Razer brings exclusive gaming chair – but not for everyone

True to the motto “For Gamers. By Gamers”, Razer has launched a customized piece of furniture for passionate gamers. With its first gaming chair, however, the manufacturer is taking an unusual path. The upcoming “Razer Iskur” is intended to exclude a not inconsiderable part of the gaming community.

Razer sets itself up broadly

The announced release of the Razer Iskur is not the only surprise the gaming expert has in store. Only recently, with the announcement of the first monitor of its own, Razer left its usual assortment and set off on new paths. In view of a proud EIA, Razer would like to offer its customers a lot with the Iskur as well. The eye-catching design, which reminds one of a racing seat, is particularly striking. Naturally, the company’s typical poisonous green and the branding with the three snakes cannot be missing. Fans of other Razer products will immediately feel at home here. It is above all the adjustable lumbar support that is supposed to ensure a comfortable seat. This is supposed to effectively prevent back pain even during longer gaming sessions. In addition, the high-end gaming chair offers an adjustable back support and adjustable armrests.

Not suitable for everyone

Razer is targeting a very specific group of buyers with its first company-owned gaming chair. After all, the Iskur is only suitable for people who are between 170 cm and 190 cm tall and weigh up to 136 kg. This excludes a large part of the global gaming community. What sounds unfair at first sight, is probably an economically sensible decision on the part of Razer. A look at the average buyer makes it clear why. After all, the dimensions correspond to a large part of the gaming community in the western hemisphere. But is this restriction of the buyer shank also morally justifiable?

Slogan does not fit the decision

It’s just Razer’s slogan “For Gamers. By Gamers”, which now causes confusion. After all, it should be clear that the peripheral manufacturer is aware of the diversity of its clientele. A large proportion of passionate gamblers are simply not big enough to make use of the upcoming gaming chair. Above all, the female gaming community will only be able to benefit from the Razer Iskur to a fraction. A glance at the statistics is enough to substantiate this fact. The average woman in Germany is 168 cm tall. But in international comparison, women in this country have almost grown tall. After all, the average size in the USA is 162 cm and in Japan just 158 cm. Here it becomes clear that Razer probably has fully the male gaming community on the screen. This is meanwhile a dusty opinion. After all, women now make up 40 percent of the gaming community.

Not just a question of gender

Height has not only something to do with the sex. Razer also excludes a considerable part of the male community with his new Iskur. Above all, if you take a look at Asia, it becomes clear that a large proportion there cannot benefit from the advantages of the upcoming gaming chair. The average Chinese man is just over 169 cm tall. But it is not only people who are too small that are excluded. With an upper limit of 136 kg, Razer also excludes many more people. However, the manufacturer is much more accommodating here than the average competition. As a rule, gaming chairs are designed for a maximum weight limit of 120 kg. So here the manufacturer is going ahead as a positive example. The information provided by Razer should not be seen as a mere recommendation. Whoever spends so much money on a gaming chair should also receive a tailor-made result. After all, the Razer Iskur only guarantees hours of sitting in an ergonomic posture if the size of the chair fits.

Did Razer copy from the competition?

The experts of “The Verge” have taken a closer look at the Iskur. They noticed that the Iskur has an unmistakable similarity to two models of the manufacturer Secretlabs. Especially the gaming chairs Omega and Titan look very similar to Razer’s upcoming seating furniture. Components such as the backrest and armrests are particularly striking. In the meantime Razer has taken a stand on this point. The company confirmed that there was no cooperation with the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer’s own specifications, the design was created by the manufacturer in sole work.

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Why are there not more than one model?

The decision to bring a custom-made chair to the customer is very pleasing. After all, only then can the piece of furniture offer maximum comfort. But when taking this step, one should always keep the entire clientele in mind. So why doesn’t Razer simply launch several versions of the Iskur? Alternatively, modular components could have been the solution. This would allow everyone to put together their own perfectly fitting gaming chair. Considering the currently still silent “outcry” of the excluded gamers, it is probably only a matter of time before Razer launches further versions of the Iskur.

Price and availability

The Razer Iskur is now available for purchase on the company’s own website. There it is to a UVP of 499.99 euro to have.

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