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The 10 best fabric gaming chairs at a glance

Very many gaming chairs have a cover made of imitation leather. The reason for this is that the material itself is relatively easy to process. However, that is not the only argument. Faux leather is extremely practical, because it is comparatively easy to clean. Of course, it also has disadvantages that cannot be dismissed out of hand. Imitation leather is usually made of plastic and this is rarely breathable. Therefore, the body often sweats faster. Which brings us to the biggest advantage of a gaming chair with a fabric cover. You’ll only start sweating when it gets hot in-game. We have listed a number of fabric gaming chairs for you that we can recommend.

What would you like: leatherette, leather or fabric?

You’ve probably landed here because you’re looking for a fabric gaming chair. Nevertheless, for the sake of completeness, we also want to give you a little insight into what the advantages and disadvantages, but also special features of the different cover types are:

Faux leather/PU leather/PVC leather:

  • The low-maintenance nature allows you to wipe the cover with a damp cloth without further ado, should anything go wrong.
  • Covers made of imitation leather have similar properties to leather However, genuine leather usually requires additional care from time to time to remain supple.
  • Faux leather is significantly less expensive than genuine leather.
  • A major drawback is that PU leather not breathable This can lead to increased perspiration in some people. This is especially true of inexpensive models, as often no high-quality material is processed.


  • A cover made of genuine leather is often reflected in the price, since the natural product is significantly more expensive than fabric or imitation leather.
  • Leather is a very robust and resistant material.
  • However, leather must be maintained now and then with appropriate means, so that the longevity, but also the suppleness is guaranteed.
  • Leather heats up quickly. This may affect your general well-being in the summer. In winter, however, this can turn into an advantage. However, the surface is first quite cool in the cold season when it comes into contact with the skin.
  • The biggest plus point in contrast to artificial leather is, however, real leather is breathable. This makes it suitable for people who often sweat.


  • A cover made of high-quality fabric is comfortable and by and large combines the advantages of imitation leather and genuine leather.
  • Even high-quality fabric is usually significantly less expensive than leather.
  • Despite this, fabric is in most cases breathable, unless it is a low-quality fabric with a high plastic content. This can often be the case, especially with inexpensive models.
  • Qualitative fabrics are mostly also robust and resistant, so you will enjoy your gaming chair for a long time.
  • The only downside you have to accept with a fabric cover is that it is not as easy to clean. However, some gaming chair manufacturers have a solution for that as well.

The 1×1 of gaming chairs

Before you now, however, directly on the hunt for a (new) gaming chair, we would like to give you a few things to hand. Not every gaming chair is equally good, and sometimes it’s not so easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. That’s why you should check your choice for the following points:

  1. Long sitting goes on the back. However, it doesn’t have to be. Make sure that the gaming chair follows a ergonomic shape that is able to relieve your spine in the best possible way. A plus would be a head and lumbar support, either permanently integrated or included as a cushion.
  2. Stiff sitting was yesterday. Does the gaming chair have a rocker mechanism – better still synchronous mechanism? So you have the opportunity to bring variety into your sitting behavior.
  3. Sits, wobbles and has air? Check whether the gaming chair sufficient dimensions aufweis. After all, you don’t want to feel like a sardine in a can.
  4. Make sure the model of your choice will support your weight with confidence. Should you be just at the limit of the maximum weight specified by the manufacturer, we advise you to choose a more stable model. One of the main indicators is the class of the installed gas spring.
  5. Does your favorite model have a basically solid frame? Plywood and plastic have no place here. Rather go for a sturdy material, such as steel or unprocessed wood.
  6. In addition, you should also keep an eye on the upholstery. High-density foam ensures that the seat stays in shape.
  7. Steel is the material of choice. Make sure the gaming chair features a stable base assembly.

Of course, there are many more points that you should pay attention to when buying a gaming chair. You are welcome to find out what these are in our guide Checklist: Gaming chair problems and how to avoid them beforehand.

Editors’ recommendations: overview of the best fabric gaming chairs

Okay, so a fabric gaming chair it is. If you’re unsure and don’t know which model you’ll make the best catch with, we’ve listed a few of the best fabric gaming chairs on the market for you. Let’s get started.

Corsair T3 RUSH

Simple, yet elegant. The Corsair T3 RUSH (MSRP €279.90) combines ergonomic racing design with breathable, soft fabric. Features a class 4 gas spring, the chair can support up to 120 kg. Reinforced by a sturdy steel construction, the backrest can be continuously adjusted to a tilt angle of up to 170°. In addition, the T3 RUSH is equipped with 4D armrests as standard, which can be adjusted as desired. Currently, however, the model is only available in three different color combinations (Charcoal, Charcoal-Grey, Grey-White).

