Creality CR-Scan Raptor: The world’s first laser scanner for end customers

We have already introduced you to Creality’s high-quality 3D printers and laser engraving machines several times. With the Creality CR-Scan Raptor, there is now an innovative new product. The world’s first laser scanner for end customers ushers in a new era of scanning technology – more precise, faster and more flexible than ever before.

Creality CR-Scan Raptor: An innovative laser scanner

With the Creality CR-Scan Raptor, the manufacturer presents the world’s first laser consumer scanner, underpinning its leading position in the field of scanning technology and giving a foretaste of the coming technical revolution.

The manufacturer is thus meeting the growing demand for scanning technologies that are as precise, fast and flexible as possible and fulfilling the needs of the market with the world’s first line laser scanner for end users.

Creality CR-Scan Raptor
The Creality CR-Scan Raptor scores with its handy design, enormous speed and precise lasers. (Image: Creality)

The Raptor is based on four important pillars:

  1. Dual light source mode: the Raptor integrates two sets of light sources, blue laser and infrared light, covering the scanning of small, medium and large objects (5 mm to 2,000 mm) and meeting the requirements of various industrial 3D scanning scenarios.
  2. Metrological accuracy: The accuracy can reach 0.02 mm in laser scanning mode. 7 blue laser lines, individual lines as thin as 0.1 mm, make the edges of 3D models sharper.
  3. High-speed scanning: The data acquisition frame rate in line laser scanning can reach up to 60fps. Infrared structured light scanning is possible at speeds up to 20 fps.
  4. Wide scanning range: The variable size offers a wide range of applications. The line laser with structured infrared light can scan objects from 5 x 5 x 5 mm³-2000 x 2000 x 2000 mm³, including car parts, screws, small figures, faces or even an entire human body.

Whether you are creating industrial products, creating art, healthcare or protecting cultural heritage, the Creality CR-Scan Raptor is the perfect solution to do it all.

With you everywhere

With dimensions of 215 mm x 50 mm x 74 mm and a weight of just 372 grams, the Creality CR-Scan Raptor fits in any trouser pocket and can be taken anywhere. The 3D camera has an impressive resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels and allows objects and people between 5 millimeters and 2 meters in size to be scanned.

The Raptor uses two different scanning modes: with blue light (Blue 7-line laser), accuracies of 0.02 mm are possible, while scanning is particularly fast at up to 60 fps. The NIR mode, on the other hand, is also extremely fast with an accuracy of 0.1 mm and up to 20 fps, while at the same time allowing larger areas to be scanned from a greater distance of up to 1,000 mm.

This makes the blue light mode particularly suitable for scans that require precision, high speed and high resolution. For example, in the field of industrial production or in the healthcare sector, where maximum precision is essential.

Creality CR-Scan Raptor
Image: Creality

The red light or NIR mode, on the other hand, reduces accuracy and speed somewhat, but larger objects, people or even buildings can also be scanned here. Whether you want to scan a family, scan and print vehicle parts for repair or capture antique buildings and art, you’ve come to the right place.

In addition, the NIR mode is particularly suitable for creating preliminary models or capturing and scanning object surface textures and accurate colors of the object. It is particularly suitable for the 3D modeling industry, the copying and redesign of objects, the production of custom parts for automotive repair, the refurbishment of objects and much more.

Perfect precision at a rapid pace

The CR-Scan Raptor uses speckle-matching 3D imaging. No markings are required for fully functional pieces. Objects can therefore be scanned particularly quickly and directly. The face and body mode is also equipped with a unique face mapping algorithm that captures more details. A human body scan only takes 2 minutes.

By combining line lasers and infrared structured light, the CR-Scan Raptor can scan objects ranging in size from 5 x 5 x 5 mm³ to 2000 x 2000 x 2000 mm³, so there are no limits to your creativity and requirements.

The CR-Scan Raptor is equipped with a high-quality finish and powerful structure. The 20 mm diameter lens scores with a high depth of field and low distortion of less than 5 per mil. A total of nine glass lenses and a lens barrel as well as a metal mount are evidence of its high quality.

12 circular LED texture lights allow scanning in 24-bit color, even in darker environments, for a realistic display. Two-color circular LED texture lights also improve the level of detail in scans, leading to better results.

Operation is also child’s play: a ring indicator light provides real-time feedback on the current scan status, while the surrounding buttons allow convenient and particularly simple operation that can be quickly learned even by non-experts.

CR-Scan Raptor is the ideal solution for all applications

3D scanning is already widespread and extremely popular in many different industries. Creality is now finally bringing this technology to the consumer segment with the CR-Scan Raptor, which is driving development faster and further.

The innovative 3D scanner scores points with its unique user-friendliness and handy design, which makes it ready for use quickly and anywhere. The CR-Scan Raptor achieves unparalleled precision and exceptionally high speed, making it the perfect solution for all applications.

Whether you want to scan and produce tiny screws or metal parts, art objects and action figures, spare parts for repairing your car, PC or other objects or medical parts: it can do it all easily and accurately.

The applications are almost endless and range from industrial manufacturing in product design or quality inspection, art design and healthcare in general or dental, to automotive assembly, 3D modeling and game and film design.

Buy Creality CR-Scan Raptor with introductory discount

The innovative 3D scanner Creality CR-Scan Raptor is now available for pre-order. You can use the code “RAPTOR100” to secure a whopping 10 percent discount on the recommended retail price of €1,599.00 directly from the manufacturer and ultimately pay just €1,439.10. Alternatively, you can also buy the 3D scanner from Amazon.

Manufacturer Creality has been one of the world’s leading providers of 3D printers for consumers since it was founded in 2014 and now offers its high-quality and innovative products in over 100 countries. The Falcon2 Pro, an impressive and powerful laser engraver, was launched in February 2024.

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We have already introduced you to Creality’s high-quality 3D printers and laser engraving machines several times. With the Creality CR-Scan Raptor, there is now an innovative new product. The world’s first laser scanner for end customers ushers in a new era of scanning technology – more precise, faster and more flexible than ever before. Creality … (Weiterlesen...)

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