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Gaming chair test: the best chairs in 2023 for every budget

Your hardware is optimized down to the last screw. Your peripherals shine in sync with what’s happening on your screen. But you’re still sitting on an office chair whose best years are long gone? A good gaming chair offers many benefits and not only improves your gaming experience, but is also good for your health. In the Gaming Chair Test, we provide you with our buying recommendation for the best chairs in 2023.

Buy a gaming chair: Our Guide – Why Ever?

Before we get to the buying recommendation, however, let’s first shed some light on the basics in our gaming chair guide.

Why should you buy a gaming chair?

  • Gaming chairs take the strain off your back and spine
  • They prevent back pain, neck pain and headaches

In addition to the obvious, often chic design, a gaming chair offers several advantages. After all, anyone who plays for a long time on the PC or notebook should also sit comfortably. So-called gaming chairs offer from an ergonomic point of view several advantages, which, for example, relieve your back and spine.

The “hunchback”, for example, often arises from a lack of movement, combined with an incorrect or unnatural posture when sitting. It’s a problem that often comes with cheap chairs and can even become chronic as a permanent condition.

The consequences range from incorrect posture to acurvature of the back, which, depending on the severity, can even affect the internal organs. In addition to back pain, neck pain, and headaches, this can even affect heart activity and lung function in the worst cases.

Gaming chair test: neck pain
Do you often suffer from neck pain or headaches? Your chair could be to blame.

A good gaming chair can remedy that because of its ergonomic shape. So if you sit at your PC for a long time, you should definitely think about buying a suitable seat. And it doesn’t even have to be terribly expensive, although the higher the price, the better the range of functions, ergonomics and special features. In our big gaming chair test, we provide you with a buying recommendation for the best chairs in each price range.

What should you look for when buying a gaming chair?

  • Most important are the dimensions and maximum weight

Gaming chairs now come in all shapes, colors and sizes. They come with fabric or leather upholstery, 4D or even 5D armrests, adjustable lumbar support and many other comfort features.

Before buying, however, it is also important to take a look at the dimensions of the object of desire. Because every gaming chair has different dimensions, is designed for different sizes and different weight classes.

  • This you need to know: What you should look for when buying a gaming chair, we have summarized for you in our checklist before buying.

How much does a gaming chair cost?

  • First gaming chairs are available from around 100 euros
  • Premium chairs cost more than 1,000 euros

So now you know what distinguishes such a gaming chair at all. But what costs a gaming chair at all? This is very different. So there are already cheap seating for just under 100 euros, while upwards you are almost no limits.

With a cheap gaming chair, you usually have to do without some features, while some components are of course not as high-quality as with more expensive models. Depending on your budget, a 150 euro model can of course be absolutely sufficient for you.

On the other hand, you will enjoy a higher-quality gaming chair for much longer. Manufacturers like Backforce, for example, offer up to 10 years warranty on their One and One Plus models – that’s unique, because usually two or three years are usually the norm.

How much does a gaming chair cost?
Price and performance are in relation for gaming chairs. More expensive chairs are usually of higher quality, more durable and offer more features.

This then justifies the higher purchase price in our eyes. Because think about it: What will last you longer? A 150 euro chair that lasts 1-2 years? Or a 500 Euro gaming chair that will keep you happy for 10 years? Actually clearly, or?

The best gaming chairs 2023 in the test: Backforce is test winner

  • Backforce offers the best price-performance ratio in the gaming chair test
  • The gaming chairs are completely manufactured in Germany

There are gaming chairs for 100 euros and corresponding counterparts far beyond the 1,000-euro mark. And then there are the chairs, where the price-performance ratio simply fits. In our tests, the models from the German manufacturer Backforce stood out in particular.

Namely the Backforce One (our review), which was only displaced from its top spot by the Backforce One Plus (our review). Also worth recommending is the third, newest and at the same time most affordable gaming chair from Backforce, namely the Backforce V (our review), which marks the new reference in the segment below 400 Euros.

Backforce as a private brand has only been around since 2019, but it builds on the over 60 years of expertise of manufacturer Interstuhl, who have contributed their experience to the development of the gaming chairs.

What also sets the manufacturer’s chairs apart is their unparalleled quality. Because everything here is handcrafted “Made in Germany”, while at the same time placing enormous emphasis on excellent workmanship. This also explains why Backforce’s gaming chairs aren’t quite as cheap as some of their competitors.

Gaming chair review: Backforce One
Quality Made in Germany: gaming chairs from Backforce are our test winners

Nevertheless, the still young brand has gained an incredible reputation within a few years. Not only large Esports organizations such as Berlin International Gaming (BIG) or the “Old Lady”, Hertha BSC swear by the chairs, even well-known YouTubers and streamers profess to be Backforce fans.

Backforce V – The best gaming chair up to 400 euros

In August 2022, Backforce unveiled the V, its newest and most affordable gaming chair to date. It is meant to be a chair for everyone, combining the affordable price with high-quality components and a high level of comfort.