If the dimensions aren’t enough for you, you can alternatively fall back on the Corsair TC60 FABRIC (RRP 249.90 €), whose dimensions are a bit more generous in overview. Nevertheless, the maximum load limit of about 120 kg remains here as well. Another representative of the manufacturer is the Corsair TC70 (RRP 249.90 €). However, you should pay attention to the fact that a few stylish elements made of artificial leather have been incorporated into the fabric cover, especially in the backrest. These give the model the finishing touch.

Corner data of the Corsair T3 RUSH:

  • breathable fabric cover
  • Seating surface 560 mm x 580 mm (W/D)
  • Tilt angle of the backrest adjustable up to 170°
  • loadable up to 120 kg (class 4 gas spring)
  • 4D armrests
  • available in 3 colors

Nitro Concepts S300

Nitro Concepts S300

For gamers who want to show their colors. The Nitro Concepts S300 (MSRP €269.90) comes in a duo-tone look, combining black fabric with bright colors (choices include red, white, yellow, black, blue, purple, green, orange). In addition, there are currently two other solid designs to choose from: Urban Camo and the SL Benfica Edition. The ergonomic steel frame construction gives your back enough support even during long gaming sessions. If you want to take a break, you can tilt the backrest up to 135°. In addition, the S300 is equipped with a class 4 gas pressure spring and can withstand loads of up to 135 kg. The armrests can also be moved in 3 different directions (3D).

Nitro Concepts E250

Prefer to spend a little less? The manufacturer also has a fabric gaming chair for a slimmer buck. The Nitro Concepts E250 (MSRP €179.90) impresses with a similar, but far sleeker design.

Nitro Concepts X1000

Those who want to have a bit more noble materials like PU leather processed in the chair despite the fabric can also fall back on the Nitro Concepts X1000 (MSRP 289.90 €). Here, gamers don’t have to worry about the breathability of the fabric. The leather elements are processed in subtle places, such as the sides and the seat or back surface.

Corner data on the Nitro Concepts S300:

  • breathable fabric cover
  • Seat surface 400 mm x 560 mm (W/D)
  • Tilt angle of the backrest adjustable up to 135°
  • Loadable up to 135 kg (class 4 gas spring)
  • 3D armrests
  • Available in 10 colors and various patterns

noblechairs TX Series

High quality, but more of a sleek design, noblechairs offers the EPIC TX (MSRP €379.90), a top-notch representative of fabric gaming chairs. Classified as an ergonomic gaming and office chair, it says war on back pain. Equipped with high-density, breathable cold foam padding, the chair also provides a unique seating experience. The steel frame construction allows the backrest to have a maximum tilt angle of 135°. The class 4 gas pressure spring allows a maximum load of around 120 kg and the 4D armrests offer even more freedom during home office or gaming marathons. Nevertheless, there are some compromises in terms of color. Apart from the limited editions, the fabric versions of the noblechairs series are only available in anthracite.

In addition to the EPIC TX, noblechairs also carries other fabric-covered models: noblechairs HERO TX (MSRP €419.90), noblechairs ICON TX (MSRP €389.90) and noblechairs EPIC COMPACT TX (MSRP €359.90).

Corner data for the noblechairs EPIC TX:

  • breathable fabric cover
  • Seating surface 340 mm x 460 mm (W/D)
  • Tilt angle of the backrest adjustable up to 135°
  • loadable up to 120 kg (class 4 gas spring)
  • 4D armrests
  • exclusively available in the color anthracite

Razer Iskur Fabric / Razer Iskur Fabric XL

More known for gaming laptops and peripherals, Razer is now dishing out gaming chairs. The Razer Iskur Fabric (MSRP €549.99) and the Razer Iskur Fabric XL (€649.99) are coated with a high-quality, splash-resistant functional fabric. This is not only breathable, but also ensures that you keep a cool back in heated online battles. The metal and wood reinforced backrest reaches a total lockable tilt angle of 139°. The 4D armrests act independently of the backrest. Another highlight: The continuously adjustable lumbar support is firmly integrated into the gaming chair and can be adjusted to your individual needs. However, the textile version of the model is currently only available in dark gray, while the leather model is manufactured in two color combinations (black, black-green).

Those who like it a bit roomier can alternatively order the XL version. This is dimensionally larger and can even lift up to 180 kg with the class 4 gas pressure spring instead of just 139 kg.

