premium in terms of quality – Made in Germany

The German company RECARO has been around for over 100 years and is better known for expertise in building aircraft and car seats. But since 2018, the brand has also been conquering the gaming sector with its Exo gaming chair series. Currently, this consists of three models that can be classified more in the premium segment. Part of the series are the basic Exo (RRP €819), the Exo FX (RRP €919) and the Exo Platinum (RRP €1,099). The differences are mainly in the armrests and the maximum load capacity. Otherwise, the Exo is a very popular and rock-solid gaming chair, which of course does not wear out even after extended gaming sessions. Additionally, the manufacturer can score with a few ingenious features. Not only the design was created in Germany, but also the manufacturing takes place in the Federal Republic. In 2020, the series also won the German Design Award (design prize of the Federal Republic of Germany).

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Sharkoon: Modern and affordable

The Sharkoon brand has been present on the gaming market since 2003. It is known primarily for its good price/performance ratio. In addition to technical gaming equipment, Sharkoon also sells gaming chairs that are developed in Germany, according to the manufacturer. In doing so, the brand draws on feedback from the global community. The range currently consists of 9 different models, which are divided into two series. On the one hand, the gaming chairs of the ELBRUS series (price range from €159 to €284) and on the other hand, the higher-quality models of the SKILLER series (price range from €209 to €354). If you are looking for a good price/performance ratio, you will certainly not make a bad choice with Sharkoon. You don’t have to accept any major compromises in design and comfort with this brand.

DXRacer: Design role model motorsports

Admittedly, many gaming chair models and concepts lean on driver seats from racing. However, DXRacer has made it its own point that the template for its designs comes from racing drivers. The US company has been designing and producing high-quality gaming chairs since 2006, not only for gaming but also for the office sector. The product variety is relatively high with around 20 models, which are divided into 8 different series.  DXRacer advertises that the right model is available for every physique. Ergonomics, quality and comfort do not fall by the (racing) wayside. Prices range from €199 to €539. Of course, there are a number of accessories and replacements for wear parts in the manufacturer’s store.

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Gamechanger: Highly customizable – Made in Germany

Gamechanger is a young and dynamic company with a lot of know-how. This also characterizes the gaming chairs of the manufacturer. Currently, 6 different models are sold through the store. However, these in the Black series are mainly differentiated by the dimensions and the associated load capacity. From our point of view, however, this is not necessary at all, since the models are highly customizable. Almost every single detail can be customized by the buyer – from colored surfaces to their own logo. For this, the fun is not quite cheap, but anyone who values the predicate quality “Made in Germany”, the brand is warmly recommended. Of course, in addition to design and quality, healthy sitting is a top priority.

Cobra Sport Edition

AKRacing: From Racing to eSports

The Dutch brand AKRacing also established itself on the market back in 2001. However, the company did not move directly into the gaming and office industry, but rather, as the name suggests, began designing and manufacturing seats in the field of motorsports. So it is obvious that this know-how flows into the design of the gaming chairs. AKRacing offers 13 different models in 4 series – CORE, MASTERS, OFFICE and LIMITED. In terms of price, the chairs range from €299 to €699. The manufacturer’s focus is on ergonomics, design and performance. In addition to gaming chairs, AKRacing also sells gaming desks.

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