We could see for ourselves that this endeavor is successful in our test. In terms of comfort, the V is hardly inferior to its larger siblings. And that’s despite the fact that the new V-shaped backrest is much narrower at the bottom. Looks uncomfortable? It’s not at all!

In fact, I quite like the ergonomic shape of the backrest, as it relieves pressure on the spine

In addition, the Backforce V with many premium features that are usually only found in more expensive models. Among them, a convincing synchro mechanism and a good (though not adjustable) lumbar support.

In terms of design and seating comfort, the new V is on a par with the more expensive Backforce One, but priced well below it. The price-performance ratio is therefore impressive. At least, if you can handle the 48 cm wide seat and don’t weigh more than 130 kg.

Backforce One – The best gaming chair up to 600 euros

The cheaper model and first work of the manufacturer listens to the name Backforce One and could inspire in our test report about two years ago.

With unique features and superior seating comfort, the One has truly revolutionized the market. It is ideally suited for people between 151 cm and 192 cm, who may weigh between 45 kg and 130 kg.

Backforce One

These are pleased with a stepless weight adjustment, a lockable synchronous mechanism or foldable armrests. The comfortable Dual Core seat with two foam components also ensures a high level of comfort and hardly any other wishes are left unfulfilled:

Overall, we can state that the new and first gaming chair from Backforce surprised us – and clearly in a positive sense. The features of the gaming chair are quite innovative and bring functions to the gaming chair market that were previously only available in office chairs.

Backforce One Plus – Superior gaming chair for around 650 euros

If not all wishes have been fulfilled after all, then there’s always the manufacturer’s top model Backforce One Plus. You’ll have to pay a bit more for it, 649 Euros to be exact, but you’ll get a whole host of improvements.

The One Plus is equipped with 5D armrests that can be folded away, a lumbar support that can be flexibly adjusted in both depth and height, a molded wood plate in the backrest, as well as a seat depth and seat tilt adjustment. In addition to the One’s features, of course.

The multitude of improvements also made for a first for us in our test of the Backforce One Plus, as it was the first time we awarded a gaming chair the coveted Platinum Award and a dream score of 95 out of 100.

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It should also be mentioned that the manufacturer Backforce gives a full 10-year warranty on its gaming chairs. So you’re making an investment that will keep you happy and on the safe side for a decade. Guaranteed!

SONGMICS OBG28 Gaming Chair – Price Tip Under 150 Euros

Honestly, even though you shouldn’t necessarily cut corners when buying a gaming chair (after all, you’re making an investment for years to come), not everyone is willing to shell out several hundred euros for a chair.

This is where the SONGMICS OBG28 comes into play, which you can purchase from Amazon for around 100 euros. It is adjustable in height between 46 and 56 cm and can be loaded up to a maximum of 150 kg. In addition, he convinces with a comparatively wide seat of 54 centimeters and can be used comfortably even by people with a height of 1.90 meters.


In terms of ergonomics, of course, you have to accept some sacrifices compared to more expensive gaming chairs. For example, the backrest can only be tilted by 15 degrees, the armrests can only be folded upwards and there’s no adjustable lumbar support either. For the price, however, it’s a good start. Better be prepared, though, that this model is unlikely to accompany you for the next 10 years or more.

Alternative: Snakebyte Gaming:Seat EVO

At an MSRP of around 200 euros, you can secure the Snakebyte EVO, which is available in a choice of black, green or blue. It moves with a seat width and depth of about 50 centimeters in the midfield and can be loaded up to a maximum of 139 kg.

With a maximum seat height of 54 cm, however, it is aimed more at smaller people under 1.8 meters, but its soft and thick upholstery ensures a high level of comfort. Lordosis and neck cushions are also available.

Snakebyte Gaming:Seat EVO
Image: snakebyte

However, you have to do without flexible armrests. In addition, the plastic base doesn’t look very robust, but it still does a good job. In the meantime, however, you can get the EVO at a significantly lower price. Already from around 130 euros you can secure the gaming chair.

Gaming chair GTPlayer and DXRacer – Are the Amazon bestsellers worth it?

If you look at the best-selling gaming chairs at retailer Amazon, you’ll find two manufacturers among them again and again for years now: GTPlayer and DXRacer. Both manufacturers offer different models in different price ranges.

DXRacer in particular is considered the mother of all gaming chairs and has been offering different models since 2006. Visually, they mainly rely on the look of a bucket seat from motorsports, which many other manufacturers have adapted.

With the King and Tank XL models, DXRacer also offers gaming chairs that are suitable for people taller than two meters and weighing up to 200 kg. In the mid-range segment, however, you’ll have to do without some of the features of higher-end chairs.

Backforce One vs DXRacer gaming chair comparison

Many buyers are happy with the comparatively inexpensive chairs, which can be had for as little as €169.90…. However, it is also reported that these usually deteriorate noticeably after a few years.

