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Corsair TC70 Remix – Corsair’s most affordable gaming chair in review

To complement the existing T1, T2 and T3 gaming chairs, Corsair has launched two more series this year: the TC60 Remix and TC70 Remix models. The latter are particularly cheap in comparison: Currently, a TC70 Remix in black is available from Price not available * [review price: 210 €, RRP: 250 €]. This makes the gaming chair significantly cheaper than the other models in Corsair’s lineup. Nevertheless, usual features like an adjustable armrest, an integrated lumbar support and even a synchro mechanism are promised.

We took a look at Corsair’s TC70 Remix and want to clarify below how well the gaming chair does in practice, and whether the model is worth a recommendation in our eyes.

Technical details of the Corsair TC70 Remix

Cover: Synthetic leather / fabric
Frame construction: Wood
Ergonomics: Armrests: 3D (Rotatable and adjustable up/down and front/back).
Seat: synchronous mechanism
Gas pressure spring: 100 mm, Class 3
Maximum load: 124 kg
Price: Black/Anthracite: Price not available *
Corsair TC70 Remix
This product is currently unavailable.

Scope of delivery & construction

As usual, the TC70 Remix is delivered in a large, black printed cardboard box. Inside it, you’ll find the accessories in addition to the individual parts of the gaming chair. This includes a manual, safety instructions, some replacement screws and an Allen key.

The chair itself consists of the usual individual parts: Five 60 mm casters are later fixed in a plastic turnstile, which in turn contains the gas pressure spring. Corsair supplies a plastic cover for this, but our pictures show the gaming chair without it.

The rocker mechanism is attached to the top of the gas pressure spring via clamp mounting, to which the seat and, via a central metal connection, also the backrest are connected. This is where Corsair’s gaming chair differs from many competing products, where the backrest is attached to the seat. The reason for this is the built-in synchronous mechanism – more on that later.

The assembly of the TC70 Remix is very easy. It is assembled with three different types of screws, all of which can be screwed in with the same Allen key that is included. Corsair uses pre-applied screw adhesive to permanently secure the screws, which makes the usual washer and snap ring combination obsolete. The lack of this makes the TC70 Remix even a bit easier to assemble than usual. If the chair is often disassembled, however, it can be assumed that the screw glue will wear off and you will have to retrofit snap rings to secure the screws.

Assembly is also made easier by attaching the backrest to the rocker mechanism – this is much easier than attaching it to the side of the seat. Otherwise, the assembly of the TC70 Remix, however, is as usual: The assembly is easy to understand and create problem-free in (under) one hour.

Design & Workmanship

Corsair offers the TC70 Remix in three color options: Black/Gray, Gray/Black, and White/Black. In our case, the chair can be seen in black/gray. Depending on the selected type, the two upholstery types of the gaming chair are colored differently. Most of the seat and the backrest are covered with a velvety synthetic fabric. The sides of the seat and backrest are also covered in synthetic leather, which is a major feature of the chair’s design.

In our eyes, the TC70 Remix is visually well done: We find the softening of the velvet elements by the artificial leather surfaces just as harmonious as the embroidered Corsair logos and lettering on the neck rest. We only find the yellow label on the side of the backrest annoying. This unnecessarily draws attention to itself, although it only shows another manufacturer logo.

We were also impressed with the build quality of Corsair’s TC70 Remix: The chair’s basic structure is very stable and it does not creak even under load. Our result for the upholstery is similarly positive: These also make a high-quality impression, and the connecting seams are cleanly crafted throughout.

Practical & Ergonomics

Corsair does not include any special ergonomics accessories with the TC70 Remix, and a lumbar cushion and neck support are omitted. The latter would have added a bit more comfort in our eyes. Fortunately, the TC70 Remix is narrow enough at the top to retrofit one of the commercially available neck pillows. If you want one, you only have to pay the corresponding surcharge.

The omission of a lumbar pillow, on the other hand, is completely unimportant in our eyes, because it is very well concealed by the curved backrest. We therefore did not miss the cushion. We also generally liked the geometry of the seat and backrest: Both should be comfortable for most people due to their gently curved shape. The only thing to consider is the relatively short seat (48 cm). We didn’t mind this, but it’s probably a matter of taste.

When you sit down in the TC70 Remix, you are greeted by a pleasantly soft cushioning that lets you sink in a bit, but not too much. We found it comfortable even after many hours at a stretch – and we can say the same about the well-implemented covers. The split between velvet fabric and synthetic leather chosen for the TC70 Remix was obviously no coincidence, as all the areas that are particularly critical for overheating – the area around the spine and the buttocks – rest on the velvet, so the well-known “sticking” of synthetic leather chairs shouldn’t be a problem.

In terms of adjustment options, Corsair delivers an equally good package for the price. The 3D armrests can be rotated in three stages and adjusted up/down and front/back to a sufficient degree. The latter is done without a dedicated adjustment button: The support can simply be pushed forward or backward steplessly. The usual features, such as the height adjustment via gas pressure spring and the bottom casters, which are very smooth-running as usual for Corsair, equally convinced us.

The synchronous mechanism built into the TC70 Remix also appealed to us. In contrast to the most commonly used rocker mechanisms, this one moves not only the backrest but also the seat when you adjust it. This makes you sit much more comfortably, especially when you’re leaning backwards – and that’s also the case with Corsair’s newcomer. In addition, we still felt comfortable in the chair even at maximum tilt: it is still stable even then.

Corsair TC70 Remix review conclusion

For its price of Price not available * [review time: €210, MSRP: €250], the TC70 Remix is currently the most affordable gaming chair in Corsair’s lineup. Nevertheless, customers do not have to make any major compromises with this model. We had a lot of fun with the chair, and above all: We sat comfortably.

In terms of build quality, Corsair delivers an impeccable image with the TC70 Remix, and assembling the gaming chair is quick and very easy thanks to the separate attachment of the seat and backrest. We also liked the ergonomics almost throughout: The backrest hugs the spine well, the cushions are soft, the covers are comfortable, and the adjustment options are definitely appropriate for the price. Of course, it is always advisable to try it out, but at least for us, the TC70 Remix is worth a recommendation for its price. Our only noteworthy criticism is the lack of a neck cushion – anyone who wants one will have to buy one later.

Corsair TC70 Remix

Seating comfort
Stability & Workmanship
Value for money


An affordable and comfortable gaming chair.

Corsair TC70 Remix
This product is currently unavailable.

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To complement the existing T1, T2 and T3 gaming chairs, Corsair has launched two more series this year: the TC60 Remix and TC70 Remix models. The latter are particularly cheap in comparison: Currently, a TC70 Remix in black is available from [review price: 210 €, RRP: 250 €]. This makes the gaming chair significantly cheaper … (Weiterlesen...)

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