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Mfavour MFV000008 in test – office chair instead of gaming chair?

In addition to RGB lighting, monitors and the PC itself, a comfortable piece of seating furniture is now part of a fully equipped gaming room. While console gamers usually rely on a comfortable couch, PC gamers primarily use a suitable gaming chair. The market for ergonomic seating furniture is now characterized by a wide variety of suppliers. Even companies like Razer, previously only known for their mice and keyboards, have now entered this segment. Accordingly, gaming chairs can now be purchased in a wide variety of price ranges. The manufacturer mfavour belongs to the rather cheaper representatives of the favor. The chair is not positioned as a gaming chair, but as an office or computer chair. Whether the office chair at a price of just under 174 euros can keep up with the expensive gaming chair competition, we want to check today once on the basis of the mfavour MFV 000008.

Technical details

Color Black
Product dimensions 35 cm x 86 cm x 65 cm, 14.8 kg
Maximum load capacity 150 kg
Material Aluminum, fabric/mesh back
Seat height 113 cm – 125 cm
Height of the armrest 27 cm – 35 cm
Height of the backrest 61 cm
Price € 169.99*

The Structure

Mfavour’s office chair comes in a nondescript cardboard box. If you open the same, it goes directly to the assembly. Everything you need for this is included in the delivery.

All components are carefully packed so that the risk of scratches or other damage is avoided

What we particularly liked is the fact that the manufacturer even occupies two gloves. These should probably serve as a kind of protection for the user, so that there are no injuries and / or dirt during assembly.

The assembly is wonderfully self-explanatory. Appropriate threads can be found quickly, which means the chair is assembled quickly.

The well-stocked assortment of screws also makes a very good impression. Unfortunately, the components were sometimes a little too wet with grease.

The manufacturer has really thought of everything. Thus, the enclosed gloves facilitate the assembly immensely.

In the course of this, it is quite advisable to have a zewa cloth or two nearby to keep the seating surface from getting greasy.

It takes less than 20 minutes to assemble the chair

After a short time you have connected the individual components together and the chair is ready to be built.

Many customization options

Let’s not kid ourselves. Even though office chairs and gaming chairs often want to show off a number of different features, it all comes down to seating comfort. After all, tailor-made adjustment options are of no use if you ultimately have to remain uncomfortable in front of the computer. Mfavour offers several ergonomically interesting features on the MFV000008.

The headrest can be a bit wobbly at times. However, this is only noticeable during quick movements.

A total of five functions can be adjusted completely individually. So everyone should be able to adjust the very personal sitting posture. In addition to the height and angle of the headrest, you can also adjust the height and depth of the lumbar support. In addition, you can adjust the armrest. In particular, the height and angle of the support surface can be adjusted here. Mfavour calls the armrests used 3D armrests themselves.

Thanks to the lumbar support, one can relieve the back quite individually.

The arm rests more than live up to their name. One must grumble a little with the headrest. Here, the adjustment is sometimes a bit wobbly. Sometimes, stronger head movements led to an adjustment of the support. You should keep this in mind when using your body too much in heated battles – in the truest sense of the word.

The 3D armrests do a good job! They can be adjusted not only in height, but also in angle.

Of course, adjusting the seat height is also easy. To be able to change the angle of the seat, you can adjust the tilt angle of the backrest – or adjust the resistance accordingly, so you can lean back comfortably whenever you want. But can you feel the many adjustment options in practice? Oh yes! During the first test gaming, you don’t even want to get up again. This is probably because the chair perfectly supports the neck and cervical spine. Thanks to the ergonomic armrests, the arms and shoulders also have a relaxed position.

No sweaty back

At first glance, the mesh of the backrest may look uncomfortable. Especially for fans of thickly upholstered leather armchairs, this might be a bit off-putting. However, once you lean against it, you immediately feel that the choice of material is by no means at the expense of a comfortable seat. Quite the contrary. The mesh brings with it a pleasing level of breathability.

The back mesh made of high-quality fiberglass ensures good ventilation and is extremely comfortable.

This is especially appreciated when your gaming session should last a little longer. After all, the mesh ensures that you don’t get a sweaty back. Since mfavour relies on resistant glass fibers here, commendable longevity should also be ensured. The special mesh fabric definitely makes a very good impression in the hands-on. Since the mesh is characterized by a high elasticity, the spine and intervertebral discs are also relieved.

Great ergonomics

You don’t have to look closely to see that the designers have taken the utmost care to create the highest level of ergonomics in the chair. For example, the backrest clearly follows the natural curve of the human body. This supports the spine and relieves the intervertebral discs.

The chair adapts perfectly to the human back shape. This is how ergonomic design works!

As a result, you’ll always keep a cool head while working and gaming on your PC, and you’ll be able to concentrate at your best. In the long run, the mfavour’s curved shape also promotes the correct posture of the person sitting on the chair. This saves you from annoying back pain.

Limited build quality

Mfavour makes it clear that the model has received several safety certifications at once. This is something to be justifiably proud of, too. In particular, the three-stage gas spring has earned BIFMA certification. The fact that it has earned this is quickly felt when adjusting the seat height smoothly. There are absolutely no quality deficits to complain about here.

Even on closer inspection, the chair maintains the positive impression in terms of workmanship. However, the annoying shield shouldn’t have been necessary.

To ensure that you can enjoy the chic seating furniture for as long as possible, the manufacturer relies on a resistant aluminum alloy for the turnstile.

A high-quality aluminum alloy is used for the turnstile

This withstood a static pressure of 1,136 kg in a load-bearing test. Otto normal consumers like us should, however, stick to the maximum carrying weight recommended by the manufacturer. This is 150 kg.

With the help of the lever on the underside, the seat height can be individually adjusted

Parquet owners will be pleased to know that mfavour has also thought through the choice of castors. Special nylon wheels are used here. Thanks to the ingenious choice of materials, you probably won’t have to worry about scratches in the sensitive wooden floor.

The nylon-based casters do a good job

In turn, our carpet test showed that the wheels can roll from A to B perfectly well even on textile surfaces. Certainly, rubber wheels would have been even better. However, you cannot expect a corresponding coating in this price segment.

However, not everything that glitters is gold. Although the chair looks good on the outside, it still has to put up with some criticism: The seat is made of wood and is therefore much less durable than a steel frame. On top of this is only a very soft and thin foam, which is comfortable, but will also be worn through quite quickly – our expectation here is about 6 months. The wooden base frame also makes the chair less stable and makes corresponding noises. A load of 150 kg we therefore do not trust the chair.

Conclusion: only usable at first glance

The mfavour MFV000008 once again makes it clear why it makes sense to spend more money and buy a decent office or gaming chair, such as the Backforce One. At first glance, the MFV000008 does a lot of things right, offering interesting features like adjustable lumbar support, 3D armrests, an adjustable headrest, and mesh that’s refreshing for summer. So they didn’t save on features here, but unfortunately on the materials and thus the durability. For 6 months, the chair may provide a good seating comfort, if it does not break before, but then the seat cushion is worn through and you no longer have fun with the chair. So, unfortunately, we can’t give it a recommendation.

mfavour MFV000008

Value for money


The Mfavour MFV000008 unfortunately only convinces with its features at first glance. The choice of material unfortunately does not promise long durability and stability.

mfavour MFV000008 Bürostuhl price comparison

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