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Razer Atheris Review: A Mobile Rodent with Endurance

With the Atheris, Razer introduced a wireless gaming mouse with a battery life of 350 hours. This is made possible by Bluetooth LE, but a faster connection via 2.4 GHz is also available. However, due to this and the high-resolution sensor with a resolution of up to 7,200 dpi, it should still be suitable for gaming. Due to its small size it is also predestined for mobile use. You’ll find out if it’s any good in our test.


Optically, the Athersis presents itself in a simple design typical for Razer. Matt black dominates and shapes the gaming mouse. The rubber grips on the side are grooved, in the middle there is a black mouse wheel and quite far back there is the logo of course. So Razer doesn’t dare to experiment with Atheris in terms of design. Instead, the bet is on the tried and tested. However, the missing chroma lighting is conspicuous. The Razer Atheris can therefore not be illuminated with a colour of your choice, it does not glow at all.

All in all, the Razer Atheris looks restrained and yet noble thanks to its familiar design. Defects or anomalies do not show up. All in all, the wireless mouse makes a thoroughly positive impression. The top of the mouse can be removed to replace the AA batteries underneath. Removing the flap in the test works without any problems. In addition to the batteries, there is also a compartment for the USB transmitter module. Closing the flap is also simple, which is mainly due to the magnets, which help to bring the flap into the correct position immediately.


Overall, the Razer Atheris is quite small, which is by no means unusual for a portable mouse. Since it is wireless, it is ideal for use on the go. It can be transported without any problem and used anywhere. It is therefore logical that it should be kept as small as possible. Although it offers very little “working space”, it has significant other advantages.

At the expense of ergonomics, however, the clear dimensions of the atheris do not work. The rubberized grips at the edge provide the best grip while using the mouse. In addition, due to its shape, it fits very well in the hand. A healthy posture of the arm is promoted by the atheris as a whole.

In comparison with other Razer mice, however, it is noticeable that the ergonomics of atheris is not the main focus. So there are certainly ergonomic factors to be found. Others, on the other hand, were not considered in the case of atheris. For example, the keys have not been optimized in terms of ergonomics.

However, this is understandable as a wireless mouse requires a balance between functionality, especially portability, and ergonomics. If you also consider the small size of the mouse, there are even surprisingly many ergonomically optimized areas. However, if you want to purchase a mouse that has no weak points whatsoever in terms of ergonomics, you should use a significantly larger specimen that is ideally wired.

On the positive side, the mouse can be used by both right-handed and left-handed users. The structure of the mouse makes it possible to work with both hands without restrictions. Optimum ergonomics cannot be achieved in this way, but in practice two-handed mice often prove to be very useful.


Razer promises “unfair advantages” through the up to 7,200 dpi with which the atheris can dissolve. The optical sensor of the Atheris is completely convincing in the test. Obvious vulnerabilities do not exist here – the mouse works exactly as expected. Delays or other disturbances do not occur. The mouse is connected to the end device via Bluetooth LE or a 2.4 GHz connection. An optional dongle is included in the scope of delivery. Thanks to Razer’s proprietary wireless transmission technology, the Atheris can be used in any environment without interference. Even in cafes where many other peripheral devices are connected to terminals on the same frequency, there is no interference. Also in the test the Atheris shows itself to be absolutely stable with regard to the compound.

Especially for gamers, the polling rate is an important factor for fast reactions during gambling. It is noticeable that the polling rate is limited to 250 Hz when using the Bluetooth connection. Up to 1000 Hz are possible via the 2.4 GHz radio module. The use of Bluetooth accordingly extends the battery life, which can be up to 350 hours depending on the battery used. When using the 2.4 GHz connection, the runtime drops rapidly and the battery must be replaced after just a few days of intensive use. It is therefore particularly annoying that there is no possibility of wired operation.

In addition, there are five independent hyperresponse keys that can be individually adapted. The mouse wheel is of course tactile and delivered in gaming quality.

Altogether the equipment of the Razer Atheris can be described as sufficient. There are no extras of any kind. Instead, the Atheris tries to convince with a solid basic equipment. In practice, it proves to be a suitable mobile gaming mouse. However, those who want an excellent equipment with all imaginable functions will not be happy with the Atheris. Beginners and mobile casual gamblers, on the other hand, are well served with the Atheris.


The Atheris is compatible with Razers Synapse 3. Some individual settings can be made here. The software is clearly laid out and can be used for all Razer peripherals. For the atheris, however, synapse is not absolutely necessary. Since the mouse is quite reserved in all respects, there are not many optimization or adjustment possibilities. Synapse was developed primarily for Razer’s more customizable devices. Since the Atheris is not one of them, the use of the software is a respectable extra that offers some possibilities. However, it is by no means absolutely necessary.

However, if you would like to use Synapse, you will find a very clear, excellent software that has no weak points. All settings can be made in no time at all. The menu navigation is clear and the offered options are – as long as the respective device supports them – manifold.


Among the wireless gaming mice, the Atheris has strong competition, even from its own ranks. It offers significantly fewer features than the Razer Lancehead, for example. However, the Atheris can convince with its economical Bluetooth connection and its small size. If you’re looking for a small, wireless mouse that can offer more performance for gaming in between, the Razer Atheris is the perfect choice. If you can do without Bluetooth and its low power consumption, you should rather use the Lancehead.

Razer Atheris

Value for Money

Mobile Rodent

The Atheris can convince with its economical Bluetooth connection and its small size. The batteries last forever with Bluetooth. A cable connection is unfortunately missing as an emergency plan.

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