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Backforce One Plus review: Backforce makes the competition look old again

The Backforce brand has only been in the gaming chair business for a short time, but has already managed to establish itself there. The first model, the Backforce One Gaming Chair, was characterized by high quality, useful functions and a unique design. As a sponsor of the BIG Clan, the German company is also present as an outfitter on the very big stage of e-sports.

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Earlier this year, we already had the Backforce One gaming chair in our test lab to put it through its paces. The result was a surprisingly positive result and the awarding of our Gold Award.

Achieving such a good result with the first product has also impressed us a lot. Although the price of 479 euros came along very proudly, this is justified by handwork, local manufacturing and 10-year warranty.

Check out Backforce One Plus!

Now Backforce has given its multi-award winning gaming chair a general overhaul and once again added many more useful features. We took a close look at the Backforce One Plus in our Backforce One Plus review and checked to what extent the young company has positively implemented the feedback from the community. Let’s take a look at whether the “Plus” not only affects the price, but also our rating.

Since we have already tested the Backforce One, we will mainly focus on the new features in this review, since nothing else has changed compared to the predecessor. Let’s start with our Backforce One Plus review.

You would like to test the Backforce One or Backforce One Plus? You are welcome to visit us in Bad Segeberg (Schleswig-Holstein)! Please write us an email with appointment suggestions to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The adopted features of the predecessor

  • Gamer pulse LED in the backrest
  • Fold-down and height-adjustable armrests
  • Personalizable patches
  • Dual Core Seat
  • SyncSeat for optimal ergonomics (synchronized mechanism, fold-back backrest)
  • Reinforced and breathable backrest
  • Star Base stand in stylish rim look
  • Sit and Play option saves on assembly (assembled delivery)

Gaming chair: appearance & finish

Behind the new brand Backforce is the company Interstuhl, which has been operating since 1961. The family-owned company is known as the manufacturer of the “Interstühle Made in Germany” and supplies companies worldwide with chairs for the working world. The company’s know-how and passion for innovation are reflected in the new top-class gaming chair.

According to the advertising promise, the Backforce One Plus is an even more ergonomic and comfortable gaming chair than its predecessor. But can Backforce fulfill this promise with the new gaming chair and stand up to the strong competition on the market?

First of all, the Backforce One Plus chair impresses with its design, which does without the holes in the backrest that are characteristic for gaming chairs and is reminiscent of noblechairs in terms of its elegant look.

Compared to its predecessor, Interstuhl has not made any major changes to the appearance of even the Plus model – after all, it wasn’t necessary. So the backrest with shoulders, the colored accents, the quilted top of the backrest, and the high quality of the fabrics remain the same on the One Plus. We award 10 out of 10 points in this context.

On the outside, Backforce has only added extra-soft cushions to the armrests. These are velour-coated like the seat and the lower half of the backrest and can be removed.

At the same time, the manufacturer has thought ahead and not just focused on maximizing profits, since you don’t have to buy the One Plus right away in this case. Because features like padding for the forearms can be bought for 29 euros in the Backforce shop.

This is true even if you own the first model, the Backforce One. Great and customer-oriented solution! And the armrests also sit firmly, so you don’t have to worry about them falling off.

The Backforce One Plus features at a glance

The company has addressed another cushioning feature, the lack of which we cited as one of the few criticisms in our review of the Backforce One: the neck pillow. Although this is not delivered with the Backforce One Plus, it can also be ordered separately in the store for both models and convinces with a high quality. The price for it is also 29 euros.

Even though the neck cushion is not included, Backforce has devoted special attention to strengthening the ergonomics of the Backforce One Plus and increasing the seating comfort. Thus, the equipment of the chairs optimally supports the back while gaming. This is because the multi-layered backrest has been given a new lumbar support, which can now be adjusted horizontally and vertically and adapts excellently to the body shape.

Although features like a lumbar support should be a matter of course for gaming chairs in terms of ergonomics, they are not for many other manufacturers. Therefore, the individually adjustable lumbar support alone makes the Backforce One Plus worth buying to protect your back in the long run while gaming and to benefit from the high seating comfort.