Gaming chair buying recommendations up to 250 euros

Grant yourself a budget of around 250 euros to buy a new gaming chair, there are several chairs that we can recommend.

Corsair TC70 Remix

For example, there’s the Corsair TC70 Remix, which we tested in November 2021. Its price currently fluctuates quite a bit, but is usually around 250 euros.

The TC70 Remix scores with impeccable workmanship, is quickly assembled and can convince in terms of ergonomics. It is loadable with maximally 124 kg, offers for it however with 57,90 cm a broad seat surface. Thanks to a gas pressure spring made of class 3 steel, the seat height can be adjusted by up to 100 mm. A 105° tiltable backrest combined with a synchronized 10° seat tilt adjustment provide additional comfort.

Corsair TC70 Remix

In the end, this was worth a Gold Award to us: “The TC70 Remix is worth recommending for its price. Our only notable criticism is the lack of a neck pillow – anyone who wants one will have to buy one afterwards.”

SPC Gear SR600

The SPC Gear brand also has a comparatively inexpensive gaming chair on offer with the SR600, which you can already purchase from around 210 euros, depending on the color.

Last year’s model also went through our test course and only just missed the Platinum Award with a rating of 94 out of 100 points. In terms of features, the SR600 leaves hardly anything to be desired. Lumbar and neck cushions are offered, as are 4D armrests, a Class 4 gas pressure spring and extensive adjustment options.

Only the maximum weight of 120 kg turns out to be a bit low, while we found the look of the PU leather to take some getting used to. In the end, however, an absolutely coherent overall picture emerged.


We can make another gaming chair purchase recommendation for the KARNOX LEGEND TR, which currently changes hands – directly at the manufacturer – at a price of 198 euros.

The Karnox chair masters the basics with flying colors: 4D armrests, class 4 gas pressure spring, metal frame and a rocker function? Check. The maximum load capacity is 136 kg, while the seat width is somewhat narrow at around 45 cm. Otherwise, however, we liked the seating comfort and ergonomics in the test.

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The coherent overall package was already worth a clear recommendation to us in the price range between 200 and 300 Euros – at least for rather slim people. For the currently called 198 euros, the gaming chair is of course even more attractive.

Gaming chair purchase recommendations above 250 euros

Beyond the 250 euro mark, the segment of gaming chairs is much broader. Accordingly, you can choose from many different models from well-known manufacturers, most of which all have their own individual strengths and weaknesses.

Gaming chair from noblechairs

If you are a fan of pop culture and at the same time want to get yourself a really high-quality gaming chair, then you should take a closer look at the models from noblechairs, such as the excellent HERO.

noblechairs TX Series

Here we move between 400 euros and 500 euros. New special editions are also always on offer, for example in the look of Iron Man, Elden Ring or bounty hunter Boba Fett from the Star Wars universe. We also pulled out the coveted Platinum Award for the HERO TX fabric model in our September 2021 test.

The best Razer gaming chair

We can also recommend buying the Razer Enki (our review), which – depending on the color – you can already get for around 384 euros. The Enki also impresses with excellent seating comfort and a variety of clever functions.

However, the Razer Enki Pro (our review), which costs over 1,000 euros, is only partly worth the high price in our eyes.

The Razer Enki Pro is just as comfortable as it looks

Recaro gaming chairs

Also very high-quality, but also very expensive, are the gaming chairs from Recaro, such as the Recaro Gaming Exo FX. You’re guaranteed to have your fun with this model as well, though we did miss some features that are offered in the much cheaper Backforce One.

Secretlab Gaming Chairs: High-quality, classy, individual

Our last purchase recommendation in the Gaming Chair Test 2023 goes to manufacturer SecretLab from Singapore, who are also one of the best-known names in this segment. Best workmanship and materials, robustness as well as useful extras like 4D armrests and a height-adjustable lumbar support in the Titan models speak for themselves.

Here, too, you can expect various model ranges in different price classes from around 400 euros upwards. These are also configurable and can be customized in terms of size, choice of materials, and appearance. First and foremost, the current top model Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022.

Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022
Three sizes, three cushion materials and countless chic designs: the Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 pleases. (Image: Secretlab)

The range is particularly interesting for fans, because gaming chairs from SecretLab come in a wide variety of designs. Be it in the colors of Esports organizations like OG or Cloud9, in the look of Game of Thrones or Batman and even in gaming designs of Assassin’s Creed, Dota 2, The Witcher and many more.

Gaming chair review: the conclusion

So you see: the choice of gaming chairs is almost endless and keeping track of them is anything but easy. Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself how much money you want to spend on a chair and which features are particularly important to you.

Of course, a lot also depends on your physique and your individual requirements. In addition, you can find more useful guides in the following articles, which will support you when buying a gaming chair or at least make the purchase decision much easier:

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