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Backforce versus Recaro: Close battle “Made in Germany”

In Part 3 of our Backforce series, we turn our attention to comparing two brands whose histories could hardly be more similar. Both Backforce and Recaro are backed by two renowned large German groups that have decades of experience in building high-quality chairs. What’s more, both manufacturers unveiled their first generation of gaming chairs in May 2019. We compared to what extent the two are similar in terms of quality, durability, comfort and price as well.

For this purpose, we took a closer look at both tests of the respective flagships Backforce One Plus and Recaro Exo FX. Every detail was compared. Considering the prices Recaro comes up with and the well-known quality on the part of Backforce, we expect a close race between the two German gaming seat rivals. Let the games begin!

Corner data on the companies

Backforce Recaro
Market launch 2019 2019
country of origin Germany Germany
Market segment Premium Premium
Models One, One Plus Exo, Exo FX, Exo Platinum
Target group (height) 150 – 192 cm 150 – 200 cm
Target group (body weight) 45 – 130 kg 45 – 150 kg
Price range of all chairs 499 – 629 euros 799 – 999 euros
Testing Reviews (Basic-Tutorials.com) 1x Gold, 1x Platinum 1x Gold
Best Test Score (Basic-Tutorials.com) 95/100 points 91/100
Special Features 5D armrests, flexible lumbar support, distinctive back shield, customizable extras Breathable fabrics, 5D armrests, anti-submarining hills, lumbar support

Backforce: a young brand, but decades of experience

Admittedly, the majority of BT’s editorial team is a fan of Backforce. But that doesn’t mean that every other gaming chair is immediately left behind. We approach the comparison neutrally, but would still like to briefly introduce the young brand.

As a brand of the chair manufacturer Interstuhl, a lot of experience has gone into the construction of the gaming chairs. The German company has been on the market for more than 60 years and usually scores with innovation and quality, but most of all with handwork “Made in Germany”. Especially the latter fact makes the Backforce chairs not exactly bargains either. But if you add up the ratings of all the components of a Backforce One or a One Plus, you get an unprecedented value for money.

This has already been recognized by e-sports organizations and big YouTuber names. Accordingly, Backforce supports the well-known Team BIG, the annual charity stream Friendy Fire with Gronkh and Pietsmiet, among others, as well as Team Paluten, the second YouTube channel of the successful content creator of the same name.

Backforce has been on the market since May 2019, but has apparently shown a steep upward trend in terms of popularity. However, this has a lot to do not only with good marketing, but above all with the products themselves.

What makes the gaming chairs from Backforce stand out

First and foremost, it should be mentioned that every single Backforce One and One Plus arrives at the buyer equipped with a 10-year warranty. Significantly more than any other gaming chair manufacturer can come up with. Of course, we can only really judge whether the chairs will last 10 years, but we are certain of a positive result. After all, Interstuhl has plenty of experience in the industry and will hardly send the freshly baked gaming brand on a journey of success that ends abruptly in 10 years. Moreover, the quality of the chairs speaks for itself.

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Only high-quality materials are used, from the wheels to the headrest. The base is made of brushed aluminum and supports the chair, including a person weighing a maximum of 130 kg, with ease. In addition, Backforce gaming chairs are equipped with Alcantara leather, which is responsible for the classy look of the chairs.

But quality is not only built in on the outside, but also on the inside: Dual-foam components provide lasting comfort, while a wood molded panel in the backrest conforms more individually to the back. Wood is generally better off in a high-quality chair than a steel frame. This prevents sagging, among other things.

Looking further at the Backforce chairs, individual extras stand out in addition to the unique design. Patches on the left and right side of the backrest can be labeled according to personal taste. In addition, there is a so-called Gamer Pulse on the back, which lights up and can also be customized itself. Fine features that other gaming chairs miss, but gamers love.