For me personally, the Backforce One was very comfortable compared to the competition, and I don’t extend the lumbar support on the One Plus, its successor, but that’s up to everyone’s preferences.

Beyond the adjustable lumbar support, the Backforce One Plus chair impresses with a solid molded wood panel in the backrest. The best thing that can happen to a chair, after all, wood is flexible, unlike hard plastic. Accordingly, the wood does the back good and at the same time provides the necessary stability.

Another upgrade from the Backforce company was convincing in our test: the armrests can still be folded away to the rear, just like on the Backforce One, but have become much more flexible on the One Plus. Instead of 2D armrests, the chair now has 5D armrests.

This means that you can not only adjust the height and fold them away, but also move them in all directions, plus rotate them. So you can hardly get more flexibility and comfort than that.

However, features like the gained flexibility of the armrests go hand in hand with more unintentional movements. So you have to be aware that while the 5D armrests are firmly anchored to the chair, the moving parts do move when you come up against them. This is how it happened to me that I unintentionally pushed the armrest further forward. Post a comment if you agree with me on this!

In addition to the synchro mechanism, Backforce has also added seat depth adjustment and seat tilt adjustment to increase comfort. So now you have more space on the seat of the chair made in Germany if needed, and the weight distribution ensures a pleasant gaming experience.

Especially people whose legs regularly fall asleep while gaming will be happy about the tilt adjustment on the Backforce One Plus. And the seat can also be extended as a result, because you don’t notice anything of the approximately 8 centimeter gap in the model. I can imagine that this can also contribute to better ventilation in the summer.

These are the changes that the Backforce One Plus brings to the table. Let’s move on to our – this time justifiably somewhat longer – conclusion.

Summary of the Backforce One Plus Test

In general, the Backforce One was already a real highlight in our test history. With the One Plus, the freshly baked manufacturer has added a few more features that convinced us in the Backforce One Plus test.

We positively rate the following features on the Backforce One Plus:

  • The appealing chair design
  • The quality of the materials
  • The high-quality and appealing finish
  • The seating comfort due to the comfortable upholstery
  • The 5D armrests
  • The adjustable lumbar support
  • The solid wood seat
  • The flexibility provided by the seat tilt adjustment and the seat depth adjustment
  • The load capacity at any weight
  • The price-performance ratio

In addition, the fact that the neck cushion and the padded 5D armrests are available separately from the chair in Backforce’s store gets even more plus points. We were particularly impressed with the horizontally and vertically adjustable lumbar support.

The bottom line is that our criticisms were heard and implemented in the best possible way. The Backforce One Plus is now subject to such a high degree of customization that almost every user with a body height between 150 and 192 centimeters can sit long and comfortably on the chair.

Although the price has increased to 609 euros due to the many new features, however, we still think that the price is justified. Once again, we remind you that the chair is completely handmade in Germany and bears the “Made in Germany” quality mark.

Consumers also get a 10-year warranty when buying the chair. With the Backforce gaming chair, attention is paid just not only to the exterior and Chinese parts. In a nutshell, the Gold Award becomes a Platinum Award after our tests!

Backforce One Plus

Design and workmanship
Value for money


The Backforce One Plus combines ergonomic features with German craftsmanship and 10 years warranty at an absolutely fair price.

Simon Lüthje

I am co-founder of this blog and am very interested in everything that has to do with technology, but I also like to play games. I was born in Hamburg, but now I live in Bad Segeberg.

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The Backforce brand has only recently entered the gaming chair business, but has already established itself there. The only model to date, the Backforce One, is characterized above all by high quality, useful functions and a unique design. As a sponsor of the BIG Clan, the German company is also present as a supplier on the very big stage of e-sports.
At the beginning of this year we already had the Backforce One in our test lab to put it through its paces. The result was a surprisingly positive result and the presentation of our Gold Award. To achieve such a good result with the first product right away impressed us very much. Although the price of 479 Euro was very proud, it was justified by handcraft, local production and 10 years warranty.
Backforce has now given its multiple award-winning chair a general overhaul and added many more useful Features. We also took a...


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