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Review: S300 Gaming-Chair – the Top Model from Nitro Concepts

In October 2017 Nitro Concepts introduced the S300 as a new top model and we were able to test this gaming chair for you. How does the new top model perform in contrast to the DXRacer 1 and does the quality speak for itself? More in the test!

With about 250 Euro the Nitro Concepts S300 is settling in the beginner area of gaming chairs. For the one or the other a lot of money, for high-quality products in this area, however, only an entry. A special feature is the fabric cover, which is not often found in this price segment. Cold foam is used for the upholstery and the 3D armrests are made of PU plastic. The height of the seat surface can be adjusted between 48 and 61 cm, and there is also a freely adjustable rocker function, which can of course also be locked. The seat itself is 57 cm wide and the backrest is 56 cm wide at the widest point. With its maximum weight of 135 kg, the chair is definitely suitable for more corpulent gamers.

Before we start evaluating the features and overall quality of the workmanship, we’ll look at the design of the Nitro Concepts S300. I’ll be brief: I haven’t yet had a chair that was so easy to assemble. Turn the turnstile around, attach the rollers, turn the turnstile around again, put the cylinder on it and tighten everything. The assembly takes no more than 20 minutes!

Nitro Concepts S300
  • Total height (with base): ca. 128 – 140 cm
  • Height of seat surface (with base): approx. 48 – 61 cm
  • Height of backrest: approx. 87 cm
  • Width of inner backrest: approx. 48 cm
  • Outside width of backrest (widest point): approx. 56 cm
  • Inside seat width: approx. 47 cm
  • Outside seat width (widest point): approx. 57 cm
  • Depth of seat: approx. 47 cm
  • Width of armrests: approx. 9.5 cm
  • deep armrests: approx. 25.5 cm
Weight approx. 28 kg
  • Steel (frame)
  • nylon (base)
  • Cold foam (padding)
  • Fabric (cover)
  • nylon / polyurethane (castors)
  • polyurethane (armrests)
Maximum load
135 kg
  • backrest tilt from 90 to 135 degrees
  • Comfortable & breathable cold foam padding
  • Customizable 3D armrests
  • High-quality gas pressure spring class 4
  • Rob mechanism by a maximum of 14 degrees
  • 60-millimeter rolls for hard and soft floors
  • 2 pillows included (neck pillow + lumbar pillow)
  • 2 years warranty
Price € 269.90 *


The product data sheet of the S300 already gives hope for a lot, because already the fabric cover indicates a high-quality product. The cover is super processed, straight and clean seams provide a good overall picture. Besides, we can’t find any open stitches. The seat and side bolsters have a slight transition, which ensures a good fit and maximum legroom. The high-density cold foam provides pleasant seating comfort.

The turnstile is not made of cheap plastic or metal like other manufacturers, but of nylon. In the meantime, it has become a common material in this area in order to provide very good stability and load-bearing capacity. In combination with the gas pressure spring class 4, Nitro Concepts with the S300 enables a load capacity of up to 135 kg.

The 3D armrests are also a special highlight. As the name suggests, the armrests can be moved in three directions. You can adjust their height, move them forwards and backwards and turn them a few degrees to the left or right. The quality is striking, they do not wobble excessively.

Nitro Concepts offers a wide range of colours for friends of different colours. Our test model is in the color Inferno Red, also there are Astral Yellow, Atomic Green, Horizon Orange, Radiant White, Galactic Blue, Stealth Black.

Seating Comfort

Many always complain about the typical design of the gaming chairs, that they look too much like racing seats and that they are not ergonomic and comfortable. It’s different with the S300. As already mentioned, the seat and backrest for the upholstery are made of highly compressed cold foam. When sitting for the first time, the cold foam is a bit unusual, you feel like on a gel-like mass. If you get used to this circumstance, you don’t really want to get up anymore and even longer gaming sessions don’t cause back pain or lame legs. This is also ensured by the high-quality backrest. As already mentioned, the seat is also adapted for this chair. Due to the easy transition to the side bolsters you really sit comfortably and have enough space.

Although the backrest has the familiar “wings”, you never feel constricted. This is especially important for more corpulent gamers. In addition, these “wings” especially support the shoulders, also with big people. As an extra for the backrest, there is also a high-quality neck and lumbar cushion. Also with these the quality is to be noticed clearly. After being compressed, they quickly return to their old form and do not deform constantly. The cushions are fastened with rubber straps and can therefore be easily moved.


And does it have the new top model from Nitro Concepts on the box and can the S300 compete with the competition for around 250 euros? Yes! The fabric cover of the chair is at the highest level and the quality is convincing. With the typical design of a gaming chair, some manufacturers can do things wrong, but Nitro Concepts responds well to the criticism of many users and addresses the problems of the typical design.

For the DX Racer1 to be Amazon’s most popular gaming chair, the Nitro Concepts S300 is almost at the same price and has even more features. It has a higher maximum load, its cushions are also made of fabric and the armrests cannot only be adjusted in height. In addition, the dimensions of the S300 are more generous so that more corpulent gamers experience even better seating comfort.

Briefly and simply summarized: Top quality, very good workmanship, very good seating comfort and also the 3D armrests are convincing. With the Nitro Concepts S300 you get a gaming chair that leaves nothing to be desired!

Nitro Concepts S300


Definitely excellent.

The Nitro Concepts S300 can easily compete with the DXRacer 1. The fabric cover is top and all other features are convincing!

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