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Backforce One Plus review: Backforce makes the competition look old again

Backforce has caused quite a stir in the gaming chair market and has quickly become a real figurehead in the e-sports world. It all started with the Backforce One – a gaming chair that impressed with its top workmanship, clever features and a design that stands out from the crowd. As a sponsor of the BIG Clan, Backforce has not only gained a foothold in pro gaming, but has also aroused enthusiasm among streamers and gamers across the board. In short: Backforce has developed from a newcomer to a brand that has established itself in the gaming scene.

In our test lab, we had the opportunity to put the Backforce One through its paces. The verdict? Impressively positive, which promptly earned it our Gold Award. In view of its handcrafted quality, Made in Germany production and 10-year warranty, we believe the price of 599 euros is absolutely justified.

Backforce has overhauled its community favorite by equipping it with additional, clever features. A perfect opportunity for us to also test the new model, the Backforce One Plus, for you. We are particularly curious to see how the company has taken on board and implemented the feedback from its community. Does the ‘Plus’ in the name really stand for more – and not just in terms of price, but also when it comes to seating comfort, ergonomics and, of course, our overall rating? Take a seat and make yourself comfortable.

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The proven features of the predecessor as a basis

  • Integrated LED lighting (Gamer Pulse LED) in the upper rear part of the backrest, battery-operated
  • Armrests can be folded down and are height-adjustable
  • Customizable patches in the shoulder area
  • Dual Core seat for maximum seating comfort
  • SyncSeat for optimum ergonomics (synchronized mechanism, reclining backrest)
  • Reinforced and breathable backrest with diamond-shaped decorative stitching
  • Star Base pedestal in stylish solid metal rim look
  • Sit and play option saves on assembly (largely pre-assembled delivery)

Design & workmanship of the gaming chair

Backforce is more than just any old brand. Behind it is the established company Interstuhl, the old hands in the chair manufacturing business, who have been developing and producing high-quality ‘Made in Germany’ office chairs since 1961. Their decades of experience and commitment to innovation are reflected in the design and features of the Backforce One Plus. The result? An ingenious combination of tried-and-tested expertise and fresh, innovative ideas, perfectly tailored to a young and dynamic target group.

According to the manufacturer, the Backforce One Plus raises the bar in terms of ergonomics and comfort even higher than its proven predecessor model. With a timeless yet elegant design, it stands out from the crowd of gaming chairs and is more reminiscent of the premium class known from manufacturers such as noblechairs.

Proven design, peppered with innovative new features

The tried-and-tested design of the Backforce One Plus has been given a few smart updates without throwing the original’s recipe for success overboard. On the outside, much remains the same, and that’s a good thing – why change something that’s already great? Material quality and workmanship? Still top-notch. But here comes the icing on the cake: The armrests now have extra soft padding and can even be removed – we think that’s a real upgrade!

Backforce is particularly customer-friendly here, as the new upholstery is also available separately in the Backforce store for €29. This means that if you already own a Backforce One, you don’t have to upgrade to the Plus model to enjoy this new feature.

There are no revolutionary design changes in the Plus model, but that wasn’t really necessary. The striking backrest with the high shoulders, the stylish color accents, the quilted top and the first-class fabric quality remain with the One Plus and continue to ensure a strong appearance.

The features of the Backforce One Plus at a glance

Having already reviewed the Backforce One in detail and praised it for its quality and innovation, we now turn our attention to its successor: the Backforce One Plus. In this review, we focus on the specific improvements and additions that Backforce has incorporated into its new flagship model. Our aim is to assess the extent to which these upgrades – from the permanently integrated lumbar support to the 5D armrests and extended adjustment options – enrich the user experience and whether they truly deliver on the promise of a ‘plus’ in functionality and comfort.

Permanently integrated lumbar support: the heart of the Backforce One Plus

The Backforce One Plus retains the proven concept of a solid molded wood panel in the backrest, which was already known for its stability and flexibility in the previous model. This wooden construction provides natural and effective support for the back, a quality that is often unmatched by other materials such as plastic or metal.

To go one better, the manufacturer has given the Backforce One Plus a permanently integrated lumbar support that can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically. This allows the backrest to adapt perfectly to the shape of the body. Although features such as a lumbar support should now be a matter of course for gaming chairs in terms of ergonomics, many other manufacturers do not offer them. Apart from a few exceptions, loose cushions are supplied at best, which do not always fulfill their purpose. Therefore, the individually adjustable lumbar support alone makes the Backforce One Plus worth buying to protect your back in the long term when gaming and to benefit from the high level of seating comfort.