Corner data of the Razer Iskur Fabric / Razer Iskur Fabric XL:

  • breathable functional fabric cover (splash-proof)
  • Seating surface 540 mm x 440 mm (W/D) or 580 mm x 505 mm (W/D)
  • Tilt angle of the backrest adjustable up to 139 °
  • loadable up to 136 / 180 kg (Class 4 / XL gas spring)
  • 4D armrests
  • exclusively available in dark gray color


Unlike most gaming chair brands, manufacturer RECARO does not use (synthetic) leather at all in its Exo series. However, this is also clearly reflected in the price. The Exo family includes a total of three models: the RECARO Exo (RRP €819.00), the RECARO Exo FX (RRP €999.00) and the RECARO Exo Platinum (RRP €1,099.00). The high-quality breathable fabric is made of 100 percent polyester and supports the player during any physical and mental exertion. The reinforced backrest offers infinite tilt adjustment on four levels: Attack, Core Focus, Core Relax and Recharge. This allows the gamer to position themselves just right on the battlefield for any situation. The standard Exo model features 4D arm bars that can be adjusted individually at any time. There are currently five color schemes available for purchase (black, red, gray, orange, blue). Those who opt for the more expensive models not only get more color and pattern choices, but also unique 5D arm splints included, which double the fun of the game right away. All models are equipped with a Class 4 gas spring and can withstand an additional weight of up to 150 kg.

Corner data on the RECARO Exo:

  • Breathable polyester fabric cover
  • Seating surface 405 mm x 450 mm (W/D)
  • Tilt angle fixable in four positions (“Attack”, “Core Focus”, “Core Relax”, “Recharge”)
  • loadable up to 150 kg (Class 4 gas spring)
  • 4D armrests
  • Available in 5 colors (plus FX and Platinum extras)

Sharkoon SKILLER SGS40 Fabric

Sharkoon SKILLER SGS40 Fabric

The Sharkoon brand stands for top value for money. The Sharkoon SKILLER SGS40 Fabric (MSRP €364.35) is here Sharkoon’s answer to the trend of fabric-covered gaming chairs. The backrest reaches a maximum tilt angle of 160° in total and, together with the 4D armrests, allows for a wonderful relaxation experience after a demanding gaming session. Thanks to its class 4 gas pressure spring, the chair can withstand loads of up to 150 kg and almost gives the feeling of sitting on a cloud while gaming.


As an in-house alternative, the Sharkoon SKILLER SGS2 (MSRP €214.90) is also wrapped in cloth and, in addition to a slimmer price, even offers more color variations. While the Sharkoon SKILLER SGS40 only has two color options to offer (black, gray), the less expensive model comes in a total of four colors (black, blue, red, green).

Sharkoon Elbrus 1

Money tight right now? If you’re willing to cut back, you can also turn to the Sharkoon Elbrus 1 (MSRP €167.50). As with the other models, the cover here is made of breathable fabric, with the exception of the 1D arm bars, which are in faux leather. Still, there are far fewer features than on the SKILLER SGS2 and SGS 40, respectively.

Corner data on the Sharkoon SKILLER SGS40 Fabric:

  • breathable fabric cover
  • Seating surface 595 mm x 530 mm (W/D)
  • Tilt angle of the backrest adjustable up to 160°
  • loadable up to 150 kg (class 4 gas spring)
  • 4D armrests
  • available in 2 colors



If the breathable and cooling fabric of the previous models isn’t enough, you might find your favorite in the DXRacer AIR R1S (MSRP €449.00). Unlike making the cover out of 100 percent polyester or similarly resilient materials, the manufacturer opted for the very airy option here: high-quality mesh. What initially looks like a gaming chair skeleton nevertheless fulfills its ergonomic purpose perfectly. Equipped with adjustable lumbar and neck cushions, the chair comes across well in the overall package. The reinforced, if somewhat bare, backrest can be adjusted to a tilt angle of up to 135°. The armrests can be moved continuously in 4 different directions, rounding out the chair’s rudimentary design. It is equipped with a class 4 gas spring and can thus lift weights of up to 150 kg. The DXRacer AIR R1S is available in four different color modes (black, white-pink, white-turquoise, white-red).


If this mesh variant is a bit too airy for you, you can also take a look at the DXRacer FORMULA F11 (MSRP €269.00). However, not only exclusively fabric, but also a few leather elements were processed in this model.

