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Razer Iskur in test: gaming chair with special features

Razer has a huge range of products. Peripherals, laptops, smartphone cases and plush toys are just a few to choose from. Now Razer is also playing in a new market, namely gaming chairs. And of course, this one has to have one special feature. Most ergonomic seating on the market either doesn’t offer any lumbar support or only a minor one, and if it does, it’s often implemented via a cushion. The Razer Iskur is different and comes with an adjustable lumbar support. We test for you how the new product of the well-known gaming brand does.

Scope of delivery and assembly

The box in which the Razer Iskur arrives with us is really bulky in contrast to comparable counterparts. The FedEx delivery guy had his difficulties getting the 30 kilogram package to the front door. The last few meters we had to struggle.

Razer manages to conjure up a high-quality packaging for the Iskur as well. From the outside, the box looks simple and functional. We can find a product photo, product name and all sorts of information on it. However, after opening it, we immediately notice the inner flap with the warnings. Besides a note that we should assemble the chair with support, the manufacturer gives us the hint that we should not surf on the chair at the end – thanks for the hint! We also find the familiar “thank you” letter, this time somewhat oversized in DIN A2. The nice gimmick is put to good use and on the back we find nicely illustrated instructions on how to set up the Iskurs.

Packaging material was definitely not spared, because each part is either surrounded with foam or is additionally still in a plastic cover. There is also a large cardboard box for the assembly material, in which we also find the cylinder. The few individual parts are striking, because the size of the box comes about because the 4D armrests are already pre-assembled, so less to screw.

With the illustrated instructions, assembly is really quick. While the food sizzles on the stove, we have screwed together the complete chair in 15 minutes. The pre-assembled armrests and the instructions contribute their part, as well as the good workmanship. And the assembly also works completely alone without problems, even if a helping hand would certainly have saved a minute or two.

Frame design: Metal & plywood
Cover material: PVC leather
Weight: 28 kg
Seating surface: Width: Inside: 400 mm, Outside: 540 mm
Depth: 500 mm
Thickness: 100 mm
Backrest: Width: Inside: 320 mm, Outside: 560 mm
Height: 850 mm
Thickness: 80 mm
Armrests: 4D, height: min: 295 mm, max: 365 mm
Ergonomics: Backrest tiltable, height adjustable, armrests adjustable, lumbar support, neck pillow
Gas pressure spring: Class 4, 160 mm
Maximum load: 130 kg
Price (MSRP): € 674.99 *

Design and workmanship

On the subject of design, workmanship also already plays a role. All holes, including threads, must be in the appropriate place to ensure easy assembly. In any case, the Razer Iskur already collects good points here, because everything ran smoothly from the hand, as mentioned above.

Razer relies on thick, multi-layered faux leather in various looks for the Iskur. The seat and back have a rather rough surface, whereas the sides of the seat almost have a carbon look. Especially the black version of the Razer Iskur that we tested makes quite an impression with its black stitching. Despite the racing-inspired look, it is basically suitable for any office. Fortunately, the typical openings for straps found on racing seats have been omitted. To round off the design, the Razer logo is placed on the headrest. It is completely black, just like the whole chair, as we only find the usual green Razer colors on the other variant.

The workmanship is also of high quality. All seams are well workmanship, even the decorative stitching on the seat. Usually, the cover of a chair cannot be removed, but this is different with the Iskur. On the back of the backrest we find a zipper, which can be easily opened, so that the cover can be removed. If a small mishap happens, you will have to disassemble the backrest, but cleaning is easy this way.

Sitting comfort and ergonomics

Many adjustment options to ensure the best seating comfort, basically every gaming chair has by now. More important is the implementation and in the case of the Razer Iskur, there is also the adjustable lumbar support. The backrest can be adjusted up to 139 degrees via a lever on the right side. Thus, you can almost lie on the chair. The adjustable lumbar support can be adjusted via a switch that we placed on the bottom of the chair. It’s certainly better than the typical pillow in the back.

4D armrests are simply part of the package in this price segment, and the Razer Iskur of course has them. Up, down, forward, backward, left and right are the directions in which the armrests can be adjusted.

Of course, the upholstery and the gas cylinder also contribute to the comfort of the seat. The padding is a bit hard at first, at least it feels that way. However, together with the cheek pads of the seat, a firm and comfortable fit is guaranteed. The cylinder then does its by the way, it doesn’t give much when you sit down or move around on the chair, and that’s a good thing.

Razer recommends a maximum weight of 130 kilograms with a height of 174 to 181 centimeters due to the Class 4 cylinder and the padding used. Certainly, gamers in this size range are blessed with even greater comfort, but even with a height of 2 meters, it is still very comfortable to sit on the Razer Iskur.

Compared to other chairs with lumbar cushions, the Razer Iskur offers higher comfort. This is mainly due to the fact that the lumbar support can be extended much further. If you’re not sitting reclined in the chair, the Iskur still provides enough support for your back.


Razer can make high-quality products, we know. We recently tested the new flagship among the manufacturer’s keyboards ourselves, and you have to put a decent chunk of money on the table for that. It’s no different with the Razer Iskur. 500 Euros MSRP is quite a statement when we look at the competition on the market.

However, the Razer Iskur has a unique selling point. We don’t find an adjustable lumbar support in every chair, if it’s rather a cushion that yields after time and thus becomes superfluous sooner or later. You don’t want to lean back completely in the chair to sit up straight? Then the support will help you a lot here.

The workmanship is also correspondingly high quality for this price, just like the materials. We didn’t expect anything else from Razer.

Razer Iskur

Seating comfort
Value for money


Expensive, but comfortable. The lumbar support is a special feature.

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