For me personally, the Backforce One was already very comfortable compared to the competition and I don’t extend the lumbar support on the One Plus, its successor, but that’s up to you. It offers noticeable added value, especially for users who spend long periods sitting down. Backforce shows that they take the needs of their users seriously and are able to make targeted improvements that take the gaming experience to a new level.

5D armrests in the test: Flexibility meets fine adjustment in the Backforce One Plus

The 5D armrests are a striking upgrade to the Backforce One Plus and represent a significant development compared to the 2D armrests of the Backforce One. The fold-away Two Mode function was already a highlight of the previous model, allowing the user to fold the armrests back at the touch of a button and move them closer to the screen.

However, the 5D armrests of the Backforce One Plus go one step further. In addition to the tried and tested fold-away and height-adjustable functions, they can now also be moved in all directions and even rotated. In our opinion, this flexibility and adaptability significantly increase comfort and ergonomics. They enable precise adjustment to achieve the perfect position for every gaming situation.

Note: However, features such as the increased flexibility of the armrests are accompanied by more unintended movements. So you have to be aware that although the 5D armrests are firmly anchored to the chair, the moving parts do move when you come up against them. This is how I managed to unintentionally push the armrest further forward. Leave a comment if you agree with me on this!

Seat depth and tilt adjustment and SyncSeat: extended adaptability of the Backforce One Plus

When we took a closer look at the Backforce One Plus, we were particularly impressed by the new features in the seat mechanism. In addition to the already familiar synchronized mechanism, which enables harmonious movement of the seat and backrest, the additional seat depth and tilt adjustment functions bring a whole new dimension of seating comfort into play: they allow the chair to be precisely adjusted to individual gaming needs. Thanks to more space on the seat and optimized weight distribution, we were able to notice a significant increase in seating comfort. The tilt adjustment, another highlight, makes it possible to easily adjust the sitting position, which not only ensures greater comfort, but also supports blood circulation during long gaming sessions.

And a little extra: another detail that caught our eye is the clever design of the seat. The approximately 8 cm gap to the backrest is barely noticeable, but could provide improved ventilation, especially in the warmer months. Small but important details like these set the Backforce One Plus apart from other models in our eyes and make it a highlight in any gaming setup.

So much for the new features of the Backforce One Plus. Now let’s take a look at our conclusion, which is a little more comprehensive this time – and for good reason.

Conclusion of the Backforce One Plus test

The Backforce One was already a real highlight in our test history, but the manufacturer has gone one better with the One Plus. In our detailed test of the Backforce One Plus, we were thoroughly impressed by the new features. The following features are worth mentioning:

  • The chair impresses with its elegant and appealing, but also timeless design, which stands out in any environment.
  • The materials used are of outstanding quality, which promises a long service life.
  • Every aspect of the chair shows a consistently high-quality finish, which underlines Backforce’s high standard.
  • The soft but highly resilient upholstery significantly enhances seating comfort, making long gaming sessions a pleasure.
  • The flexible 5D armrests offer exceptional adjustability, although they could have a little less play.
  • The lumbar support is adjustable both horizontally and vertically and adapts perfectly to the shape of the body.
  • The backrest made of robust solid wood ensures stability and durability.
  • With the seat tilt and seat depth adjustment, the chair can be individually adjusted, ideal for gamers between 150 and 192 cm tall and weighing between 45 and 130 kg.
  • The price-performance ratio is impressive considering the quality and long-term guarantee.

Gold to platinum: the Backforce One Plus redefines seating comfort

In our opinion, the Backforce One Plus is a prime example of how a company takes feedback from its community seriously and incorporates it into product development. The chair’s high adaptability makes it ideal for almost any gamer between 150 and 192 cm tall. The price of 699 euros may seem high at first glance, but in view of the handcrafted design, Made in Germany production and 10-year guarantee, it is fully justified.

To sum up, the Backforce One Plus has not only turned our Gold Award into a Platinum Award, but also sets new standards in terms of comfort, design and quality. A chair that convinces us in every respect and completes a cool gaming setup.

Backforce One Plus

Design and workmanship
Value for money


The Backforce One Plus combines ergonomic features with German craftsmanship and 10 years warranty at an absolutely fair price.

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The Backforce brand has only recently entered the gaming chair business, but has already established itself there. The only model to date, the Backforce One, is characterized above all by high quality, useful functions and a unique design. As a sponsor of the BIG Clan, the German company is also present as a supplier on the very big stage of e-sports.
At the beginning of this year we already had the Backforce One in our test lab to put it through its paces. The result was a surprisingly positive result and the presentation of our Gold Award. To achieve such a good result with the first product right away impressed us very much. Although the price of 479 Euro was very proud, it was justified by handcraft, local production and 10 years warranty.
Backforce has now given its multiple award-winning chair a general overhaul and added many more useful Features. We also took a...


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