Corner data for the DXRacer AIR R1S:

  • super-breathable premium mesh cover
  • Seating surface 420 mm x 460 mm (W/D)
  • Tilt angle of the backrest adjustable up to 135°
  • loadable up to 150 kg (class 4 gas spring)
  • 4D armrests
  • available in 4 colors

GAMECHANGER Custom Gaming Chair

If all of that isn’t really the right thing, there’s always the option of putting together your very own custom gaming chair with the GAMECHANGER Custom Gaming Chair (starting at €609.00). The configurator leaves nothing to be desired. No matter whether it’s about size, color, type of cover or your own logo. When it comes to textile covers, you can choose from 15 different main colors. These do not have to be uniform or general, but can be completely different from component to component. But it’s not just the color scheme and design details that can be individually determined; individual components of the chair also depend on your own preferences. For example, separate upholstery for the processed 4D armrests, lumbar supports and different gas spring classes can be selected entirely according to preference. The chair can be ordered in three standard sizes (S/M, L, XL), whereby the XL model can be loaded with up to 200 kg.

Corner data of the GAMECHANGER Custom Gaming chair:

  • Breathable fabric cover, PU synthetic or genuine leather
  • Seat surface can be fixed individually
  • Tilt angle of the backrest in 5 angle positions fixable
  • loadable up to 200 kg (class 4 gas spring) (XL variant)
  • 4D armrests
  • available in 15+ basic colors

AKRacing Core EX

AKRacing Core EX

The AKRacing Core EX (MSRP €299.00) is wrapped in breathable, 100-percent polyester fabric that provides excellent cooling even in heated gaming battles. The metal-reinforced backrest can recline up to 180 degrees, and thanks to the built-in 3D armrests, it will take you to a well-deserved rest after a strenuous match. Equipped with a class 4 gas pressure spring, the gaming chair can support up to 150 kg. Currently, the Core EX is available in five colors (black, black-blue, black-red, blue-red, red-black).

If the 394 x 495 mm (width x depth) seat is a bit too narrow for you, you can also take a seat on the AKRacer EX Wide Gaming Chair (MSRP €319.00). The dimensions of the seat are much more generous at 570 x 500 mm. Nevertheless, this representative of the EX series also only carries a maximum of 150 kg.

AKRacing Opal


Another model from AKRacing, while not intended for all-night gaming, is designed for the home office champion at home: The AKRacing Opal Office chair (MSRP €329.00).

Core data on the AKRacing Core EX:

  • breathable polyester fabric cover
  • Seating surface 394 mm x 495 mm (W/D) or 570 mm x 500 mm (W/D)
  • Tilt angle of the backrest up to 180 ° adjustable
  • loadable up to 150 kg (class 4 gas spring)
  • 3D armrests
  • available in 5 colors

Backforce One / Backforce One Plus

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Because the Backforce One (€499.00) or Backforce One Plus (MSRP starting at €649.00) simply can’t be missing from any list of top gaming chairs, it also finds itself in this review. Okay, admittedly, we are not that consistent sometimes. However, the models from Backforce One convince us in every respect time and again. Although both candidates don’t have a typical fabric cover, it is made of a high-quality material mix. Premium PU leather is used, and Alcantara-like fabric is used in the crucial areas. The Backforce One Plus gives 5D arm bars as an upgrade to its smaller brother. Along with the backrest reinforced by a wooden base, the gaming chair is almost fully adjustable, ideal for an extended gaming or series marathon. The chair is equipped with a class 4 gas spring and in this way easily manages to support weights up to 130 kg. The design is also astonishing. Up to five colors can be selected in the Customizer, plus the additional four custom patterns. Of course, Back Force’s own logo or a custom logo can’t be missing. As a patch on the shoulders of the chair or as a glowing pulse LED on the back of the headrest, they round off the racing design of the gaming chair.

Corner data for the Backforce One Plus:

  • Material mix of premium PU leather / microfiber fabric (breathable)
  • Seat surface 530 mm x 435 mm (W/D)
  • Backrest with synchronous mechanism for the plus in ergonomics
  • Loads up to 130 kg (class 4 gas pressure spring)
  • 5D armrests
  • Available in 5 colors / 4 patterns

Fabric gaming chairs in a variety of designs

If you are looking for a decent gaming chair with fabric cover, you will not only find good at price / performance winners, but also well-known manufacturers from the premium segment. There are numerous variations and the range of additional features is also very high. Maybe you have even discovered a candidate among our recommendations that gives you what you have in mind? In any case, we wish you a lot of fun while gaming.

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