Finally, 5D armrests that can be folded away if necessary, a breathable backrest, seat depth and seat tilt adjustment, and a flexibly adjustable lumbar support ensure the perfect seat for gaming. And at this point, we still haven’t listed all the highlights. If you want to know more, it’s best to check out the review of the Backforce One or One Plus.

What sets Recaro’s gaming chairs apart

As much as we’re excited about Backforce, we can’t hide our enthusiasm to the Recaro Exo FX. Of course, we’re talking utopian sums for a gaming chair here, but on the other hand, Recaro also builds “Made in Germany”, uses high-quality materials and has designed every detail for durability and comfort.

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Recaro also accomplishes this with breathable upholstery, but in this case with fabric instead of Alcantara leather. As the company has experience primarily in building racing car seats, it has also drawn inspiration from this in building the Exo range. The result is an anti-submarining hill in the seat surface, which prevents it from slipping away, as well as a shell-shaped construction, which doesn’t leave much room for maneuvering at the sides, though. The latter might bother one or the other who has a wider buttocks. An obstacle that Backforce skillfully avoids.

The entire frame – starting with the base – is made of sturdy aluminum. This ensures that even people with a body weight of 150 kg can take a seat. Lasting comfort is provided by 5D armrests (on the Exo, there are only 4D backrests) and a lumbar support, which is not flexible, however. In turn, a Recaro Exo FX offers a race car feel, with the high backrest benefiting tall people.

We were also excited about the adjustable swing function, which allows you to position yourself according to your current activity. However, there are only four “pre-programmed” settings for this, nothing is individual at this point. Which four these are and further details, one finds out in our Review to the Recaro Exo FX..

In addition to the FX model, there is also a base version and the Exo Platinum. The one is cheaper and saves one or the other extra, the other more expensive, but has only a fancier design and special wheels to offer. In our eyes, too little to justify a price difference of (only) 100 euros in each case.

Top models: the Backforce One Plus compared to the Recaro Exo FX

What the chairs from Backforce and Recaro can do, we have now taken a closer look. But which manufacturer now has the edge in a direct comparison? To do so, we brought in the Backforce One Plus and the Recaro Exo FX – both the brands’ flagship models.

In terms of features, the Backforce One Plus is the clear winner. Flexibly adjustable lumbar support as well as individually adjustable seat depth and seat tilt earn the newcomer decent points. While Recaro doesn’t look old here, it misses out a bit on flexibility.

Backforce also wins in our opinion when it comes to comfort. A molded wood panel, dual-foam components under the rear and back, and a breathable cover ensure long-lasting comfort. Aside from the wood in the backrest, the Recaro Exo FX can keep up, but only up to that point. In our eyes, the manufacturer has concentrated too much on the seat shape and thus “only” installed an aluminum frame.

The Backforce One Plus also comes with exciting extras like the Gamer Pulse and customizable patches. The Recaro Exo FX didn’t win the German Design Award 2020 for nothing, but the One Plus comes closer to a gaming look. In the end, as always, taste decides – and the wallet.

The prices in comparison

While you pay 499 euros for the first Backforce chair,the One, it’s already 629 euros for the One Plus. However, these prices are nothing compared to those of Recaro. You pay as little as 799 euros for the Basic version, while the Exo FX comes in at 899 euros and the Platinum edition follows at 999 euros.

We just noted that the Backforce One Plus won the comparison because it has more features, does more for comfort, and ultimately offers a 10-year warranty on its gaming seats. If you calculate it down, 629 euros per day becomes 17 cents. A small price to pay for so much quality.

Meanwhile, the Recaro Exo chairs are left behind, even though they don’t bring less in terms of quality. But 799 euros for the normal Exo alone is then a bit too much of a good thing.


Here we now probably only need to be brief, since everything has been said anyway. Backforce also wins this duel of gaming chairs due to more performance for less money. Nevertheless, it is nice to see that the battle for the Olympus of this type of chair is being fought with great German participation. We are curious to see what both Backforce and Recaro will come up with in the next few years alongside noblechairs and Co.

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